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    [PREVIEW] Unreal Engine 4.22 Preview


    Preview 1 of the upcoming 4.22 release is available now on the Launcher and GitHub. We are making this Preview available so that our developer community can try our new features and help us catch issues before the final release. As fixes are implemented, we will release updated previews throughout the development cycle.

    Please be aware that preview releases are not fully quality tested, they are still under heavy active development, and should be considered unstable until the final release. Developers should not convert their projects for active development on preview releases. Please test on copies of your project instead.

    Links to known and fixed issues for this release are provided below. If you discover any additional issues with this preview release, please report them using the guidelines in the link: How to Report a Bug.

    Known & Fixed Issues
    NOTE: You may have to restart the launcher if the preview isn't available.

    4.22 Preview Summary

    This list provides a brief summary of updates in this Preview which may benefit from additional testing. Not all updates may be listed. Full release notes will be made available with the final 4.22 release.

    Animation Updates:
    • Animation Budgeting System (Beta)
    • Animation Sharing Plugin. Added a new plugin which implements an Animation Sharing system. The system is used for reducing the overall amount of animation work required for a crowd of actors.
    • Preview Scene Settings Improvements. Will allow the user to hide Environment Cubemap without disabling lighting
    • Per Platform Properties Improvements. Per Platform Properties have been extended to be allow for setting values based on Target Platform in addition to the Platform Groups.
    Audio Updates:
    • New Unreal Audio Engine now on by Default for New Projects
    • TimeSynth. TimeSynth is a new audio clip based synth component focused on providing designers with sample-accurate start, stop, and concatenation sound playback.
    • Layered Sound Concurrency. The Sound Concurrency System now observes multiple settings/groups.
    • Spectral Analyzer for Submixed Added to Real Time Analysis Tools. In addition to the Envelope Follower, designers can now analyze a Submix’s Spectral Energy during gameplay to drive Blueprint automation.
    • Improvements to Sound Asset Importing. We have improved sound asset importing, in addition to supporting multi-channel wav files, Unreal Engine now converts from a variety of sound file formats upon import including AIFF, FLAC, and OGG/Vorbis.
    • Improvements to MIDI Device Plugin. Improvements have been made to the MIDI Device Plugin allowing users to not only process MIDI Device Input, but also send MIDI Messages Out to Devices.
    Automation Updates:
    • Gauntlet Improvements
      • Expanded documentation & samples
      • iOS Support
      • Device Service
      • Profile Guided Optimization
      • Report Creation
    Dev Tools Updates:
    • Visual Studio 2019. Support for Visual Studio 2019 has been added. By default, UE4 will still use the Visual Studio 2017 compiler if you have it installed.
    • Build Time Improvements. We’ve made a large number of optimizations to UnrealBuildTool and UnrealHeaderTool to improve C++ iteration times.
    • Support for long filenames (Experimental). Historically, paths in windows have been limited to 260 characters, which can cause problems for projects with complex naming conventions and deep hierarchies of assets. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update adds support for much longer filenames, on the condition that the user and each application opt-in to it.
    Editor Updates:
    • Subsystems. Subsystems are auto instanced classes with managed lifetimes. These classes provide easy to use extension points where the programmers can avoid the complexity of modifying or overriding engine classes while simultaneously getting Blueprint and Python exposure out of the box.
    • Editor Utility Widgets. Editor Utility Widgets are based on UMG, so you can modify the layout of the Editor user interface, and set up Blueprints for logic just as you can with a UMG widget.
    • Material Analyzer. The Material Analyzer can be found under Window > Developer Tools. If you open the Material Analyzer right when the Editor starts, it will wait for the Asset registry to finish loading.
    Gameplay & Scripting Updates:
    • Blueprint Indexing Optimizations. Improved editor startup/load times by deferring Blueprint search data re-indexing work until a global Find-in-Blueprint tab is opened.
    Mobile Updates:
    • Mobile Feature Level Preview Improvements
    • Scalability Platform Override for Mobile Play-in-Editor
    • Movable Spotlight support on Mobile
    • SaveGame System iCloud Support
    • Device Output Window Improvements
    • HTML5 Platform Improvements
    • Dithered LOD Transitions on Mobile
    • iOS Preferred Orientation
    Networking Updates:
    • Improved Steamworks support. We’ve made several improvements to usability and quality of life for developers of multiplayer games on Steam.
      • Dedicated Servers on Steam can now receive custom names (up to 63 characters) with the new "-SteamServerName" launch argument.
      • Projects can now override the Steam network layer by deactivating the "bUseSteamNetworking" configuration value and setting their NetDriver configurations to the preferred underlying network layer.
      • We have greatly improved the usability of Steam NetDrivers with UE4 Beacons in addition to standard game networking.
      • You can now set certain required Steam values, such as dedicated server names, or the application ID, in your project's Target.cs file. Making changes to these values will no longer require recompiling the engine.
    Niagara Updates:
    • Vector Field Data Interface. We reworked the Vector Field Data Interface completely, and now it works the same for both CPU and GPU particles. The Vector Field Data Interface only supports static vector fields.
    • Curl Noise Data Interface. The Curl Noise Data Interface is completely reworked. Unreal Engine 4 now generates procedural curl noise based on an underlying simplex noise function. The results are identical for both CPU and GPU emitters.
    • Detailed Random Number Generation. This feature adds support for deterministic random number generation for both CPU and GPU Niagara emitters.
    • Additional Inputs for Math Operations.
    • Support for Deprecating Scripts. Scripts for modules, dynamic inputs, and functions can now be marked as deprecated in the script editor. Emitters and systems using deprecated scripts will now display errors in the UI, and deprecated scripts will not show up in the menus used to add them.
    • New Initialization Modules
    • Select by Simulation Target Node. A new node is available for use in script graphs for modules, dynamic inputs, and functions which can be used to execute different logic depending on whether an emitter is running in the CPU vector machine or in a GPU compute script.
    • New Collision System. Niagara collisions have been completely rewritten. The tool now supports ray-trace-based CPU collisions, CPU+GPU analytical plane collisions, GPU scene depth, and distance field collisions.
    Physics Updates:
    • Clothing Improvements. Minor improvements to cloth have been made:
      • Remap clothing parameters on asset re-import
      • Added feature to copy clothing assets from an existing skeletal mesh
    Rendering Updates:
    • Real-Time Ray Tracing and Path Tracing (Beta)
      • Requires Windows 10 version 1089 or above and an Nvidia RTX graphics card. Unreal Editor must be launched with the -dx12 commandline option.
      • Additional detailed information about UE4 Ray Tracing is available here.
      • Added ray tracing low level support.
        • Implemented a low level layer on top of UE DirectX 12 that provides support for DXR and allows creating and using ray tracing shaders (ray generation shaders, hit shaders, etc) to add ray tracing effects.
      • Added high-level ray tracing features
        • Rect area lights
        • Soft shadows
        • Reflections
        • Reflected shadows
        • Ambient occlusion
        • RTGI (ray traced global illumination)
        • Translucency
        • Clearcoat
        • IBL
        • Sky
        • Geometry types
          • Triangle meshes
            • Static
            • Skeletal (Morph targets & Skin cache)
            • Niagara particles support
        • Texture LOD
        • Denoiser
          • Shadows, Reflections, AO
        • Path Tracert
        • Unbiased, full GI path tracer for making ground truth reference renders inside UE4.
    • Runtime Render Graph API
      • Preview of the upcoming Render Graph API, only a small portion of the renderer has been converted.
    • Mesh Drawing Pipeline Refactor
      • This refactor will make the upgrade process more time consuming than normal for licensees who have made custom modifications to private rendering code.
      • Refactor adds auto-instancing at runtime and more efficient renderthread mesh drawing
    Sequencer Updates:
    • Take Recorder. Take recorder supports virtual production workflows where fast iteration of recording performances/takes and reviewing previous takes are critical.
    • Sequencer - Network Replication. Level sequence actors that are set to replicate now synchronize their playback time between server and client.
    • Sequencer Tracks
      • Layered Animation
      • Live Link Track
      • Object binding track (aka material track)
      • Multiple object bindings
      • Copy/paste sections
      • Marks (labels, colors, runtime playback, vertical bounds)
    • Movie Scene Capture
      • Composure track/buffers
      • Expose Track/Section to Blueprints
    • Python Support
    Virtual Production Updates:
    • Real-Time Compositing with Composure. This release introduces significant new capabilities to the Composure Plugin, making it easier than ever to composite images, video feeds, and CG elements directly within Unreal Engine.
    • OpenColorIO (OCIO) Color Profiles. You can now use OpenColorIO (OCIO) color profiles to transform the color space of any Texture or Composure Element directly within the Unreal Engine.
    • Hardware-Accelerated Video Decoding (Experimental). On Windows platforms, you can now use your GPU to speed up the processing of H.264 video streams. This reduces the strain on the CPU when playing back video streams, which may result in smoother video and may allow you to use higher resolution movie files and more simultaneous input feeds.
    • New Media I/O Formats
    • nDisplay Improvements (Experimental). This release adds several new features that make the nDisplay multi-display rendering system more flexible, handling new kinds of hardware configurations and inputs.
    XR Updates:
    • Hololens Remote Streaming Support. Unreal Engine 4 now supports Holographic Remoting through the Windows Mixed Reality plugin.

    Fixed in Preview 2

    Fixed! UE-67688 One off ensure adding a Pose to the Anim Graph - Ensure condition failed: LUTIndex.IsValidIndex(PoseName.UID)
    Fixed! UE-70062 AUDIO: Occlusion Interpolation Time is not functioning
    Fixed! UE-69978 AUDIO: New projects are not defaulting to using AudioMixer
    Fixed! UE-69907 Loading Visual Studio toast does not close
    Fixed! UE-69795 Editor hangs when attempting to create C++ class in QAGame
    Fixed! UE-69712 Data Asset Deserialization crash after upgrading 4.19.2 to 421.1
    Fixed! UE-69656 Cooker Progress Display Mode does not display Package Names
    Fixed! UE-69883 Datasmith Scene Crash On Import
    Fixed! UE-69965 DS Data Prep : Compile button at the wrong place
    Fixed! UE-70035 DS Data Prep : cosmetic changes missing
    Fixed! UE-70034 DS Data Prep : Integrate missing icons
    Fixed! UE-70186 Reimporting udatasmith Root scene does not update the geometry after editing the scene in 3DSMax and overwriting the existing udatasmith
    Fixed! UE-69991 Datasmith re-import crash - UE4Editor-UnrealEd!UMaterialInstanceConstantFactoryNew::FactoryCreateNew
    Fixed! UE-69739 Invalid lightmap settings after Python Datasmith CAD import
    Fixed! UE-70040 Compilation warnings with Clang compiler - declaration shadows a field of 'FDatasmithFBXSceneProcessor'
    Fixed! UE-69796 DeltaGen importer asks to override LevelVariantSets on reimport
    Fixed! UE-69792 Default options of DeltaGen importer do not fill default paths resulting in partial import
    Fixed! UE-69801 VRed importer - material properties are not set properly
    Fixed! UE-69794 DeltaGen and VRED importer does not import texture
    Fixed! UE-70060 GitHub 5554 : change Intellisense to vs2019?
    Fixed! UE-69674 Launching onto Android fails with Magic Leap plugin disabled
    Fixed! UE-69193 Project specific UE4Commandline.txt is generated and placed in Engine\Intermediate in an installed build
    Fixed! UE-69957 Run.UAT cook fails for Shootergame with "Failed to delete file AutomationUtils.Automation.dll"
    Fixed! UE-69290 Mac - Crash reporter not showing up for Debug Render commands
    Fixed! UE-69878 C++ project packaging and Launch On fails with System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException for Metadata.dat
    Fixed! UE-68840 GLTF - Buster Drone scene animation is busted
    Fixed! UE-68727 Box UV generation out of bound
    Fixed! UE-69741 VirtualStudio should use FileMediaOutput as a default profile for outputing.
    Fixed! UE-69569 Crash importing GLTF materials - !AllocationFlags[Index] [File:...\engine\source\runtime\core\public\Containers/SparseArray.h
    Fixed! UE-69626 Datasmith - Some materials are imported outside of the transient package before the finalize.
    Fixed! UE-69533 DS Data Prep - Unable to to remove object engine thinks it's in use when it isn't
    Fixed! UE-68329 Datasmith GLTF wrong camera position
    Fixed! UE-63407 Not a valid row name message appears twice when renaming a data table row to none
    Fixed! UE-69838 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!UObject::Rename(wchar_t const *,UObject *,unsigned int) [Obj.cpp:200]
    Fixed! UE-69833 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!AssetSelectionUtils::BuildSelectedActorInfo(TArray<AActor *,FDefaultAllocator> const &) [AssetSelection.cpp:225]
    Fixed! UE-69734 GitHub 5526 : UE-61501: Remove @ in order for tooltip text to be parsed
    Fixed! UE-66080 Gameplay Tag Query using NoTagMatch expression does not construct DebugString properly
    Fixed! UE-57421 Deprecated Enable Navigation System property visible in World Settings
    Fixed! UE-69807 Log Navigation Errors spam after deleting and creating a new Nav Mesh Bounds Volume - rcBuildCompactHeightfield: Out of memory 'chf.spans'
    Fixed! UE-69917 stat ai' can crash if UWorld.ControllerList contains nulls
    Fixed! UE-69914 Navigation collision gathering can result with UObject that are not reachable during GC
    Fixed! UE-69472 Navigation Mesh ignores Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes using "Build Paths" or the "Build" Button
    Fixed! UE-66794 Custom CrowdManagerClass reference is set to none when restarting the Editor
    Fixed! UE-66340 Dynamic NavMesh disappears when loading/unloading SubLevels
    Fixed! UE-69049 NavOctree crashing with invalid element IDs
    Fixed! UE-70120 Aligning Blueprint nodes Horizontally across the Bottom of a node is Aligning from the Middle
    Fixed! UE-70103 Blueprint Debugger displays a clone of a watched value when observing it during PIE after triggering a breakpoint
    Fixed! UE-69735 Blueprint function with Delegate param fails to compiled in 4.22 - unable to determine expected signature - is the delegate pin connected?
    Fixed! UE-70102 Crash Hitting a Breakpoint across Multiple PIE sessions while Watching Array value - watchpointviewer.cpp
    Fixed! UE-69877 Can't package a project with Media Framework Utilities enabled - Unhandled exception: System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'Intermediate\Build\Win64\UnrealPak\Development\Metadata.dat'.
    Fixed! UE-69960 Switch media player crashes when changing tracks
    Fixed! UE-69935 Switch media player does not seek with open source latent node
    Fixed! UE-69682 Media Player: Open Source Latent needs to trigger output pin after Play/Seek is called
    Fixed! UE-70046 Windows Server Asserts after Post-Game Roll Over in ShooterGame - Referencing DataChannel.cpp [Line: 2647]
    Fixed! UE-66695 Packaging to HTML5 fails when Online Framework is enabled
    Fixed! UE-67676 FVoiceCaptureWindows::Init produces incorrect result with empty DeviceName
    Fixed! UE-69601 iOS/tvOS packaging fails during building due to missing library lPhysX3CookingProfile
    Fixed! UE-69884 Cape physics culling bug in Pixel Streaming Sample
    Fixed! UE-70152 Pixel Streaming - Kallari Skins 2 and 3 are utilizing soft shadows rather than hard shadows
    Fixed! UE-69812 Unreal Studio projects fail to open due to MeshEditor plugin failing to load
    Fixed! UE-69856 GitHub 5541 : WebMMovieStreamer crash: missed string parameter in log line
    Fixed! UE-69923 Newly created Windows on Linux are resized after creation
    Fixed! UE-69672 Linux: Running Does Not Download the Latest Linux Toolchain
    Fixed! UE-64696 Ensure triggered when exiting the editor from PIE, Lhs.CurrentNum == Lhs.InitialNum Error: Array has changed during ranged-for iteration!
    Fixed! UE-70164 Ensure when closing the editor after selecting 'Don't Save', Lhs.CurrentNum == Lhs.InitialNum
    Fixed! UE-70038 Tiny artifact in curve editors on Mac when moving mouse
    Fixed! UE-51711 [CrashReport] Mac crash - UE4Editor-Slate.dylib!PrepassWindowAndChildren(TSharedRef<SWindow, (ESPMode)0>)
    Fixed! UE-46425 [CrashReport] Crash on Mac related to cooking for Android - libstdc++.6.dylib!std::_Rb_tree_rotate_left()
    Fixed! UE-64286 Zenfone 2 experiences massive rendering artifacts in ES3.1
    Fixed! UE-68976 HTML5 Preview Mode uses Android icon
    Fixed! UE-69789 Packaging Vehicle Advanced Code for HTML5 fails with incomplete definition of type APlayerController error
    Fixed! UE-69753 Multithreaded HTML5 loads into a black screen
    Fixed! UE-69737 1st time crash loading a new Preview Rendering Level - Assertion failed: !Material->IsDefaultMaterial()
    Fixed! UE-65480 Android Vulkan - template projects render white, pink, and green haze
    Fixed! UE-68340 HTML5 Servers crash on connection cleanup due to malformed connection sources
    Fixed! UE-60801 Noticeable frame time increases on low end Adreno devices in SunTemple
    Fixed! UE-68431 Showing black screen when drawing Distion and DOF on Android
    Fixed! UE-70138 Toggling feature level preview whilst building lighting can crash the editor
    Fixed! UE-63199 GitHub 5020 : Handle more pixel formats in function ComputeBytesPerPixel
    Fixed! UE-70043 Selecting camera actors causes missing view mode shaders to be compiled
    Fixed! UE-70009 Volumetric Lightmaps do not work with Landscape texture mapping
    Fixed! UE-69967 Fix VisualizeTexture regressions from RDG conversion
    Fixed! UE-65703 UE4Editor -vulkan crashes when skeletal mesh is viewed
    Fixed! UE-65500 GitHub 5185 : Shadow comparison optimization.
    Fixed! UE-66195 Rename misleading Project Setting Metal Desktop-Forward Renderer
    Fixed! UE-52553 GitHub 4239 : Vertex fog optimization.
    Fixed! UE-68818 Crash with instanced lightmaps
    Fixed! UE-67618 GPU scene depth collisions act differently when the niagara editor viewport is open
    Fixed! UE-69046 GitHub 5497 : Fix FLinearColor::MakeRandomColor always returning white
    Fixed! UE-70080 TakeRecorder plugin causes a Duplicate Level Seqence Object entry in Blueprint Variable Selection Dialog
    Fixed! UE-70042 Movie Scene Scripting blueprints do not display the channel type
    Fixed! UE-69648 Adding a key to a level sequence does not add the object's current value
    Fixed! UE-70134 Clicking the LOD1~ radio button in the static editor doesn't update the viewport to show the correct lod, works in the skeletal mesh editor.
    Fixed! UE-70095 Potential for race conditions in startup movies to cause crash
    Fixed! UE-69802 Crash when creating a sub level and overwriting a level with the same name - Assertion failed: Renaming an object on top of an existing object is not allowed
    Fixed! UE-69759 Editor crashes when using Advanced Copy with Generate Dependencies to copy a niagara system
    Fixed! UE-69352 Engine Crashes whenever trying to hide a sublevel.
    Fixed! UE-69407 Level Switch viewport button does not correctly display levels with numbers
    Fixed! UE-64265 Component Array doesn't update properly when using Text Variables
    Fixed! UE-69150 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!UEditorEngine::CheckForWorldGCLeaks(UWorld *,UPackage *) [EditorServer.cpp:1969]
    Fixed! UE-69785 Black flickering artifacts near the edge of the viewport when sculpting landscapes
    Fixed! UE-70002 GenerateGlobalizationFiles.bat fails to load ResourceFileGen.ini
    Fixed! UE-70124 ConcertPresence base types are visible in the Class Picker
    Fixed! UE-70123 Multiuser Presence actors are unset by default
    Fixed! UE-69757 Multi User crash when painting foliage
    Fixed! UE-70004 Python does now show custom collision channel enum entries
    Fixed! UE-69604 Calling Console Commands in Python doesn't execute
    Fixed! UE-58720 No feedback when the user attempts to record in a session outside of the editor
    Fixed! UE-69282 Media capture (AJA) doesn't grab UMG widgets in standalone mode.
    Fixed! UE-69059 OpenColorIO shader DDC key missing shader dependency info
    Fixed! UE-67524 r.Vulkan.RHIThread=1 warning when launching onto Lumin
    Fixed! UE-69422 Crash entering PIE without Magic Leap SDK referencing delayhlp.cpp:323
    Fixed! UE-69269 QAGame -game launches with 'Zero Iteration' message regarding VR Mode
    Fixed! UE-68094 Race condition in the late update manager
    Fixed! UE-67799 Fix log spam when using a vive wireless adapter
    Fixed! UE-69840 Instanced Stereo causes multiple rendering errors
    Fixed! UE-66395 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_OculusAvatar!__delayLoadHelper2() [delayhlp.cpp:323]
    Fixed! UE-69901 Empty Level Text needs to be fixed up internally and in user-facing text

    Fixed in Preview 3

    Fixed! UE-68048 GitHub 5428 : Steam Audio Fixes
    Fixed! UE-69882 Non-Spatializied Audio isn't playing in all channels
    Fixed! UE-67502 Source Bus: Bypass Volume Scale for Priority and Priority Settings are Placed Under Concurrency Heading but is Unrelated to Concurrency Settings
    Fixed! UE-62927 GitHub 4994 : Fix: Stopping FMixerSource can be paused
    Fixed! UE-69896 Infinitely waiting for Audio Thread - Log spam when launching QAGame in Standalone Game
    Fixed! UE-70484 Editor fails to compile while building UHT - Exec format error -
    Fixed! UE-70079 Datasmith - StaticMeshes lose their material after reimport
    Fixed! UE-69680 DS Data Prep - Crash when re-importing mesh
    Fixed! UE-70303 Skipped assets during Datasmith Reimport
    Fixed! UE-70295 Datasmith Materials no longer Reimport correctly - Datasmith > Reimport Material
    Fixed! UE-70297 Datasmith Materials no longer Reimport correctly - Asset > Reimport <Asset>
    Fixed! UE-70182 Reimporting actor within Datasmith Root scene breaks Datasmith Actor-Material Connection
    Fixed! UE-70426 Datasmith CAD stops reimporting after second iteration
    Fixed! UE-70318 Datasmith import takes more memory than 4.21
    Fixed! UE-70036 Exported LOD with Datasmith SDK gives strange result at import
    Fixed! UE-69425 DS Data Prep - All but one SceneActor erased on execution
    Fixed! UE-69254 DS Data Prep - Remove operation improvements - hierarchy modification not reflected
    Fixed! UE-70420 Cannot save asset with label containing special character
    Fixed! UE-70371 Launch On relinks every time
    Fixed! UE-70310 VirtualCamera adds duplicate camera actor in TakeRecorder
    Fixed! UE-65226 MeshEditing - Materials are reassigned wrongly on reimport after undo deleting all polygons using the same material
    Fixed! UE-70263 VirtualProduction Root Actor doesn't return correct target camera
    Fixed! UE-70256 DS Data Prep : missing operators
    Fixed! UE-70301 DS Data Prep : Set Generate Lightmap UVs does not work on Actors
    Fixed! UE-70254 DS Data Prep - CAD hierarchy flatten on dataprep import
    Fixed! UE-70105 Crash on Rhino model
    Fixed! UE-70391 Crash in UVPCustomUIHandler::Uninit() on shutdown, preventing Launch from working
    Fixed! UE-69912 Crash in Debug Camera (patch provided in comment !)
    Fixed! UE-69915 GitHub 5544 : Add `GetDisableSplitscreenOverride` to viewport
    Fixed! UE-69969 Crash when opening TM-Nat_UMG map that was packaged with inclusive nativization
    Fixed! UE-70311 FEQSParametrizedQueryExecutionRequest logging a erroneous warning
    Fixed! UE-70091 Changing the Default Value of BP Struct does not propagate change to existing Blueprint Variables
    Fixed! UE-70027 Packaging for HTML with Inclusive Nativization enabled fails
    Fixed! UE-61501 No useful tooltip info for Mid node
    Fixed! UE-70478 WebM lib requires /LTCG switch on Windows
    Fixed! UE-70184 Ensure occurs the first time watching a replay using demoplay command
    Fixed! UE-70185 Multiple warnings and errors generated when using demoplay command in ShooterGame
    Fixed! UE-70187 ShooterGame: Editor crash when PIEing and attempting to play a replay through console command blueprint referencing Map.h:476
    Fixed! UE-70183 Multiple 'Failed to find/spawn actor' warnings when scrubbing replay in ShooterGame
    Fixed! UE-70496 Linux clients with -nullrhi do not call UpdateLevelStreaming
    Fixed! UE-67931 Engine\Build\IOS includes an expired certificate
    Fixed! UE-67529 TVOS - Packaging CPP project fails when "Support Bitcode in Shipping" enabled
    Fixed! UE-70386 Google Pixel devices play an abbreviated startup movie
    Fixed! UE-70359 DeploymentServerLauncher crash when opening or closing the editor
    Fixed! UE-70387 [Match 3] Continuous popping static noise can be heard during gameplay on some Android devices
    Fixed! UE-70101 Initial Startup Movie playback stutters on Android
    Fixed! UE-69714 Mac installed build fails on step 5/9, Microsoft.Common.targets: error : Command StopDeploymentServer.bat
    Fixed! UE-69711 WebTexture asset errors when packaging for Windows (fallout from UE-61554)
    Fixed! UE-69257 iOS Device Output Log doesn't connect to attached device on Mac
    Fixed! UE-69179 DeploymentServerLauncher crash (various repros)
    Fixed! UE-69183 iOS Device Output Log doesn't recover previously disconnected device
    Fixed! UE-68966 HTML5 physics objects bounce unexpectedly once disturbed
    Fixed! UE-70498 iOS device querying does not work
    Fixed! UE-66931 Landscape is Disappearing with Vulkan Enabled
    Fixed! UE-68470 Crash w/ Assert Failed when launching PIE VR Preview - Direct3DDevice Error w/ E_INVALIDARG
    Fixed! UE-70323 Crash opening a level sequence
    Fixed! UE-70300 Velocity vectors incorrect for moving meshes which have MarkRenderStateDirty() called on them every frame
    Fixed! UE-69831 Mesh jitter when moving in editor
    Fixed! UE-69077 Crash When Material is Set to Deferred Decal with Emissive Decal Blend Mode and Forward Shading Enabled
    Fixed! UE-66920 Massive Artifacts and screen flickering when adding DebugCreatePlayers
    Fixed! UE-63739 Cubemaps not Reflecting with -vulkan in PIE after changing Reflection Capture Resolution
    Fixed! UE-69220 Reimplement view mode overrides for WPO materials
    Fixed! UE-70334 Sequence MPC SetVectorParameterValue crash when stopping and starting PIE
    Fixed! UE-68624 GitHub 5469 : Ansel plugin updates
    Fixed! UE-70523 GitHub 5573 : 4.22 ansel51 - missing pieces
    Fixed! UE-69742 Some Houdini Modules are failing to compile
    Fixed! UE-69372 Niagara runtime feature level checks are not consistent
    Fixed! UE-69005 Editor Crashes when PIE with Vulkan Mobile Preview
    Fixed! UE-70349 Starting editor with Raytracing crashes with assert: Id.bValid && !Id.bOneFrameId
    Fixed! UE-70312 Integrate DX11 RHI Thread to 4.22
    Fixed! UE-70041 Crash stopping sequence on IOS
    Fixed! UE-69079 One-Off crash in Raytracing World Normals viewmode: Unhandled Exception: 0x0000087a
    Fixed! UE-70180 Values are doubling when setting new keys in Sequencer tracks
    Fixed! UE-68959 Gameplay windows from Standalone do not remember their positions properly when there are multiple windows
    Fixed! UE-66851 4.21 PIE Issues in High DPI
    Fixed! UE-69805 Collections folder shows up when creating new blank project
    Fixed! UE-63123 Static HISM gets corrupted lightmap after building lighting if using Lighting Scenario
    Fixed! UE-69679 Data Table Reimport - No popup to specify source file
    Fixed! UE-70441 Reimport of skeletal mesh LOD > 1 will be reduce if LOD 1 is generated
    Fixed! UE-69730 Exporting Then Reimporting a Landscape Layer Weightmap as an .r8 will fail
    Fixed! UE-69790 Crash when interacting with newly created landscape, LODData->LodBias == SceneProxy->GetShaderLODBias() [File:/LandscapeRender.cpp] [Line: 3452]
    Fixed! UE-69629 Crash sculpting on Landscape Streaming Proxy
    Fixed! UE-69466 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Landscape!FLandscapeComponentSceneProxy::BuildDynamicMeshElement
    Fixed! UE-69217 LOD setting from World Composition do not work as expected. LOD distance seems not applied and last LOD is not remaining from far distance.
    Fixed! UE-70196 GitHub 5564 : Fixed crash while building grass in editor
    Fixed! UE-70296 Cannot gather engine sources in out-of-tree projects
    Fixed! UE-69606 Simple collisions are regenerated each time the mesh editing tool is used
    Fixed! UE-70331 Multi-User Editing Settings VRAvatar class is missing a space
    Fixed! UE-70320 Update MultiUser icons for 4.22 Release
    Fixed! UE-69836 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!UObject::Rename(wchar_t const *,UObject *,unsigned int) [Obj.cpp:200]
    Fixed! UE-70438 Double click behavior of Editor Widgets is inconsistent
    Fixed! UE-70281 UMG Widgets duplicating UMG buttons
    Fixed! UE-70244 Crash in FVPUtilitiesEditorModule::ShutdownModule() in Debug|Editor config on editor shutdown/exit
    Fixed! UE-68508 Oculus 1.31 - VR Preview mirror window is pǝddᴉlɟ
    Fixed! UE-62761 Warning: MessageBox: No Vulkan entry points found! opening project on MagicLeap
    Fixed! UE-70193 Mobile Multi-View is rendering the same view for both eyes
    Fixed! UE-70219 Editor Requires Android SDK to Package for Lumin Platforms
    Fixed! UE-70306 Error building QAGame for Magic Leap
    Fixed! UE-70084 Magic Leap blueprint Functions/Enums fail to load properly when reopening a project
    Fixed! UE-69932 Ensure condition failed: VRSystem && VRCompositor after shutting down SteamVR while still in Editor
    Fixed! UE-69562 Shadows on instanced meshes are incorrect when ISR is enabled
    Fixed! UE-69123 Lumin media project crashes on device with assertion failed: Pair != nullptr
    Fixed! UE-69112 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-SteamVR!FSteamVRHMD::UpdatePoses() [SteamVRHMD.cpp:672]
    Fixed! UE-68991 Ensure 'CachedShader == PixelShader->Resource' when launching onto HMD for the first time in Editor
    Fixed! UE-66792 Simple HMD VR preview left eye color issue
    Fixed! UE-60968 MagicLeap Install_ProjectName.command unable to run due to invalid permissions
    Fixed! UE-70308 Magic Leap crash on device: FVulkanDescriptorSetWriter::WriteBuffer
    Fixed! UE-69922 Rendertarget Swapchain spam when launching VR Preview or VRMode to the Oculus Rift HMD
    Fixed! UE-69769 Send Console commands on tvOS
    Fixed! UE-70309 Disk size taken by Linux Unreal Editor regressed significantly

    Fixed in Preview 4

    Fixed! UE-70786 Crash using Facial Animation Importer referencing CurveTable.cpp:543 Anim UEENGQA-24195, regression
    Fixed! UE-67687 Anim graph nodes are not properly named in the Asset Override Editor Anim regression
    Fixed! UE-67791 Crash attempting to reorder a Preview Mesh Collection array within the Animation Editor - Assertion failed: IsValid() in SharedPointer.h at Line 849 Anim crash
    Fixed! UE-68762 Convert CharacterBP to Spawnable in Sequencer cause crash Anim - Animation
    Fixed! UE-69655 Crash undoing the renaming of an Animation Curve that had been deleted - Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum) in Array.h Line 611 Anim - Animation crash
    Fixed! UE-68490 Retargeting an Animation to a Skeleton with a Virtual Bone causes the Engine to crash Anim - Animation crash, liveissue
    Fixed! UE-69896 Infinitely waiting for Audio Thread - Log spam when launching QAGame in Standalone Game Audio -game, Audio, Device, LogSpam, Standalone, UEENGQA-24211
    Fixed! UE-69577 Audio cuts out and desyncs during garbage collection Audio
    Fixed! UE-66165 CRASH: AUDIO: Client will crash when hitting Play when using Steam Audio in Spatial Audio Temple Audio Audio
    Fixed! UE-60718 GitHub 4806 : Fixed bug where ImageComparer was comparing ImageA pixel value agains? Automation GitHub
    Fixed! UE-68680 AXF material import diffuse and roughness are wrong on interior fabric Datasmith
    Fixed! UE-70173 Mesh Editing window is named Secondary Toolbar when closed and reopened Datasmith
    Fixed! UE-70181 Ensure after deleting Actor from "Re-Spawn Deleted Actor" with the original actor still in the scene Datasmith - 3dsMax Datasmith, Enterprise, Reimport, UEENGQA-24223
    Fixed! UE-70805 Crash importing JT file Datasmith - CAD
    Fixed! UE-69406 Actors from CAD import lose their StaticMesh on reload after reimport Datasmith - CAD Regression
    Fixed! UE-66896 Reimport LOD on reimported Datasmith Mesh adds extra Material slots Datasmith - CAD
    Fixed! UE-66373 Surface orientation in UE does not match the one in Rhino Datasmith - CAD
    Fixed! UE-70712 Static meshes imported with Datasmith have their Collision Complexity set to 'Use simple collision as complex' Datasmith - Core Lib Regression
    Fixed! UE-70039 Crash create new level after converting a DatasmithSceneActor to Blueprint Datasmith - Core Lib Crash
    Fixed! UE-70036 Exported LOD with Datasmith SDK gives strange result at import Datasmith - Core Lib Regression
    Fixed! UE-69645 Datasmith - Deleted meshes (from exported file) are not removed from Level on reimport Datasmith - Core Lib Regression
    Fixed! UE-70437 Crash reimport twice a Datasmith asset - UE4Editor_DatasmithImporter!UDatasmithImportFactory::PreReimportStaticMesh() [enterprise\plugins\editor\datasmithimporter\source\datasmithimporter\private\datasmithimportfactory.cpp:607] Datasmith - Core Lib Crash, Regression
    Fixed! UE-69048 AxF textures are too desaturated and a bit darker Datasmith - MDL
    Fixed! UE-68436 Some MDL materials are incorrect with the procedural approach Datasmith - MDL
    Fixed! UE-70609 DeltaGen and VRED importers Visibility Variants does not work Datasmith - Deltagen, Datasmith - VRed
    Fixed! UE-70509 RPCUtility cannot be built in 4.22 DevTools NeedsTest, licensee, liveissue
    Fixed! UE-70924 UnrealLightmass and ShaderCompileWorker fail to build - AgentInterface.pdb doesn't exist DevTools BlocksTesting, Regression, ReleaseBlocker
    Fixed! UE-70837 Opening the Samples/Sandbox/UniqueBuildEnvironment Editor creates a Samples/Sandbox/Engine/DerivedDataCache folder DevTools
    Fixed! UE-70824 Warning toast in UniqueBuildEnvironment "Project names must not be longer than 20 characters" DevTools
    Fixed! UE-70825 Packaged UniqueBuildEnvironment project fails to open descriptor file UniqueBuildEnvironmentGame.uproject DevTools
    Fixed! UE-70911 Unable to build lighting from editor with unique build environment DevTools
    Fixed! UE-70785 Lots of functionality broken when building editor with a unique build environment DevTools
    Fixed! UE-70647 Variant Manager - variant blueprint event are fired even when not playing Enterprise copytorelease
    Fixed! UE-70085 White Frame on image plates on shot boundaries in Simple Composure sample Enterprise
    Fixed! UE-69016 Crash deleting level when asset folder was renamed (UE4Editor_Core!FDebug::CheckVerifyFailedImpl()) Enterprise Crash
    Fixed! UE-68600 Lights radius and intensity wrong after glTF import Enterprise
    Fixed! UE-70263 VirtualProduction Root Actor doesn't return correct target camera Enterprise
    Fixed! UE-69555 Datasmith - Instances from ForestPack does not show in the viewport after import Datasmith - Core Lib, Enterprise Regression
    Fixed! UE-67431 MeshEditing - Crash editing a LOD after deleting polygons on another LOD - Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum) Enterprise Crash
    Fixed! UE-70072 User Defined Struct causing crash due to accessing freed memory when using Stompmalloc Gameplay NeedsTest, crash, licensee, liveissue
    Fixed! UE-70467 Child Actors are not replicated to clients when the parent blueprint is nativized Gameplay BP_ChildActorComponent, BP_Nativization, NeedsTest, liveissue, regression
    Fixed! UE-69972 GitHub 5546 : UE-69951: World nullptr check in CheckForErrors Gameplay GitHub
    Fixed! UE-69834 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Kismet!FindFieldChecked<UProperty>(UStruct const *,FName) [UnrealType.h:4718] Gameplay TopCrash, VerifyAfterRelease, crash, liveissue
    Fixed! UE-70642 Compile error when Blueprint Interface returns a map type variable Gameplay - Blueprint BP_Interface, NeedsTest, liveissue
    Fixed! UE-69951 WorldSettings Blueprint crashes editor when saved/compiled Gameplay - Blueprint crash, licensee, liveissue
    Fixed! UE-70486 UE4Editor-CoreUObject!FUObjectSerializeContext::PRIVATE_PatchNewObjectIntoExport Gameplay - Blueprint TopCrash, VerifyAfterRelease, crash, liveissue, preview
    Fixed! UE-70471 Crash when changing the variable type of a variable used in a blutility function Gameplay - Blueprint BP_Blutility, Crash, NeedsTest, licensee, liveissue
    Fixed! UE-70513 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!FLinkerLoad::PRIVATE_PatchNewObjectIntoExport(UObject *,UObject *) [LinkerLoad.cpp:557] Gameplay - Blueprint Compiler TopCrash, crash, liveissue, preview
    Fixed! UE-70663 WebM movie streamer crashes when playing 2 or more startup movies Media Framework Linux_game
    Fixed! UE-70649 Deprecate Google+ APIs Online - OSS
    Fixed! UE-63925 Move Vivox/VoiceChatFeature to engine plugin Online - Voice TechDebt, voice
    Fixed! UE-70534 [TM-RectLights] Stationary Lights cast no shadows Platform - Console Regression, UEENGQA-24208
    Fixed! UE-70759 Using multiple scene render targets of differing dimensions in a frame causes issues Platform - Console
    Fixed! UE-70622 MachineId field in Linux crash reports can be empty or incorrect Platform - Linux Linux_server
    Fixed! UE-69259 Engine can crash on Linux due to clock going backward Platform - Linux Linux_server, PostFC
    Fixed! UE-70164 Ensure when closing the editor after selecting 'Don't Save', Lhs.CurrentNum == Lhs.InitialNum Platform - Mac Ensure, UEENGQA-24223
    Fixed! UE-51711 [CrashReport] Mac crash - UE4Editor-Slate.dylib!PrepassWindowAndChildren(TSharedRef<SWindow, (ESPMode)0>) Platform - Mac Crash, TopCrash, VerifyAfterRelease, liveissue
    Fixed! UE-70482 Startup Movies in Mac packages attempt to load video with incorrect video player plugin Platform - Mac StartupMovie
    Fixed! UE-70666 Vulkan crash on Samsung Note9 Adreno Platform - Mobile
    Fixed! UE-70664 Post process Global Illumination doesn't work on mobile preview, device. Platform - Mobile Mobile, PostProcess
    Fixed! UE-70653 Editor hangs for a few seconds when entering iOS commands in device output log Platform - Mobile
    Fixed! UE-70592 GitHub 5577 : UE-70558: Enable small icons for Preview modes Platform - Mobile GitHub
    Fixed! UE-70558 Preview Mode Button Does Not Have an Icon When Small Toolbar Icons is Enabled Platform - Mobile NeedsTest, liveissue, preview
    Fixed! UE-70475 Packaging for tvOS from Windows fails with rsync error unless iOS is packaged first Platform - Mobile BlocksTesting, Regression, UEENGQA-24204
    Fixed! UE-70452 Windows to iOS fails to launch-on due DeploymentServerLauncher.exe missing from DotNET iOS Binaries Platform - Mobile BlocksTesting, Regression
    Fixed! UE-70447 Sun is rendering as a black dot when behind a wall in TM-ShaderModels Platform - Mobile UEENGQA-24216, compat
    Fixed! UE-70394 Nearest Filtering on Vulkan doesn't work on some kinds of Android Devices Platform - Mobile
    Fixed! UE-70234 Error: Failed to connect to deployment server at - DeploymentServer not running Platform - Mobile Regression
    Fixed! UE-69985 Black screen on mobile at start app when not using startup movie or preload screen Platform - Mobile licensee
    Fixed! UE-62851 Remote Build pre-check error does not appear when missing required arguments Platform - Mobile
    Fixed! UE-69428 Device Output Log should no longer be experimental Platform - Mobile
    Fixed! UE-70045 GPU Particles do not render on Magic Leap Platform - Mobile, Virtual Reality
    Fixed! UE-70748 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Renderer!AddPrimitiveToUpdateGPU(FScene &,int) [GPUScene.cpp:365] Rendering TopCrash, VerifyAfterRelease, crash, liveissue, preview
    Fixed! UE-70703 Crash opening ArchVis sample: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION writing address 0x00000048 Rendering Crash, Regression
    Fixed! UE-70874 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Renderer!TBitArray<FDefaultBitArrayAllocator>::Realloc(int) [BitArray.h:904] - Out of Memory Rendering Preview, TopCrash, crash, liveissue
    Fixed! UE-70569 Crash When Changing to Landscape Paint Tool With a Material Function for the World Position Offset of the Landscape Material Rendering crash, liveissue, preview, regression
    Fixed! UE-70552 White screen displays when transitioning between Backplate Textures during PIE of Simple Composure Rendering Regression, SimpleComposure, UEENGQA-24208
    Fixed! UE-70525 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FMaterial::GetShader(FMeshMaterialShaderType *,FVertexFactoryType *,bool) [MaterialShared.cpp:1886] - GetVelocityPassShaders Rendering TopCrash, crash, liveissue, preview
    Fixed! UE-70118 PixelData->IsDataWellFormed crash when rendering a movie sequence with Vulkan in HDR Rendering Crash
    Fixed! UE-70126 Movies rendered with vulkan are corrupted Rendering, Sequencer Regression
    Fixed! UE-66964 Raytraced Distance Field Direct Shadows are Flickering when running with Vulkan Rendering Regression, UEENGQA-23391, Vulkan
    Fixed! UE-66948 Flickering shadows in Vulkan Rendering Regression, UEENGQA-23391
    Fixed! UE-70409 Investigate Render Target performance differences in dev-rendering vs 4.21 Rendering
    Fixed! UE-70492 Cooked content results in crash on launch of QAGame.exe Rendering Crash, LiveCrash, Regression, TopCrash, preview
    Fixed! UE-69546 Attempting to add a Cooked Material to the Viewport crashes with Assertion failed: SerializeNum >=0 in Array.h Rendering crash, regression
    Fixed! UE-70720 Crash When Building Lighting for a Level with Previously Purged Lightmaps Rendering crash, liveissue, preview, regression
    Fixed! UE-70526 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Renderer!FDeferredShadingSceneRenderer::RayTraceTranslucencyView(FRDGBuilder &,FViewInfo const &,FRDGTexture const * *,FRDGTexture const * *,int,int,float) [RayTracingTranslucency.cpp:424] Rendering - Ray Tracing TopCrash, crash, liveissue, preview
    Fixed! UE-70033 PSO Crash using LightPropogationVolumes in Dx12 Rendering - RHI Assert, Crash
    Fixed! UE-70147 [CrashReporter] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!CreatePipelineStateFromStream(ID3D12PipelineState * &,ID3D12Device2 *,D3D12_PIPELINE_STATE_STREAM_DESC const *,ID3D12PipelineLibrary1 *,wchar_t const *) Rendering - RHI Preview, TopCrash, crash, liveissue
    Fixed! UE-70722 Add recording frame rate setting Sequencer
    Fixed! UE-70598 Geometry cache not playing back after converting to a spawnable Sequencer copytorelease
    Fixed! UE-70562 Crash after deleting Editor Utility Widget and accessing it from Window menu Tools liveissue
    Fixed! UE-70108 Unhandled exception in FOpenColorIOEditorModule during editor shutdown when cooking Tools Crash, TopCrash, UEENGQA-24201, liveissue, preview
    Fixed! UE-69808 Unable to select your own session after opening Session Frontend Tools
    Fixed! UE-70700 Text fields stay highlighted after completing changes to them Tools Regression, UEENGQA-24195
    Fixed! UE-70917 Filtering by collection is broken Tools - Content Browser regression
    Fixed! UE-70763 Renaming an item while another item's rename field is present will crash Tools - Content Browser Crash, Regression, UEENGQA-24195
    Fixed! UE-69542 Blueprints created by Advanced Copy do not have their references updated Tools - Content Browser AdvancedCopy, NeedsTest, PostFC
    Fixed! UE-70436 Crash while saving assets created by Advanced Copy while opening a level Tools - Content Browser AdvancedCopy, crash
    Fixed! UE-59256 Foliage: when applying a scale to either painted instance or spawned from a procedural volume the LOD do not take it into consideration Tools - Landscape
    Fixed! UE-70784 Crash in LocalizationDashboard related to FLocalizationGatherPathRootUtil::GetResolvedPathRootDisplayName Tools - Localization crash
    Fixed! UE-70811 material instance parameters can become hidden and impossible to unhide Tools - Material Editor
    Fixed! UE-70863 Multi-user Plugin does not have a Small Toolbar Icon Tools - Multi-user
    Fixed! UE-70291 nDisplay multiviewport crashes on run with Assertion Failed: Array index out of bounds: X from an array of size X Tools - nDisplay Assert, UEENGQA-24200
    Fixed! UE-69604 Calling Console Commands in Python doesn't execute Tools - Python NeedsTest, PostFC, licensee, liveissue
    Fixed! UE-70599 Missing DerivedDataCache in Unreal Studio binaries Tools - Studio - Content and Templates Regression
    Fixed! UE-69317 Attempting multiple simultaneous drags on the same Widget causes app to crash - !this->DragDropContent.IsValid() in SlateApplication.cpp Tools - UMG crash
    Fixed! UE-70510 Update RHI API to help deprecation Virtual Production
    Fixed! UE-70767 Compile failure in XRTrackingSystemBase in Release-4.22 Virtual Reality
    Fixed! UE-70844 Crash on Lumin with desktop rendering in TM-Shadermodels Virtual Reality UEENGQA-24208
    Fixed! UE-69036 Terminating a Lumin project that was launched on ends with "Launch Failed" Virtual Reality NOT_IntegrationBlocker, Regression, UEENGQA-23881
    Fixed! UE-69044 Lumin Launch on fails when Cook by the Book - VulkanMemory.cpp Virtual Reality NOT_IntegrationBlocker, Regression, UEENGQA-23881
    Fixed! UE-70389 WMR - Crash with Windows Mixed Reality plugin enabled and HMD connected Virtual Reality ReleaseBlocker
    Fixed! UE-70276 Distortion rendering not working in TM-VRSmoke when ISR is enabled Rendering, Virtual Reality
    Fixed! UE-69839 Lumin fails to launch with assert: ICU data directory was not discovered Virtual Reality UEENGQA-24211
    Fixed! UE-69840 Instanced Stereo causes multiple rendering errors Virtual Reality InstancedStereo, Regression, ReleaseBlocker, UEENGQA-24211, VRPreview
    Fixed! UE-46640 Dismissing "Place phone into daydream headset" leaves app at black screen Virtual Reality
    Fixed! UE-70511 Update RHI API to help deprecation

    Fixed in Preview 5

    Fixed! UE-70731 SkeletalMeshReduction Plugin missing from Mac and Linux
    Fixed! UE-70753 Merging actors duplicates materials for some LOD levels
    Fixed! UE-64409 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!USkeletalMeshComponent::ComputeRequiredBones() [skeletalmeshcomponent.cpp:1482]
    Fixed! UE-70752 Removing an LOD from a SkeletalMesh will not update in an Animation Sequence until the LOD is changed
    Fixed! UE-67281 Ensure compressing animation using commandlet - !AnimSeq->CompressionScheme->IsA(UAnimCompress_Automatic::StaticClass())
    Fixed! UE-67608 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!UAnimSequence::GetBonePose() [animsequence.cpp:1423]
    Fixed! UE-71016 UE Editor assertion failed in proxy generation
    Fixed! UE-68800 Textures and Materials have their merged actor's name appended to their names
    Fixed! UE-71048 UE Editor assertion failed in proxy generation
    Fixed! UE-70687 No warning message displays when no actors are selected in the merge actor window
    Fixed! UE-69491 [CrashReporter] UE4Editor-Engine!FBoneContainer::CacheRequiredAnimCurveUids(FCurveEvaluationOption const &) [BoneContainer.cpp:263]
    Fixed! UE-67216 Compression codec can be none which causes an ensure when compressing an animation - Ensure condition failed: bCompressionSuccessful
    Fixed! UE-67555 Ensure when an animation blueprint is utilizing a Live Link pose node while the preview viewport is setup for live link
    Fixed! UE-68663 Crash after reimporting an Alembic file multiple times - Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
    Fixed! UE-68388 Animation Curves can playback incorrectly when compressing the animation with the Uniformly Sampled codec
    Fixed! UE-67601 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Persona!FTimingRelevantElement_NotifyStateEnd::GetElementTime() [sanimtimingpanel.cpp:556]
    Fixed! UE-69945 Crash entering PIE when AnimationSharingSetup doesn't have a valid/enabled state that is trying to be played - Assertion failed: Components.IsValidIndex(PermutationIndex)
    Fixed! UE-70017 Skeletal Mesh snaps to its reference pose when blending from one animation to another while using an Animation Sharing setup
    Fixed! UE-69069 Crash during PIE when a blendspace has an animation sequence with a missing sync marker
    Fixed! UE-70213 Crash when returning to a previous state in an Animation Sharing Setup - Assertion failed: Instance.bActive
    Fixed! UE-70878 Crash starting PIE when two Animation Sharing states define the same state
    Fixed! UE-70451 Anim Sharing Setup variables can be set to negative values
    Fixed! UE-70229 Crashing running out of memory when entering pie when Num Random Instances is set to a negative value - Error: Direct3DDevice->CreateShaderResourceView failed
    Fixed! UE-70702 Recording an Animation from Persona is causing LogLinker Warnings when creating a new Animation Object
    Fixed! UE-65147 GitHub 5167 : Fix infinite loop while building HLOD proxy meshes
    Fixed! UE-69903 Using a mono source sound with a stereo source bus fails to play sound
    Fixed! UE-69904 Sounds Sent Through Source Buses Play Distorted and Crackling Especially When Downmixed
    Fixed! UE-63936 Audio: CRASH: Crash playing TimeSynth that hasn't been activated
    Fixed! UE-68765 GitHub 5474 : Resetting destination values when removing patches from Modulation Matrix
    Fixed! UE-70936 MeshEditing - Viewport does not update LOD after editing LOD
    Fixed! UE-70964 ies texture files only link to datasmitharealight types
    Fixed! UE-70032 IES texture asset not persisted
    Fixed! UE-70428 Wrong normals on landscape imported via Datasmith
    Fixed! UE-71183 Datasmith area light attribute gets reset upon reimport
    Fixed! UE-71175 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!UFactory::ImportObject(UClass *,UObject *,FName,EObjectFlags,FString const &,wchar_t const *,bool &) [Factory.cpp:187]
    Fixed! UE-70967 Editor crashes when reimporting asset while in Mesh Editing mode
    Fixed! UE-71187 Datasmith menu entry not available on point light
    Fixed! UE-71296 Re-importing udatasmith scene doesn't update World Outliner for Pre-Existing Scene in the Level
    Fixed! UE-69265 DS Data Prep - Query Get Asset generate Invalid Lightmap
    Fixed! UE-70729 Missing triangles for CAD tessellation of long objects
    Fixed! UE-71146 Datasmith CAD - Freeze loading a Rhino file
    Fixed! UE-68986 Crash applying defeaturing - Fill through holes - on cube - {UE4Editor_Core!__TBB_LockByte()}
    Fixed! UE-70723 Visual Dataprep - Texture assets get corrupted on save - invalid data
    Fixed! UE-71061 Visual Dataprep - Texture assets can't be reloaded - Failed import for Texture2D
    Fixed! UE-71108 Datasmith override on Lights lost on second reimport
    Fixed! UE-71150 Visual Dataprep - Crash running SetConvexDecompositionCollision on a plane - UE4Editor_EditorScriptingUtilities!UEditorStaticMeshLibrary::SetConvexDecompositionCollisions()
    Fixed! UE-69647 Datasmith Dataprep - Can select glTF, MDL, VRed and DeltaGen importer in import settings
    Fixed! UE-71109 Datasmith override on Exposure are not recorded
    Fixed! UE-71038 Corrupted texture after a datasmith scene re-import
    Fixed! UE-71085 Double Variant Manager entry in Window top menu
    Fixed! UE-70970 Creating a new C++ class in Sandbox/Build/BuildTest produces an ensure FModuleManager::Get().QueryModule and never shows the C++ sources
    Fixed! UE-71159 Minimized Live Coding Console is not summoned from "Show Console" dialogs
    Fixed! UE-71084 Editor can hang when Live Coding is set to Startup: Manual and a compile is triggered
    Fixed! UE-71128 Live Coding Compile notification hides behind Editor on subsequent editor launches
    Fixed! UE-71076 After closing the Live Coding Console, it does not re-appear from selecting "Show Console" on Compile Notification
    Fixed! UE-71077 Live Coding Compiles can queue one extra compile
    Fixed! UE-71179 Blueprint Projects have the Compile Dropdown, but no Compile Button
    Fixed! UE-71058 Generate Project Files process fails if SwarmAgent.exe is not present
    Fixed! UE-71256 Live Coding Compile fails to Hot Reload Binary Code project
    Fixed! UE-71257 Live Coding HotReload completes with Linker Warnings
    Fixed! UE-71274 Live Coding - Some form of communication that including Engine, Engine Plugin Modules in Binary is invalid
    Fixed! UE-71126 Live Coding - Startup Project Settings should be Editor Settings
    Fixed! UE-71089 IDE not Detected in Editor when creating C++ Classes and Components
    Fixed! UE-71070 Option to Create Code Projects is Available in Project Browser without IDE Installed
    Fixed! UE-71279 Console files in ShooterGame Launcher Download
    Fixed! UE-71287 Triggering a Live Coding Compile when two Live Coding Consoles are running starts compiling on both, should limit to one
    Fixed! UE-71270 Live Coding Console log is spammed with incorrect "Live coding ready - Save changes and press Ctrl+Alt+F11 to re-compile code" when loading Engine Modules
    Fixed! UE-71269 Some visual feedback that a hidden Live Coding Console loading is causing the Editor to hang
    Fixed! UE-71399 Live Coding does not load Project Plugin Modules
    Fixed! UE-71379 Show Console button disabled until first Live Coding compile is triggered, when Live Coding set to automatically start
    Fixed! UE-71359 When LiveCoding set to Startup:Manual, Compile button triggers a Legacy compile
    Fixed! UE-71362 Unable to disable LiveCoding from the Compile dropdown
    Fixed! UE-71116 UBT performance regressions in 4.22
    Fixed! UE-71191 cl-filter fails to filter out including messages from non-English Visual Studio versions
    Fixed! UE-71088 MediaCapture break the viewport if the capture stopped unexpectedly
    Fixed! UE-70871 Unable to save content after a Datasmith revit import - not have sufficient permission to save
    Fixed! UE-64016 Smoothing groups wrong after setting static mesh as LOD of another Static Mesh
    Fixed! UE-70578 Crash(Assert) CurrentGWorld != PlayWorld || bIsSimulatingInEditor
    Fixed! UE-70487 Calling ServerTravel with bShouldSkipGameNotify set to false causes a crash
    Fixed! UE-70637 ResavePackages commandlet breaks sublevel translation
    Fixed! UE-71281 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!FUObjectSerializeContext::PRIVATE_PatchNewObjectIntoExport(UObject *,UObject *) [UObjectThreadContext.cpp:64]
    Fixed! UE-71409 Blueprint Function Override menu is not searchable as all other context menus are
    Fixed! UE-69489 Crash setting Child Actor Class on Add Child Actor Component node
    Fixed! UE-68365 ForcePositionUpdate warnings appear when a client connects to a server and does not move
    Fixed! UE-71134 ShooterGame startup movie does not have audio
    Fixed! UE-70104 FileMediaOutput renders blank image when use from the Media Capture Render Target
    Fixed! UE-71023 WebM: audio gets out of sync after seeking
    Fixed! UE-70792 Binary build missing VivoxCoreSDK_UPL.xml causing Android Packaging to fail
    Fixed! UE-71029 MallocBinned3 can't be disabled via project TargetSettings
    Fixed! UE-71407 NVN_TEXPKG_STORAGE_FLAGS_SPARSE isn't always being used when cooking textures.
    Fixed! UE-69729 GPU rendering debug crash shows up in Crash Reporter as an Assertion
    Fixed! UE-66032 Max Draw Distance Can't Be Set Again Until Set Back to Default
    Fixed! UE-69994 Some mono dependencies not included with editor for centOS
    Fixed! UE-70131 Linux EGL device selection logic seems broken
    Fixed! UE-67798 Playing video in the Editor's Media Player on a Mac results in a degradation in quality with some noticeable banding present
    Fixed! UE-71066 Standalone game quits immediately after opening on Mac.
    Fixed! UE-70976 MediaFrameworkTest TestVideo_Small does not play when selecting play
    Fixed! UE-70612 Red line appears on drop-down boxes in Project Settings while window is docked with high DPI support enabled
    Fixed! UE-70172 Unresponsive editor process left in Mac dock after closing the editor
    Fixed! UE-71006 MediaFrameworkTest videos will not loop in reverse on Mac
    Fixed! UE-71327 GitHub 5615 : Fix quotes on for Mac
    Fixed! UE-69971 Preview Feature Level not applied to Cascade viewport
    Fixed! UE-69976 Preview Feature Level not applied to Blueprint Component viewport
    Fixed! UE-68313 Advertising Identified (IDFA) code for iOS should be optional in the Engine
    Fixed! UE-69825 SM4 Preview Rendering Level toggle has placeholder icon
    Fixed! UE-69918 ScreenPosition gives inconsistent UV in ES3_1 when screen size is changed or in some Android device.
    Fixed! UE-71090 PLCrashReporter iOS Bitcode packaging Error
    Fixed! UE-69714 Mac installed build fails on step 5/9, Microsoft.Common.targets: error : Command StopDeploymentServer.bat
    Fixed! UE-70402 Mobile projects crash with Event Driven Loader disabled
    Fixed! UE-66204 iOS and tvOS errors in Application Loader to Apple: 'Invalid Code Signing Entitlements' with iCloud
    Fixed! UE-69786 Installed Build fails to Build Tools CS - error: Command 'StopDeploymentServer.bat
    Fixed! UE-70734 DeploymentServer: System.IO.IOException: Unable to write data to the transport connection
    Fixed! UE-70418 Apps Freeze/Crash shortly after open on Devices with 1GB Memory
    Fixed! UE-71231 Android external storage permission request interrupts startup sequence on some apps
    Fixed! UE-69738 Metal crash occurs when observing M_Tessellated - Assertion failed: PrologueEncoder [File:/MetalStateCache.cpp] [Line: 2068]
    Fixed! UE-70623 Crash opening TM-VolumetricFog_MovableLights when running with -d3ddebug
    Fixed! UE-69310 Bloom_FFT rendering is cut off if viewport size is too wide
    Fixed! UE-69104 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MetalRHI!CreateMTLRenderPipeline() [MetalPipeline.cpp:696]
    Fixed! UE-70833 Having textures active in paint mode and selecting a static mesh causes ensure and crash
    Fixed! UE-70868 Editor crashes when attempting to use texture paint mode
    Fixed! UE-70565 Editing material after changing Decal Blend Mode may cause editor to crash
    Fixed! UE-70584 Wireframe Viewmode doesn't render during PIE
    Fixed! UE-62797 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_UnrealEd!FLightmassProcessor::ImportLightMapData2DData() [lightmass.cpp:4385]
    Fixed! UE-71114 Properly Fix Static Permutation Change Inside Editor
    Fixed! UE-70607 SceneCapture2D output broken when used in VR
    Fixed! UE-70681 Nan/INF on iOS when scene only contains objects with Movable mobility
    Fixed! UE-71011 Assertion failed: RenderingThreadShaderMap when viewing Shader Complexity mode with new material
    Fixed! UE-70493 Directional Light's intensity slider increments too many units to be useful
    Fixed! UE-71275 Crash when canceling Compiling Missing Viewmode Shaders prompt - Assertion failed: !Material->RequiresSynchronousCompilation()
    Fixed! UE-71297 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FMaterial::GetShader(FMeshMaterialShaderType *,FVertexFactoryType *,bool) [MaterialShared.cpp:1913]
    Fixed! UE-71282 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-RenderCore!FRDGBuilder::AllocateRHITextureUAVIfNeeded(FRDGTextureUAV const *,bool) [RenderGraphBuilder.cpp:584]
    Fixed! UE-70591 Toggling the Shader Complexity viewmode requires missing viewmode shaders to be compiled
    Fixed! UE-69206 Crash undoing Generating/Deleting Clusters
    Fixed! UE-70413 Crash When Adding a Second Vector Parameter to Material Parameter Collection
    Fixed! UE-67011 Clear coat materials seem to suffer from low bit depth issues
    Fixed! UE-66953 Vulkan Crash in QAGame TM-DistanceFields
    Fixed! UE-71298 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!SetRayTracingShaderResources<FD3D12RayTracingLocalResourceBinder> [D3D12RayTracing.cpp:1946]
    Fixed! UE-71042 Landscape Far Shadows Interfere With Distance Field Soft Shadows
    Fixed! UE-71314 Crash - Assertion failed: ColorVertexBuffer->IsInitialized() referencing LocalVertexFactory.h:93
    Fixed! UE-71266 Missing Flying Vehicles for Highrise Map
    Fixed! UE-71096 Decal stencil broken with partial prepass
    Fixed! UE-71258 Disabling DBuffer Decals causes Decals not to render
    Fixed! UE-70292 Static Mesh LOD Generation Produces Bad Shading and Holes in Mesh
    Fixed! UE-68894 Deprecated Niagara Scripts are exposed to search
    Fixed! UE-68750 Deprecated modules appear in the module search window
    Fixed! UE-67445 Crash when creating New Niagara System with Default GPU system template
    Fixed! UE-69803 Niagara collisions are overly-energetic in Content Examples
    Fixed! UE-68811 Cascade update bug in SetMaterial
    Fixed! UE-71353 Low FPS in Content Examples Niagara map with -vulkan
    Fixed! UE-70965 Blotches appear over time in Path Tracing viewmode
    Fixed! UE-71113 Ray traced reflection and translucency default roughness threshold does not match equivalent SSR threshold
    Fixed! UE-71125 Material sorting shader dispatch size is computed incorrectly
    Fixed! UE-71343 Respect shadow visibility when casting shadow rays
    Fixed! UE-71339 Add shader permutation to support optional back-face culling in ray tracing SkyLight pass
    Fixed! UE-69956 Crash occurs while simulating blueprint after triggering a breakpoint and clicking Step Over
    Fixed! UE-71176 DirectX 12 missing from Targeted RHIs list
    Fixed! UE-71028 Assertion failed: PlatformNeedsExtraDeletionLatency()
    Fixed! UE-70773 GPU profiler is sometimes not consistent with GPU stats in D3D12
    Fixed! UE-71094 Two "Auto Play" options listed in BP component ActorSequence details
    Fixed! UE-71064 Sequencer does not Auto-key in VR Mode
    Fixed! UE-71092 Restart option does not always restart the sequence
    Fixed! UE-70355 Repeater events do not fire when the sequence is played in reverse
    Fixed! UE-71151 Exporting an object from sequencer without left-clicking on it gives unwanted results
    Fixed! UE-71130 Next Sequence value isn't updating in Sequence Recorder Window
    Fixed! UE-71131 Field of View value doubles when selecting Add Key in sequencer window
    Fixed! UE-71136 Sequencer Remove button is available without anything selected
    Fixed! UE-71289 Crash rendering a 4k sequence with Use Separate Process disabled
    Fixed! UE-71032 Crash evaluating a sequence with a geometry cache track in a packaged build
    Fixed! UE-70298 Unable to choose which GeometryCache (Alembic) asset to Play for Geometry Cache track
    Fixed! UE-71043 Take recorder doesn't check if the asset name is too long
    Fixed! UE-71055 Split TakeSaveDir into 2 paths
    Fixed! UE-70996 Crash when attempting to undo layer deletion referencing LevelTick.cpp:1032
    Fixed! UE-69337 UDN have a material ID issue when generating LODs
    Fixed! UE-70562 Crash after deleting Editor Utility Widget and accessing it from Window menu
    Fixed! UE-71268 Crash Undoing and Redoing while Garbage Collection is Running
    Fixed! UE-70950 Removing a Foliage Type from a ProceduralFoliageVolume does not remove the Foliage Type from the volume when it is resimulated
    Fixed! UE-70564 IES loader crash the editor on reading file with only LF as line delimiter
    Fixed! UE-58325 Large meshes now crashing on import
    Fixed! UE-70675 Crash picking an LOD in the Skeletal Mesh editor after importing a new LOD
    Fixed! UE-71267 when re-importing staticmesh, Auto-Generated LOD can have material slot swapped
    Fixed! UE-71021 Making sublevel current, and using the add tool causes the editor to crash
    Fixed! UE-71015 Copy/Paste tool in Landscape editor does not paste when performing Ctrl + V
    Fixed! UE-70919 Crash after undo/redo spam within VRMode - referencing LevelTick.cpp Line:877
    Fixed! UE-71026 Ensure from quickly scaling a landscape splines end tangent
    Fixed! UE-71122 Landscapes with tessellation only produce shadows when selected
    Fixed! UE-70972 Crash in Edit Mode after Static Mesh Proxy creation
    Fixed! UE-70327 Editor crash when renaming actor sub-components in a multi-user session
    Fixed! UE-71129 Error when leaving a multi-user session that contained a newly added asset with unsaved changes
    Fixed! UE-70329 Renamed sub-component change not preserved
    Fixed! UE-70396 Python CAD import do not create datasmith scene when running from commandline
    Fixed! UE-63407 "Not a valid row name" message appears twice when renaming a data table row to none
    Fixed! UE-71037 UMG elements added to another widget's named slot fail to compile
    Fixed! UE-70912 Input Fields do not accept input from VR Mode Radial Number menus
    Fixed! UE-70940 World Composition levels remain streamed in past their set streaming distance
    Fixed! UE-70266 Virtual Production Utilities Plugin Missing Teleport Customization
    Fixed! UE-71012 AJA - Option to output in 3Ga or 3Gb doesn't work
    Fixed! UE-70351 VirtualProductionUtilities plugin - the BookmarkWidget asset cannot be nativized (converted to C++ at cook time)
    Fixed! UE-66751 WMR native plugin trigger axis not working
    Fixed! UE-70990 OculusAvatar Content has been saved with empty engine version
    Fixed! UE-70994 Replace Oculus plugin binary with uninitialized memory fix.
    Fixed! UE-70788 Couldn't find file for package MagicLeapHandTracking when launching to Windows
    Fixed! UE-70084 Magic Leap blueprint Functions/Enums fail to load properly when reopening a project
    Fixed! UE-70907 VR Mode/Preview not available for Windows MR HMD in Binary
    Fixed! UE-71110 Error when packing for Android using Oculus Avatar plugin.
    Fixed! UE-70520 Oculus Avatar Plugin fails to package on Oculus Mobile

    Fixed in Preview 6

    Fixed! UE-71428 FLiveLinkMetaData::SceneTime is missing UPROPERTY markup
    Fixed! UE-71631 Editor PIE Regression in //UE4/Main
    Fixed! UE-71301 Ensure entering PIE when Anim Sharing state has no Anim Sequence
    Fixed! UE-71300 Crash entering PIE when first Anim Sharing state is disabled - Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum)
    Fixed! UE-71303 Crash during PIE when two Anim Sharing states define the same state - Assertion failed: Components.IsValidIndex(PermutationIndex)
    Fixed! UE-71492 ARPG Animation Issues With DefaultAnimCurveCompressionSettings Assets
    Fixed! UE-71280 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CryptoKeysOpenSSL!BN_num_bits [bn_lib.c:137]
    Fixed! UE-71566 Editor can crash while performing a Hot Reload after a custom UClass class is added to the project
    Fixed! UE-71556 Crash editing material asset Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Commands.cpp] [Line: 1531]
    Fixed! UE-71644 [CrashReporter] DataPrepEditors Crash - UE4Editor-DatasmithDataPrepLibraries!eea30000 + 194d8
    Fixed! UE-71655 Datasmith Scene Reimport w/ Re-Spawn Deleted Actors fails and causes two Ensures - referencing SceneComponent.cpp Lines: 2125 & 1067
    Fixed! UE-71480 Assertion failed in Datasmith Deltagen FBX importer
    Fixed! UE-71265 MDL imported from Substance Source with Datasmith causes a crash
    Fixed! UE-71253 Adding a new C++ Class puts Live Coding Console in a state (presumed crashed) where it cannot be resummoned
    Fixed! UE-71501 Editor settings do not cause UBT makefile invalidation
    Fixed! UE-71440 cl-filter fails to filter out including messages from Spanish Visual Studio version
    Fixed! UE-71727 UBT errors generating project files when paths have ampersands in them
    Fixed! UE-71319 Null access to Unpossessed controller with seamless travel
    Fixed! UE-71677 GitHub 5629 : Typos in GameplayAbilitySystem
    Fixed! UE-62491 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Core!FName::InitInternal_FindOrAddNameEntry<char>() [unrealnames.cpp:818]
    Fixed! UE-71690 Set from Euler (Quat)' and 'Set Components (Quat)' BP nodes have no output.
    Fixed! UE-71575 Packaging Match3 with Nativization fails - error: unknown type name 'USoundWave'; did you mean 'USoundBase'? - Tile.h
    Fixed! UE-71448 Mac: Building UE4 with a Space in the File Path Causes Copying Some DyLibs to Fail
    Fixed! UE-71622 Mac crash when exiting QAGame with unsaved foliage painting
    Fixed! UE-71414 View rect output can be incorrect with Android GLES.
    Fixed! UE-71213 BlueprintOffice - Assertion Failed when interacting with button: MetalStateCache.cpp
    Fixed! UE-70358 Failure to sign when packaging for iOS Distribution when using Remote Compile from a code project on Windows
    Fixed! UE-71596 iOS packaging error with CloudKit enabled - Provisioning profile <...> doesn't match the entitlements file's values
    Fixed! UE-70236 World flickers with World Origin Rebasing enabled
    Fixed! UE-70189 iOS packaging does not reliably choose distribution vs development signing documents
    Fixed! UE-68907 For Distribution packages fail: 'Unable to find mobile provision for UE4Game'
    Fixed! UE-69753 Multithreaded HTML5 loads into a black screen
    Fixed! UE-67863 Android 9 has api compatibility problem
    Fixed! UE-64628 HTML5 Quick Launch fails to connect due to incorrect port
    Fixed! UE-67484 tvOS LaunchOn error: IBCocoaTouchImageCatalogTool[7050:421228] CoreThemeDefinition: Unable to get image stack data for file
    Fixed! UE-70766 iOS remote build unloads the Login Keychain on the remote Mac
    Fixed! UE-71628 tvOS And iOS Binaries Not Being Created with Bitcode Enabled for Binary Builds
    Fixed! UE-71397 Crash opening package with OpenGL4 referencing RenderingThread
    Fixed! UE-71278 Shadow Bias rendering incorrect shadows in ContentExamples
    Fixed! UE-71030 Frustum Culled Landscape Components Not Casting Shadows
    Fixed! UE-70594 Debug viewmodes do not work in PIE until they have been enabled in level viewport
    Fixed! UE-71589 IOS Mobile Forward Shading TM-Decals app crashes on launch, no member named 'read_write' in 'metal::access'
    Fixed! UE-70565 Editing material after changing Decal Blend Mode may cause editor to crash
    Fixed! UE-71309 Infiltrator Demo crashes referencing OpenGLShaders.cpp:3227 when running with OpenGL4
    Fixed! UE-71643 [CrashReporter] UE4Editor-Engine!FMaterialRenderProxy::EvaluateUniformExpressions(FUniformExpressionCache &,FMaterialRenderContext const &,FRHICommandList *) [MaterialShared.cpp:2039]
    Fixed! UE-71667 Crash opening MI_Foliage from within the static mesh editor
    Fixed! UE-71561 Niagara systems with multiple light renderers process only the first one
    Fixed! UE-71554 Certain materials are overly bright with Ray Traced Global Illumination denoiser
    Fixed! UE-70796 Crash opening editor with raytracing: CmdListNumCommands == NumCommands
    Fixed! UE-70888 Crash opening ArchVis sample with -d3ddebug
    Fixed! UE-70782 Editor crashes loading IES Texture in DX12: Assertion failed: IsIESTextureFormatValid(LightProfileTexture)
    Fixed! UE-70054 UE4 crashes when enabling RT translucency if the project has RT disabled
    Fixed! UE-71454 ArchVis Raytracing mirror color is slightly brighter
    Fixed! UE-71433 Vulkan One-Off Crash opening Physical Animation level - referencing BitArray.h Line: 723
    Fixed! UE-71443 Vulkan RHI UE4Editor Crash when switching the transform gizmo to Rotate - referencing vulkancommands.cpp Line: 818
    Fixed! UE-71386 Nans on Vulkan
    Fixed! UE-71533 Engine Test Crash during initial launch running dx12 RHI on Nvidia GTX 960M - Referencing Shader.h Line: 1888
    Fixed! UE-63264 Stat GPU graph not opening in -vulkan
    Fixed! UE-71464 Cascading shadow maps behaving irregularly when utilizing Vulkan RHI
    Fixed! UE-71438 UI for vector keys show wrong values
    Fixed! UE-71174 Subway Sequencer audio stutters and cuts-out
    Fixed! UE-71532 Spawn tracks aren't created for master sequence cameras
    Fixed! UE-69411 Audio tracks in sequencer are not silent when extended past their playback end
    Fixed! UE-71646 Sequencer applies values from one key to another on focus change
    Fixed! UE-71222 Crash deleting assets - OutUniformExpressionCache.UniformBuffer->GetLayout() ...Engine\Private\Materials\MaterialShared.cpp] [Line: 2039]
    Fixed! UE-71694 The "Orbit camera around selection" setting is not enabled by default
    Fixed! UE-71447 Localization is failing to gather instanced container data correctly
    Fixed! UE-71463 VRPresence Actor is using Vive controllers in VR Mode regardless of desktop VR Platform being used
    Fixed! UE-71555 VRPresence hands need art adjustment for Oculus controllers
    Fixed! UE-71007 nDisplay openGL crash with multi GPU
    Fixed! UE-70993 Crash opening BP while in VRMode - Referencing SharedPointer.h Line: 849
    Fixed! UE-71182 Media output does not work in PIE (New Editor Window)
    Fixed! UE-71010 AJA - burned timecode doesn't always matches between UE and AJA
    Fixed! UE-71390 Binary Editor fails to start with Windows Mixed Reality enabled on win10 version < 1803
    Fixed! UE-71425 Error occurs when packaging with Oculus Avatar plugin due to missing xml file.
    Fixed! UE-71277 Landscape z-fighting in TM-VRSmoke on Oculus
    Fixed! UE-70953 Landscape components artifacting in peripheral vision of the Oculus HMD
    Fixed! UE-71597 Windows Mixed Reality rendering problems on Win 10 Release 1803
    Fixed! UE-71637 WMR - Editor hang on when exiting PIE
    Fixed! UE-71558 Failing to load Windows Mixed Reality Interop Library when enabling the WMR plugin while on valid Windows versions
    Fixed! UE-69820 Motion Controller meshes do not track with Motion Controller position within VRMode
    Fixed! UE-67297 ShaderCompiler crash when opening the editor with Morpheus plugin and project setting enabled
    Fixed! UE-65414 ARCore - Rotating app during bootup cause scaling issues on startup
    Fixed! UE-71625 Failing to load Windows Mixed Reality Interop Library when launching onto or running a package on Windows
    Fixed! UE-71654 WMR shouldn't be loading things from that AppLocalDependencies folder

    Fixed in Preview 7

    Fixed! UE-71623 QAGame's Automatic Projectile Gun audio is stacking on iOS
    Fixed! UE-71377 UE pak encryption improvements
    Fixed! UE-71803 Blueprint Template project with Pak Signing enabled but no key fails to build
    Fixed! UE-71806 No warning printed when Pak Encryption is enabled but no Signing Keys are Generated
    Fixed! UE-71811 .sig file is generated for an "unsigned" platform and application fails to open
    Fixed! UE-71769 Terminated editor sessions are not tracked correctly
    Fixed! UE-62612 Editor crashes after creating a C++ Derived Class and reopening the project
    Fixed! UE-71581 Warning after hot reload: Engine class 'QAUnrealEdEngine' has changed but will be ignored for hot reload
    Fixed! UE-71880 The engine crashes trying to load assets saved with a newer engine version
    Fixed! UE-71812 Crash reimporting when Datasmith Scene actors is none
    Fixed! UE-71788 Load Scene button should be ghosted when there is no file set in the scene settings
    Fixed! UE-71553 Crash importing FBX using the Deltagen importer with Merge Nodes enabled - Assertion failed: PolygonNormals.IsValid()
    Fixed! UE-71692 Mac: Hot Reload with bundle resource fails with 'Error: Hot-reloadable files are expected to contain a hyphen'
    Fixed! UE-71564 Widget Blueprints not Functioning in Packages with Inclusive Nativization
    Fixed! UE-71567 Crash attempting to open another level while diffing the current level's blueprint
    Fixed! UE-71665 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Kismet!SSCSEditor::AddNewComponent(UClass *,UObject *,bool,bool) [SSCSEditor.cpp:5121]
    Fixed! UE-71724 Packaging for Linux with ARM64 Enabled Fails to Build For Use of Undeclared Identifiers
    Fixed! UE-60685 GitHub 4805 : EnableSnapshots for GooglePlay
    Fixed! UE-69183 iOS Device Output Log doesn't recover previously disconnected device
    Fixed! UE-71891 Editor crash on switching to mobile preview
    Fixed! UE-71596 iOS packaging error with CloudKit enabled - Provisioning profile <...> doesn't match the entitlements file's values
    Fixed! UE-69825 SM4 Preview Rendering Level toggle has placeholder icon
    Fixed! UE-61585 A big and sharp spotlight's shadow can flicker
    Fixed! UE-71826 Lighting is creating Inconsistent shadows in PIE
    Fixed! UE-71781 Pre-Exposure does not work
    Fixed! UE-71731 Random Game Crash in FMeshDrawCommand::SubmitDraw()
    Fixed! UE-71568 Crash: Unhandled exception UE4Editor_Renderer!FMobileBasePassMeshProcessor::Process
    Fixed! UE-71928 LocalVF assert when opening content examples in iOS preview mode
    Fixed! UE-71887 Crash running DX12 package of Infiltrator Demo - Assertion Failed FPlatformProperties::RequiresCookedData
    Fixed! UE-71868 Localized pin names can break Niagara graphs
    Fixed! UE-71810 Crash when launching dx12 for the first time with Rect Lights
    Fixed! UE-71579 Crash editing material instance parameters
    Fixed! UE-71768 Old widget animation events not firing
    Fixed! UE-71375 EngineTest: Crash UE4Editor-InputBindingEditor.dll!FInputBindingEditorPanel::Tick() - sinputbindingeditorpanel.cpp:39]
    Fixed! UE-71689 Translating with Camera lags when Use Distance-Scaled Camera Speed is true
    Fixed! UE-71374 Crash closing the import prompt after previously importing an LOD from a new file - Pure virtual function being called
    Fixed! UE-70335 Importing through Python fails
    Fixed! UE-71889 Imported Hierarchies are inverted with Create Import Hierarchy
    Fixed! UE-71618 Portuguese and Spanish editor languages do not display localized text
    Fixed! UE-71747 Transaction Included and Excluded Class Filters are not applied in Binary builds
    Fixed! UE-71715 Crash when a client undoes deleting a landscape during a Multi-User session
    Fixed! UE-71718 Crash when a client hides/unhides a sublevel in the Levels window during a Multi-User session
    Fixed! UE-71756 Crash on new level after executing python command unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.spawn_actor_from_object - UE4Editor_Core!FWindowsErrorOutputDevice::Serialize() [engine\source\runtime\core\private\windows\windowserroroutputdevice.cpp:79]
    Fixed! UE-66681 Child Widget Blueprint does not inherit bindings in exe
    Fixed! UE-70946 Cameras in VR Mode over oversized
    Fixed! UE-71796 Assert undoing dragging a Camera from the Modes Panel into the level from VR Mode
    Fixed! UE-70909 Windows MR crashes when selecting VR Mode
    Fixed! UE-67737 WMR: Crash in VR Edit Mode
    Fixed! UE-71871 Prevent Windows Mixed Reality from using VR Mode
    Fixed! UE-71573 Crash starting VRMode on a Windows Mixed Reality headset
    Fixed! UE-71645 Remove Windows Mixed Reality binaries from InstalledEngineFilters.xml

    REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find by following the How To Report a Bug Guide
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    Nice! Should raytracing work in VR in 4.22? Meaning, should it render correctly in VR, without unusual artifacts? Not talking about performance here, just about rendering without bugs.
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    Easy to use UMG Mini Map on the UE4 Marketplace.
    Forum thread:


      Originally posted by John Alcatraz View Post
      Nice! Should raytracing work in VR in 4.22? Meaning, should it render correctly in VR, without unusual artifacts?
      I wouldn't expect that to be the case, but then I also doubt you'd be able to run it quickly and accurately enough to be worth the effort anyway?


        Originally posted by ambershee View Post

        I wouldn't expect that to be the case, but then I also doubt you'd be able to run it quickly and accurately enough to be worth the effort anyway?
        Based on initial testing, it seems that raytraced shadows might be faster than CSM in some cases, so if you're having a VR game that spends half the time on CSM, it might make sense. I'm not interested in the performance at the moment though, just asking if it should work "correctly" in VR, without unusual artifacts.
        Easy to use UMG Mini Map on the UE4 Marketplace.
        Forum thread:


          full guide for how to use raytracing would be good. for example i couldnt find how to enable GI and denoiser.


            Originally posted by John Alcatraz View Post
            Nice! Should raytracing work in VR in 4.22? Meaning, should it render correctly in VR, without unusual artifacts?
            You're probably going to take a huge performance hit with real-time ray-trace + VR. But also depends on your scene. If the 2000 series Geforce cards can't handle it, I'm sure the 3000 series will. First gen RTX isn't perfect.
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              when i add "-dx12" at the end of shortcut. it gives crash report but opens editor.


                For those who don't have an RTX GPU, how can we enable Raytracing for testing purposes?

                I heard that a compatibility layer is available which will let us run DXR capable applications on GPUs that don't support hardware accelerated raytracing, but I'm unsure on where to download it, and how to set it up.


                  No UWP support for Windows Mixed Reality at this moment?
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                    Originally posted by DevideByZer0 View Post
                    No UWP support for Windows Mixed Reality at this moment?
                    UWP isn't in UE4, so I'd imagine that task would be up to Microsoft, since they have their own fork of UE4 that supports UWP.


                      What's the "new audio engine enabled by default" about? Was it... not enabled before? I thought it's been around for quite a while now.


                        Originally posted by Zeblote View Post
                        What's the "new audio engine enabled by default" about? Was it... not enabled before? I thought it's been around for quite a while now.
                        Prior to 4.22 you had enable it, it was not default.


                          Woot!! finally my 2 RTX 2080 ti founder get to be used


                            Thank you so much Epic, for implementing my sequencer feature request enhancements!
                            Sequencer Tracks : Marks (labels, colors, runtime playback)


                              WOW Movable Spotlight support on Mobile THANK U FOR FLASHLİGHT ON MOBİLE