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    Originally posted by Krakhat View Post

    You can use the same lightning system which fortnite does, where all lights can be movable with low render cost, has support to raytracing shadows at far distance(which result is amazing performance) and you don't need compute lightmass. You should expect RTX only viable for video production/ movie making, it will require more time to reach the point where it can be use in any project goal.
    fornite looks like a cartoon. And im aiming for realism in tight cooridors and rooms with thin walls. Not to mention its a vr project so baked lightmaps are what i want.



        Originally posted by kurylo3d View Post

        fornite looks like a cartoon. And im aiming for realism in tight cooridors and rooms with thin walls. Not to mention its a vr project so baked lightmaps are what i want.
        Fortnite style is cartoony but still using PBR computing shaders. Heres a example of what i'm talking about applied to realistic environment: - as you can see it's already realtime without need of compute lightmass.


          Originally posted by Krakhat View Post

          Fortnite style is cartoony but still using PBR computing shaders. Heres a example of what i'm talking about applied to realistic environment: - as you can see it's already realtime without need of compute lightmass.
          I tried using distance fields... didnt work very well for my geometry.. japanese style thin sheet walls... Besides i need max performance for VR so static lighting is best.


            Android build fails with following errors:

            UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): Z:\common_library\build\intermediates\bundles\debug\res\values\values.xml:5:5-55: AAPT: error: resource android:attr/fontStyle not found.
            UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): Z:\common_library\build\intermediates\bundles\debug\res\values\values.xml:5:5-55: AAPT: error: resource android:attr/font not found.
            UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): Z:\common_library\build\intermediates\bundles\debug\res\values\values.xml:5:5-55: AAPT: error: resource android:attr/fontWeight not found.
            UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): Z:\app\build\intermediates\incremental\mergeDebugResources\merged.dir\values\values.xml:96: error: resource android:attr/fontStyle not found.
            UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): Z:\app\build\intermediates\incremental\mergeDebugResources\merged.dir\values\values.xml:96: error: resource android:attr/font not found.
            UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): Z:\app\build\intermediates\incremental\mergeDebugResources\merged.dir\values\values.xml:96: error: resource android:attr/fontWeight not found.
            UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): error: failed linking references.


              Max Draw Distance properties are completely broken since 4.20.

              Bug with sample project described here:


                Details panels' Slate Widgets for FTransform struct are also broken since forever.
                ​​​​​​Sliders go totally crazy when dragging values on them.
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                  it seems a node is gone in the Animation Blueprint, i need the Exec like the lift picture!
                  4.20 is still there Click image for larger version

Name:	calculate-Direction419.png
Views:	63
Size:	22.0 KB
ID:	1545513

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	calculate-Direction420.png
Views:	55
Size:	19.1 KB
ID:	1545515 4.21 its gone, or do i look wrong?
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                    We have just released Preview 4 for 4.21! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.21 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

                    For a list of known issues affecting this latest preview, please follow the links provided on the first post in this thread.

                    Fixed in Preview 4
                    Fixed! UE-60171 Crash Occurs When Importing a .ABC File as Skeletal Mesh Into Project That Already Contains Asset's Materials
                    Fixed! UE-51935 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FSkeletalMeshObject::UpdateMinDesiredLODLevel() [skeletalrender.cpp:81]
                    Fixed! UE-59914 Editor freezes after reimporting alembic asset
                    Fixed! UE-61761 Importing an Alembic File with "Skip Empty Frames at Start of Alembic Sequence" Enabled Causes Crash
                    Fixed! UE-62036 Merge Actors tool leads to crash when the selected list is not matching current existing objects due to construction script.
                    Fixed! UE-62176 Regression: Importing an Alembic File with Geometry cache or Skeletal leads to crash.
                    Fixed! UE-64886 LODTo Frame Skip Map isn't causing asset to skip frames
                    Fixed! UE-64873 ThirdPerson AnimBP arm not affected by Fake Velocity as expected
                    Fixed! UE-64845 QAGame Get Transition Crossfade Duration Node to Blend Result setup does not produce expected result
                    Fixed! UE-62337 Alembic Problem - Missing keys in animations when selecting time range
                    Fixed! UE-61429 Assert importing an ABC as GeomCache
                    Fixed! UE-63401 Cant save HLODs for an unsaved level & opening mesh causes assert/crash
                    Fixed! UE-65832 Crash when adding invalid preset chain
                    Fixed! UE-64622 TestEqual(TCHAR*, TCHAR*) function is testing pointer equality instead of values
                    Fixed! UE-64484 Garbage is not collected increases during CompileAllBlueprints test
                    Fixed! UE-65620 Cooked game crashes when launching with -memoryprofiler argument in the command line
                    Fixed! UE-65572 Engine - Ensure GIsRequestingExit is set before broading termination delegate in FWindowsPlatformMisc::RequestExit
                    Fixed! UE-63571 Cook-on-the-fly generates corrupt materials
                    Fixed! UE-65430 Missing Receipt' error after disabling plugin in binary build and repackaging
                    Fixed! UE-65286 Unable to GenerateProjectFiles with multiple client targets
                    Fixed! UE-65278 Binary editor and projects compile shaders during first open
                    Fixed! UE-65771 Add ShowdownDemo to the Wait to Build Launcher Samples Mac job
                    Fixed! UE-65432 GitHub 5180 : Fix wrong .natvis file path in generated Visual Studio solution
                    Fixed! UE-65702 Remote Building for iOS with Nativization fails with "ERROR: Precompiled rules assembly '...QAGame_4.21/Intermediate/Plugins/NativizedAssets/IOS/Game/Intermediate/Build/BuildRules/NativizedAssetsModuleRules.dll' does not exist."
                    Fixed! UE-65617 GitHub 5200 : Log file path issue
                    Fixed! UE-65588 New plugins include developer modules by default
                    Fixed! UE-65539 ShooterGame build from the launcher does not include client target
                    Fixed! UE-65006 Packaging failed with disabled plugin
                    Fixed! UE-65413 Match 3 - Edges of screen are cut off during gameplay
                    Fixed! UE-65426 [ActionRPG] Spamming potion button decreases potion count without consuming them
                    Fixed! UE-65235 ActionRPG has For Distribution enabled in Packaging Settings
                    Fixed! UE-65562 ActionRPG - Can't find file '/Script/EnvironmentQueryEditor'
                    Fixed! UE-65559 ARPG Linear Color Curve Warning
                    Fixed! UE-50730 SunTemple quality is low on iOS tablets
                    Fixed! UE-61752 ARPG trail emitters render with solid blue texture on Mali GPU
                    Fixed! UE-61751 ARPG roll no longer has a trail emitter
                    Fixed! UE-61323 Having an empty slot between weapons only lets player use top weapon in ActionRPG
                    Fixed! UE-60454 ARPG - Removed unused assets
                    Fixed! UE-65783 Content Examples MathHall - Error: T_1x1_Grid T_1x1_Grid Same lighting guid
                    Fixed! UE-65715 Deprecated DOF Warning When entering Post Processing Volumes
                    Fixed! UE-65861 Content Examples - Lighting needs to be rebuilt in Niagara level
                    Fixed! UE-65449 [ActionRPG] Weapon swapping does not update icons in HUD
                    Fixed! UE-65456 Crash when changing the UDP Messaging Tunnel Unicast Endpoint address
                    Fixed! UE-65634 TP_MultiUserViewer misc issues
                    Fixed! UE-65551 Duplicate nDisplay template project
                    Fixed! UE-65646 FlakesAccess shader doesn't compile on vulkan
                    Fixed! UE-65442 Crash running a game with Variant set - Assertion failed: RecursionNotAllowed.Increment() == 1
                    Fixed! UE-64661 Blackmagic sync output hiccups sometimes
                    Fixed! UE-65576 STUN and TURN servers needs start scripts for first time users
                    Fixed! UE-65014 Multi-User Template Project holds at 95% for a very long time
                    Fixed! UE-65611 Crash indexing Blueprints- LongPackageNameToFilename failed to convert 'None'. Path does not map to any roots.
                    Fixed! UE-65586 //UE4/Release-4.21 failing to compile - error in KismetReinstanceUtilities.cpp
                    Fixed! UE-63310 Sky box renders as black when packaged with nativization enabled.
                    Fixed! UE-63834 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Kismet!FBlueprintCompilationManagerImpl::ReinstanceBatch
                    Fixed! UE-64888 Packages with Inclusive/Exclusive Nativization crashing referencing AsyncLoading.cpp
                    Fixed! UE-65759 (Regression) Risk of PostLoad() assert crash in all cooked, nativized builds with async load thread enabled.
                    Fixed! UE-65389 Ensure reopening map after changing a blueprint's component to a derived class and keeping the same name
                    Fixed! UE-64576 Pawn Velocity dramatically different on server and client with Client Authoritative Position
                    Fixed! UE-64544 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!AGameSession::RegisterPlayer() [gamesession.cpp:235]
                    Fixed! UE-64431 When a client sends an Unreliable RPC to the Server in same frame with a Reliable RPC, Unreliable RPCs are Reliable
                    Fixed! UE-62952 "Enabled per poly collision" under "Support compute skincache" is ON causes a crash at runtime
                    Fixed! UE-61399 Objects get stuck when hit location is same as start ray location
                    Fixed! UE-62714 Physics replication is not working correctly and clients receive different results
                    Fixed! UE-62345 Replicated Movement doesn't replicate itself to all clients on Dedicated Server
                    Fixed! UE-65390 CrashReportClient callstack has cut off text on Linux
                    Fixed! UE-64312 Vulkan projects crash when alt-tabbing on Linux
                    Fixed! UE-64798 Crash when Fracturing Mesh - Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum)
                    Fixed! UE-58866 Tooltips are not readable on Linux with Vulkan and NVidia drivers
                    Fixed! UE-62199 AArch64 server crashes when opening
                    Fixed! UE-65567 Linux: initial movie is not scaled full screen
                    Fixed! UE-65656 Cannot rotate camera while shooting if mouse cursor is over the edge of Mac window
                    Fixed! UE-65343 Skeletal Mesh with more than 75 bones crashes Mobile Preview
                    Fixed! UE-65311 SunTemple - package crashes on device when initializing on iPhone 6+
                    Fixed! UE-65464 Typo in Support Software Occlusion Culling tooltip in Project Settings
                    Fixed! UE-65622 CLONE - Add detection and device profiles for iPhone XS / XS Max / SR
                    Fixed! UE-65540 TextureFormats list in GameActivity for PVRTC has comma in wrong place
                    Fixed! UE-61970 Templates fail to package for Android - AAPT: error: resource android
                    Fixed! UE-63725 Blueprint Projects can't make APK without compiled .so Error when packaging for Android with any Plugin Disabled
                    Fixed! UE-63682 There is no force feedback on iPhone 6S devices
                    Fixed! UE-65016 OpenGLES API deprecated warnings when packaging AR Samples
                    Fixed! UE-64536 iOSClient is not built. Just creates {OS}Client target.
                    Fixed! UE-65647 Crash starting Strategy Game in OpenGLShaders.cpp
                    Fixed! UE-65022 Vulkan template project crashes on Android
                    Fixed! UE-65459 Remote Building for iOS Fails During Build Step: "File for download 'UBT-UE65273Verif-IOS-Development_Remote.txt' is not under the engine or project directory"
                    Fixed! UE-65860 tvOS crash on launch: "this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key"
                    Fixed! UE-63540 Black bars seen when launching app on iPhone X packaged with DebugGame build configuration
                    Fixed! UE-40545 TVOS images are throwing errors when attempting to deploy to iTunes Connect
                    Fixed! UE-65417 iPhone X devices do not use all available screen space causing black bars in game
                    Fixed! UE-65825 Rect lights emit backwards light to volumetric lightmaps from the rect backside.
                    Fixed! UE-65513 Crash when switching to windowed mode in OpenGL with Media Textures
                    Fixed! UE-65458 Texture Painting in -vulkan throws an ensure and blacks out the texture
                    Fixed! UE-65129 Samples rendering darker than expected or ideal
                    Fixed! UE-65694 Crash opening TM-Decals in -DX11 with Forward Shading enabled
                    Fixed! UE-65711 Instant crash when selecting viewmode "Material Texture Scales"
                    Fixed! UE-65697 Crash opening TM-Decals in -DX12 or -Vulkan with Forward Shading enabled
                    Fixed! UE-65533 One off crash launching packaged Infiltrator Demo with -dx12
                    Fixed! UE-64820 Hang when Merging Actors QAGame asset SM_Proxy_Box with Merge Materials Enabled
                    Fixed! UE-64695 Lighting from Directional Lights Dims While Moving Around in Editor with Forward Shading Enabled
                    Fixed! UE-65102 Exposure Metering Mode "Auto Exposure Basic" Disables Histogram Min/Max Control
                    Fixed! UE-65717 Crash in PostProcessAmbientOcclusion.cpp when opening TM-Decals with -DX12/Vulkan/OpenGL4 and ForwardShading
                    Fixed! UE-65730 Decals with Forward Shading Render Black
                    Fixed! UE-65470 Crash opening package with Forward Shading
                    Fixed! UE-65585 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FMaterial::GetShaderMapToUse() [materialshared.cpp:562]
                    Fixed! UE-62873 UMG Animation spin box not updating when key is at the end of the playback range
                    Fixed! UE-65672 Tracks with empty space sometimes do not compile correctly in Sequencer UI
                    Fixed! UE-63336 Fix ranges in 4280319
                    Fixed! UE-64742 Crash opening ActionRPG with -game
                    Fixed! UE-65097 Unreal Studio: Multi User Viewer Template Menu: Next Arrow Bug
                    Fixed! UE-65351 QAGame Samples Build - Various errors in Rob Gray map preventing job from completing successfully
                    Fixed! UE-65355 Recursion crash creating a child of a blueprint component and giving it the same name
                    Fixed! UE-65257 Scrollbars in Output Log can become incorrectly sized when scaling the window horizontally or clearing the output log
                    Fixed! UE-65543 Copy & Paste are missing from Static Mesh Asset Picker List
                    Fixed! UE-65521 Editor crashes when attempting to reimport multiple Data Table assets that do not have an associated data source file
                    Fixed! UE-64838 Reset Layout option does not reset layout to default in Subeditor Windows
                    Fixed! UE-64981 Morph Targets have black sections when animating
                    Fixed! UE-64501 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_UnrealEd!UReimportFbxStaticMeshFactory::Reimport() [editorfactories.cpp:5426]
                    Fixed! UE-65302 SyncPathsFromSourceControl crash
                    Fixed! UE-65570 Generate and Invalidate Project ID do not function fully
                    Fixed! UE-65554 Disabled High Resolution Screenshot option still functions as enabled
                    Fixed! UE-65548 FBX Import Options has missing space on an option
                    Fixed! UE-65427 Media Texture source file browse button does not open the file explorer
                    Fixed! UE-61968 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_MediaAssets!UMediaPlayer::GetPlaylistRef() [mediaplayer.h:890]
                    Fixed! UE-65400 Niagara InitRHI crash when opening QAGame TM-ShaderModels
                    Fixed! UE-65279 Custom HLSL nodes crash the editor when dragging any output onto empty input pin
                    Fixed! UE-65510 Crash when cooking Niagara for DirectX 10
                    Fixed! UE-65693 Ensure occurs when attempting to create a blank emitter from the New Emitter Wizard
                    Fixed! UE-65568 TM-ShaderModels game crashes in DX11 if Vulkan or OpenGL is included in package
                    Fixed! UE-65552 Niagara GPU particles do not render in Dx12
                    Fixed! UE-63380 The options drop-down arrow for inputs in the stack shouldn't be a tab-stop.
                    Fixed! UE-63496 Niagara GPU Particles do not render in Vulkan
                    Fixed! UE-64927 Niagara GPU emitters are not displayed in non-cooked game
                    Fixed! UE-65110 Renaming a Niagara emitter from the Selected Emitters dialog clears module parameters
                    Fixed! UE-65796 Niagara Systems in world fail to reinitialize when DataInterface parameters are changed
                    Fixed! UE-59768 Crash: spawning more than 6k particles in this nearly empty map results in a crash
                    Fixed! UE-65768 Skeletal Mesh DI does not post an error in stack when a Skel Mesh is not assigned
                    Fixed! UE-65794 Log Spam from some DataInterfaces that fail to initialize
                    Fixed! UE-65199 Widget blueprint details continuously shift when moving objects in the widget designer
                    Fixed! UE-65490 Crash when undoing a copy in VRMode
                    Fixed! UE-65393 Empty Controller Json Files Generated by the Editor Are Not Being Recognized by SteamVR Input As Binding Options
                    Fixed! UE-65495 Magic Leap: Red tint on vulkan media player
                    Fixed! UE-65476 Editor Crashes when running with -Vulkan and a Connected Vive Headset
                    Fixed! UE-65107 Orientations are inverted on GoogleAR
                    Fixed! UE-65099 Spawned actor does not remain in fixed world location when device moves
                    Fixed! UE-65479 Decals are only rendering in the left eye
                    Fixed! UE-65720 Haptic Feedback Effect must decompress before submission
                    Fixed! UE-61753 Excess deferred depth copy added in for 4.20
                    Fixed! UE-64034 Scene Depth Buffer corruption with VR on AMD GPUs
                    Fixed! UE-65726 Lumin updates for 4.21
                    Fixed! UE-65550 Crash when physical size is 0 for a candidate image to be detected in a scene
                    Fixed! UE-65780 Image Write - Improve cryptic error message

                    REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find by following the How To Report a Bug Guide


                      Please have a look on this issue. It's holding a lot of users back.
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                        Any chance to get a fix on this?

                        Thank you EPIC!


                          There is no information about UE-61970 in your issue tracker:

                          Fixed! UE-61970 Templates fail to package for Android - AAPT: error: resource android


                            Amazing thanks!


                              Originally posted by wontonanimalchin View Post
                              it seems a node is gone in the Animation Blueprint, i need the Exec like the lift picture!
                              It was probably just changed from unpure to pure, why would you need the execution pin? You can always store values in variables if you don't want to recalculate a pure node.

                              Originally posted by diamond3 View Post
                              There is no information about UE-61970 in your issue tracker:
                              I believe most of the issue IDs are internal in Epic's JIRA board, not all of them are exposed to the public website.
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                                Just wondering...

                                stat UNIT ... now sometimes displays new info:

                                Draws ( not to be confused with the older "Draw", this actually tells you the current draw calls )


                                RHIT shows up in both Mobile and PIE debugging

                                But Mem, Draws, Prims only show up for Mobile (This is Mobile VR btw, Go specifically) but not always, and definitely not right away, it seems random. Is this intended or a bug? I feel All stats should show up regardless of platform.


                                But awesome to see!
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