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    [PREVIEW] Unreal Engine 4.21 Preview


    Preview 1 of the upcoming 4.21 release is available now on the Launcher and GitHub. We are making this Preview available so that our developer community can try our new features and help us catch issues before the final release. As fixes are implemented, we will release updated previews throughout the development cycle.

    Please be aware that preview releases are not fully quality tested, that they are still under heavy active development, and that they should be considered as unstable until the final release. Developers should not convert their projects for active development on preview releases. Please test on copies of your project instead.

    Links to known and fixed issues for this release are provided below. If you discover any additional issues with this preview release, please report them using the guidelines in the link: How to Report a Bug.

    Known & Fixed Issues
    4.21 Preview Summary

    This list provides a brief summary of updates in this Preview which may benefit from additional testing. Not all updates may be listed. Full release notes will be made available with the final 4.21 release.

    Animation Updates:
    • Animation Compression Updates. AnimCompression now uses a whitelist of optimal codecs to avoid trying permutations that are unlikely to be selected. This significantly reduces the number of codecs we attempt to compress with and as a result it is much faster. On multicore systems, most of the codecs now evaluate in parallel during automatic compression, further reducing the time it takes to compress an animation sequence.
    • Animation Notify Improvements. Native Notifies have been added in Engine for dynamics and cloth management.
    • Maintain Original Scale of Root Motion.
    • Added Caching and Autocomplete for “Sync Market Names.
    • Animation Sequence Framerate. Added animation sequence framerate to the Editor Viewport and Content Browser tooltip.
    • Enable Auto Blend Out on Anim Montages. Anim Montages now have the option to enable or disable Auto Blend Out. This option is enabled by default.
    • Live Animation Blueprint Recompilation is now non-experimental.
    • CCDIK Skeletal Control Node. CCDIK Skeletal Control Node is now available within the AnimGraph of Animation Blueprints.
    • Default Coordinate Space for Animation Editors is now Local Space
    • Min LOD Notification.
    • Skeletal Mesh: Set Master Pose Component Force Update
    Audio Updates:
    • Submix Envelope Follower (New Unreal Audio Engine Only). Users can now set an Envelope Follower Delegate on their Submixes allowing amplitude analysis of individual channels for that submix.
    • New Sound Submix Effect: Filter. Users now have the option of adding a multimode filter to their Submixes allowing dynamic filter effects on a single Submix.
    • Sound Submix Effect Reverb Dry Level. The Submix Effect Reverb now supports Parallel Wet and Dry Levels allowing users to dial in specific Wet/Dry ratios making the Effect usable as an Insert-Style Effect as well as a Send-Style Effect.
    • Optimizations to Source Effect API. The Source Effect API has been optimized to process a full buffer of audio rather than frame-by-frame.
    Core Updates:
    • Cooker Performance. We have improved performance of the Unreal asset cooking process. We have optimized various low-level code to eliminate unnecessary operations and refactored the handling of unsolicited assets in the CookOnTheFlyServer class so that it scales better.
    Desktop Updates:
    • Linux Platform Get Media Player. From 4.21 on, you can use bundled WebMMedia plugin to play back .webm VPX8/9 videos.
    • Linux Crash Report Client Has a GUI. We’ve added support for the Crash Reporter GUI to now pop up when a crash occurs! This enables you to help make Linux better by quickly and easily reporting crashes that you encounter.
    Gameplay/Scripting Updates:
    • Blueprints Improvements.
      • Added a Blueprint Graph editor “Quick Jump” bookmark feature.
      • Add abillity to insert pins before or after a target pin for Sequence nodes via the context menu.
      • Monolithic engine header file exclusion from nativized Blueprint class C++ code is now available as a project setting.
    • AI Improvements.
      • Added a GetTypeHash override for FGenericTeamId so that it can be used in a UPROPERTY TMap
      • Added a function to PerceptionSystem that allows to register a given Actor as a source with all registered senses, all in one call.
    • Core Improvements.
      • Add support for soft references to save games via ObjectAndNameAsStringProxyArchive.
    • Gameplay Framework
      • Added MinimalApi to ACullDistanceVolume
      • Added a Blueprint method DoesDataTableRowExist to determine whether or not a table contains the specified row.
      • Added UActorComponent::bVisualizationComponent boolean to indicate that a component is being used as a visualizer and is not a part of the component hierarchy.
      • Added new vertical splitscreen mode for 3 and 4 players that give each player full height and divides the screen horizontally.
      • TInlineComponentArray can now specify to include components from child actors.
      • Mark several functions as BlueprintThreadSafe for less common gameplay types that might want to be used by animation.
    Mobile Updates:
    • HTML5: Split Angle Single Large Template File to Smaller Template Files
    • HTML5: README Files Updated
    • Additional mobile improvements and optimizations we’ve made for Fortnite on iOS and Android.
    Networking Updates:
    • Improved IPv6 Support. Support for IPv4 and IPv6 has been merged into a single socket subsystem, where previously support for each protocol was isolated to a specific subsystem.
    • DDoS Detection and Mitigation. DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks typically hinder game servers by flooding them with so many packets, that they are unable to process all of the packets without locking up and/or drowning out other players’ packets, causing players to time out or to suffer severe packet loss which hinders gameplay.
    Niagara Updates:
    • GPU only texturing sampling. You can now sample a 2d texture or a pseudo-volume 2d texture in your particle scripts.
    • Skeletal mesh data interface improvements. Two new modes have been added for sampling the skeletal mesh.
    • Ribbon rewrite. Ribbons now do the work to generate the ribbon geometry on the GPU instead of the CPU.
    • Switch support
    • New emitter and system wizard. Added the ability to create new emitters and systems from a data-driven set of templates.
    Physics Updates:
    • Physics Interface: We have been reworking the physics interface to support an increased ownership of physics objects at the high level. As a consequence much of the physics related c++ code an API has changed.
    Rendering Updates:
    • Virtual Texturing and support for Lightmaps. (Experimental) In the coming releases, we’ll start to support Virtual Texturing in UE4! It allows for efficient usage of texture memory enabling artists to author very high-resolution textures and lightmaps without concern for what will fit into video memory.
    • PSO Caching. We now support Shader Pipeline Caching, which can be enabled in the Project Settings > Packaging section.
    • Physical Lighting Units Updates. We introduced Physical Lighting Units a couple of releases ago and have listened to your feedback in order to streamline and remove confusion with using these settings. These are some of the updates that have been made:
      • Directional Lights now have LUX units
      • Sky Lights now have cd/m2 units
      • Pre-Exposure Support for the Pixel Inspector
      • New Project Settings to increase auto-exposure luminance range
      • Updates to the HDR Visualization Tools
    Sequencer Updates:
    • Event Track. A new implementation of the Event Track replaces the previous Event Track functionality.
    • Geometry Cache Track: Experimental. The new (and experimental) Geometry Cache Track allows you to scrub through a Geometry Cache and render it out with frame accuracy.
    • Audio Bakedown: Experimental. From the Render Movie Settings window, you can now bake down the audio into a Master Audio Submix (experimental).
    • Guide Marks. You can now lay down vertical guide marks on the timeline to use for snapping or identifying key points in your timeline.
    VR/AR Updates:
    • Steam VR Input. The Unreal Engine 4 input action and event system now contains experimental support for the SteamVR Input subsystem.
    • Round Robin Occlusions. Unreal Engine 4 now supports Round Robin Occlusions.
    • Windows Mixed Reality Support. Unreal Engine 4 now natively supports the Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) platform and headsets, including the HP Mixed Reality headset and the Samsung Odyssey.
    • Oculus Avatars. The Oculus Avatar SDK includes an Unreal package to assist developers in implementing first-person hand presence for the Rift and Touch controllers.
    • Magic Leap Qualified Developer Release Supported in Engine. Unreal Engine now supports all features needed to develop complete applications on Magic Leap's Lumin device.

    Preview 4 Now Available

    Fixed in Preview 4
    Fixed! UE-60171 Crash Occurs When Importing a .ABC File as Skeletal Mesh Into Project That Already Contains Asset's Materials
    Fixed! UE-51935 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FSkeletalMeshObject::UpdateMinDesiredLODLevel() [skeletalrender.cpp:81]
    Fixed! UE-59914 Editor freezes after reimporting alembic asset
    Fixed! UE-61761 Importing an Alembic File with "Skip Empty Frames at Start of Alembic Sequence" Enabled Causes Crash
    Fixed! UE-62036 Merge Actors tool leads to crash when the selected list is not matching current existing objects due to construction script.
    Fixed! UE-62176 Regression: Importing an Alembic File with Geometry cache or Skeletal leads to crash.
    Fixed! UE-64886 LODTo Frame Skip Map isn't causing asset to skip frames
    Fixed! UE-64873 ThirdPerson AnimBP arm not affected by Fake Velocity as expected
    Fixed! UE-64845 QAGame Get Transition Crossfade Duration Node to Blend Result setup does not produce expected result
    Fixed! UE-62337 Alembic Problem - Missing keys in animations when selecting time range
    Fixed! UE-61429 Assert importing an ABC as GeomCache
    Fixed! UE-63401 Cant save HLODs for an unsaved level & opening mesh causes assert/crash
    Fixed! UE-65832 Crash when adding invalid preset chain
    Fixed! UE-64622 TestEqual(TCHAR*, TCHAR*) function is testing pointer equality instead of values
    Fixed! UE-64484 Garbage is not collected increases during CompileAllBlueprints test
    Fixed! UE-65620 Cooked game crashes when launching with -memoryprofiler argument in the command line
    Fixed! UE-65572 Engine - Ensure GIsRequestingExit is set before broading termination delegate in FWindowsPlatformMisc::RequestExit
    Fixed! UE-63571 Cook-on-the-fly generates corrupt materials
    Fixed! UE-65430 Missing Receipt' error after disabling plugin in binary build and repackaging
    Fixed! UE-65286 Unable to GenerateProjectFiles with multiple client targets
    Fixed! UE-65278 Binary editor and projects compile shaders during first open
    Fixed! UE-65771 Add ShowdownDemo to the Wait to Build Launcher Samples Mac job
    Fixed! UE-65432 GitHub 5180 : Fix wrong .natvis file path in generated Visual Studio solution
    Fixed! UE-65702 Remote Building for iOS with Nativization fails with "ERROR: Precompiled rules assembly '...QAGame_4.21/Intermediate/Plugins/NativizedAssets/IOS/Game/Intermediate/Build/BuildRules/NativizedAssetsModuleRules.dll' does not exist."
    Fixed! UE-65617 GitHub 5200 : Log file path issue
    Fixed! UE-65588 New plugins include developer modules by default
    Fixed! UE-65539 ShooterGame build from the launcher does not include client target
    Fixed! UE-65006 Packaging failed with disabled plugin
    Fixed! UE-65413 Match 3 - Edges of screen are cut off during gameplay
    Fixed! UE-65426 [ActionRPG] Spamming potion button decreases potion count without consuming them
    Fixed! UE-65235 ActionRPG has For Distribution enabled in Packaging Settings
    Fixed! UE-65562 ActionRPG - Can't find file '/Script/EnvironmentQueryEditor'
    Fixed! UE-65559 ARPG Linear Color Curve Warning
    Fixed! UE-50730 SunTemple quality is low on iOS tablets
    Fixed! UE-61752 ARPG trail emitters render with solid blue texture on Mali GPU
    Fixed! UE-61751 ARPG roll no longer has a trail emitter
    Fixed! UE-61323 Having an empty slot between weapons only lets player use top weapon in ActionRPG
    Fixed! UE-60454 ARPG - Removed unused assets
    Fixed! UE-65783 Content Examples MathHall - Error: T_1x1_Grid T_1x1_Grid Same lighting guid
    Fixed! UE-65715 Deprecated DOF Warning When entering Post Processing Volumes
    Fixed! UE-65861 Content Examples - Lighting needs to be rebuilt in Niagara level
    Fixed! UE-65449 [ActionRPG] Weapon swapping does not update icons in HUD
    Fixed! UE-65456 Crash when changing the UDP Messaging Tunnel Unicast Endpoint address
    Fixed! UE-65634 TP_MultiUserViewer misc issues
    Fixed! UE-65551 Duplicate nDisplay template project
    Fixed! UE-65646 FlakesAccess shader doesn't compile on vulkan
    Fixed! UE-65442 Crash running a game with Variant set - Assertion failed: RecursionNotAllowed.Increment() == 1
    Fixed! UE-64661 Blackmagic sync output hiccups sometimes
    Fixed! UE-65576 STUN and TURN servers needs start scripts for first time users
    Fixed! UE-65014 Multi-User Template Project holds at 95% for a very long time
    Fixed! UE-65611 Crash indexing Blueprints- LongPackageNameToFilename failed to convert 'None'. Path does not map to any roots.
    Fixed! UE-65586 //UE4/Release-4.21 failing to compile - error in KismetReinstanceUtilities.cpp
    Fixed! UE-63310 Sky box renders as black when packaged with nativization enabled.
    Fixed! UE-63834 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Kismet!FBlueprintCompilationManagerImpl::ReinstanceBatch
    Fixed! UE-64888 Packages with Inclusive/Exclusive Nativization crashing referencing AsyncLoading.cpp
    Fixed! UE-65759 (Regression) Risk of PostLoad() assert crash in all cooked, nativized builds with async load thread enabled.
    Fixed! UE-65389 Ensure reopening map after changing a blueprint's component to a derived class and keeping the same name
    Fixed! UE-64576 Pawn Velocity dramatically different on server and client with Client Authoritative Position
    Fixed! UE-64544 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!AGameSession::RegisterPlayer() [gamesession.cpp:235]
    Fixed! UE-64431 When a client sends an Unreliable RPC to the Server in same frame with a Reliable RPC, Unreliable RPCs are Reliable
    Fixed! UE-62952 "Enabled per poly collision" under "Support compute skincache" is ON causes a crash at runtime
    Fixed! UE-61399 Objects get stuck when hit location is same as start ray location
    Fixed! UE-62714 Physics replication is not working correctly and clients receive different results
    Fixed! UE-62345 Replicated Movement doesn't replicate itself to all clients on Dedicated Server
    Fixed! UE-65390 CrashReportClient callstack has cut off text on Linux
    Fixed! UE-64312 Vulkan projects crash when alt-tabbing on Linux
    Fixed! UE-64798 Crash when Fracturing Mesh - Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum)
    Fixed! UE-58866 Tooltips are not readable on Linux with Vulkan and NVidia drivers
    Fixed! UE-62199 AArch64 server crashes when opening
    Fixed! UE-65567 Linux: initial movie is not scaled full screen
    Fixed! UE-65656 Cannot rotate camera while shooting if mouse cursor is over the edge of Mac window
    Fixed! UE-65343 Skeletal Mesh with more than 75 bones crashes Mobile Preview
    Fixed! UE-65311 SunTemple - package crashes on device when initializing on iPhone 6+
    Fixed! UE-65464 Typo in Support Software Occlusion Culling tooltip in Project Settings
    Fixed! UE-65622 CLONE - Add detection and device profiles for iPhone XS / XS Max / SR
    Fixed! UE-65540 TextureFormats list in GameActivity for PVRTC has comma in wrong place
    Fixed! UE-61970 Templates fail to package for Android - AAPT: error: resource android
    Fixed! UE-63725 Blueprint Projects can't make APK without compiled .so Error when packaging for Android with any Plugin Disabled
    Fixed! UE-63682 There is no force feedback on iPhone 6S devices
    Fixed! UE-65016 OpenGLES API deprecated warnings when packaging AR Samples
    Fixed! UE-64536 iOSClient is not built. Just creates {OS}Client target.
    Fixed! UE-65647 Crash starting Strategy Game in OpenGLShaders.cpp
    Fixed! UE-65022 Vulkan template project crashes on Android
    Fixed! UE-65459 Remote Building for iOS Fails During Build Step: "File for download 'UBT-UE65273Verif-IOS-Development_Remote.txt' is not under the engine or project directory"
    Fixed! UE-65860 tvOS crash on launch: "this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key"
    Fixed! UE-63540 Black bars seen when launching app on iPhone X packaged with DebugGame build configuration
    Fixed! UE-40545 TVOS images are throwing errors when attempting to deploy to iTunes Connect
    Fixed! UE-65417 iPhone X devices do not use all available screen space causing black bars in game
    Fixed! UE-65825 Rect lights emit backwards light to volumetric lightmaps from the rect backside.
    Fixed! UE-65513 Crash when switching to windowed mode in OpenGL with Media Textures
    Fixed! UE-65458 Texture Painting in -vulkan throws an ensure and blacks out the texture
    Fixed! UE-65129 Samples rendering darker than expected or ideal
    Fixed! UE-65694 Crash opening TM-Decals in -DX11 with Forward Shading enabled
    Fixed! UE-65711 Instant crash when selecting viewmode "Material Texture Scales"
    Fixed! UE-65697 Crash opening TM-Decals in -DX12 or -Vulkan with Forward Shading enabled
    Fixed! UE-65533 One off crash launching packaged Infiltrator Demo with -dx12
    Fixed! UE-64820 Hang when Merging Actors QAGame asset SM_Proxy_Box with Merge Materials Enabled
    Fixed! UE-64695 Lighting from Directional Lights Dims While Moving Around in Editor with Forward Shading Enabled
    Fixed! UE-65102 Exposure Metering Mode "Auto Exposure Basic" Disables Histogram Min/Max Control
    Fixed! UE-65717 Crash in PostProcessAmbientOcclusion.cpp when opening TM-Decals with -DX12/Vulkan/OpenGL4 and ForwardShading
    Fixed! UE-65730 Decals with Forward Shading Render Black
    Fixed! UE-65470 Crash opening package with Forward Shading
    Fixed! UE-65585 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FMaterial::GetShaderMapToUse() [materialshared.cpp:562]
    Fixed! UE-62873 UMG Animation spin box not updating when key is at the end of the playback range
    Fixed! UE-65672 Tracks with empty space sometimes do not compile correctly in Sequencer UI
    Fixed! UE-63336 Fix ranges in 4280319
    Fixed! UE-64742 Crash opening ActionRPG with -game
    Fixed! UE-65097 Unreal Studio: Multi User Viewer Template Menu: Next Arrow Bug
    Fixed! UE-65351 QAGame Samples Build - Various errors in Rob Gray map preventing job from completing successfully
    Fixed! UE-65355 Recursion crash creating a child of a blueprint component and giving it the same name
    Fixed! UE-65257 Scrollbars in Output Log can become incorrectly sized when scaling the window horizontally or clearing the output log
    Fixed! UE-65543 Copy & Paste are missing from Static Mesh Asset Picker List
    Fixed! UE-65521 Editor crashes when attempting to reimport multiple Data Table assets that do not have an associated data source file
    Fixed! UE-64838 Reset Layout option does not reset layout to default in Subeditor Windows
    Fixed! UE-64981 Morph Targets have black sections when animating
    Fixed! UE-64501 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_UnrealEd!UReimportFbxStaticMeshFactory::Reimport() [editorfactories.cpp:5426]
    Fixed! UE-65302 SyncPathsFromSourceControl crash
    Fixed! UE-65570 Generate and Invalidate Project ID do not function fully
    Fixed! UE-65554 Disabled High Resolution Screenshot option still functions as enabled
    Fixed! UE-65548 FBX Import Options has missing space on an option
    Fixed! UE-65427 Media Texture source file browse button does not open the file explorer
    Fixed! UE-61968 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_MediaAssets!UMediaPlayer::GetPlaylistRef() [mediaplayer.h:890]
    Fixed! UE-65400 Niagara InitRHI crash when opening QAGame TM-ShaderModels
    Fixed! UE-65279 Custom HLSL nodes crash the editor when dragging any output onto empty input pin
    Fixed! UE-65510 Crash when cooking Niagara for DirectX 10
    Fixed! UE-65693 Ensure occurs when attempting to create a blank emitter from the New Emitter Wizard
    Fixed! UE-65568 TM-ShaderModels game crashes in DX11 if Vulkan or OpenGL is included in package
    Fixed! UE-65552 Niagara GPU particles do not render in Dx12
    Fixed! UE-63380 The options drop-down arrow for inputs in the stack shouldn't be a tab-stop.
    Fixed! UE-63496 Niagara GPU Particles do not render in Vulkan
    Fixed! UE-64927 Niagara GPU emitters are not displayed in non-cooked game
    Fixed! UE-65110 Renaming a Niagara emitter from the Selected Emitters dialog clears module parameters
    Fixed! UE-65796 Niagara Systems in world fail to reinitialize when DataInterface parameters are changed
    Fixed! UE-59768 Crash: spawning more than 6k particles in this nearly empty map results in a crash
    Fixed! UE-65768 Skeletal Mesh DI does not post an error in stack when a Skel Mesh is not assigned
    Fixed! UE-65794 Log Spam from some DataInterfaces that fail to initialize
    Fixed! UE-65199 Widget blueprint details continuously shift when moving objects in the widget designer
    Fixed! UE-65490 Crash when undoing a copy in VRMode
    Fixed! UE-65393 Empty Controller Json Files Generated by the Editor Are Not Being Recognized by SteamVR Input As Binding Options
    Fixed! UE-65495 Magic Leap: Red tint on vulkan media player
    Fixed! UE-65476 Editor Crashes when running with -Vulkan and a Connected Vive Headset
    Fixed! UE-65107 Orientations are inverted on GoogleAR
    Fixed! UE-65099 Spawned actor does not remain in fixed world location when device moves
    Fixed! UE-65479 Decals are only rendering in the left eye
    Fixed! UE-65720 Haptic Feedback Effect must decompress before submission
    Fixed! UE-61753 Excess deferred depth copy added in for 4.20
    Fixed! UE-64034 Scene Depth Buffer corruption with VR on AMD GPUs
    Fixed! UE-65726 Lumin updates for 4.21
    Fixed! UE-65550 Crash when physical size is 0 for a candidate image to be detected in a scene
    Fixed! UE-65780 Image Write - Improve cryptic error message

    Preview 3 Now Available

    Fixed in Preview 3
    Fixed! UE-64745 Audio: Spatialization: Plugins: Stereo files using Resonance will play in silence
    Fixed! UE-63295 Audio Attenuation falloff is applied even when turned off when called in Blueprints
    Fixed! UE-63471 Crash on Level Reload in Standalone when Set Sound Mix Class Override is called
    Fixed! UE-64896 Pitching/Buffer tears when VOIP is set to anything besides 48kHz
    Fixed! UE-65477 Fix up template code generation for source effects
    Fixed! UE-65472 Removing Master Submix Effect in BP causes Crash
    Fixed! UE-65339 2017 Epic Copyright in source and plugin code
    Fixed! UE-65127 Hot Reload fails when project code class that derives from a plugin code class is modified
    Fixed! UE-65262 Core install fails to build with ERROR: Source file 'APEX_ClothingPROFILE_x64.pdb' does not exist
    Fixed! UE-65253 Can't safely include ATL headers\libs in 4.20
    Fixed! UE-65392 Visual Studio always prompts to save solution
    Fixed! UE-65189 Unable to package plugins in 4.21
    Fixed! UE-65316 Cannonballs fire offset from cannons in StrategyGame
    Fixed! UE-65153 UndoBufferSize too small to store mesh processing operations
    Fixed! UE-65167 Import of DWG crash Unreal if file already open with another application
    Fixed! UE-65228 Generate and mount DDC pack file for Enterprise templates
    Fixed! UE-63741 Warning occurs when opening project - Warning: BoolProperty FLiveLinkInterpolationSettings::bUseInterpolation is not initialized properly
    Fixed! UE-65182 Editor Crashes When Attempting to Create/Open a Blueprint While 'Show Friendly Variable Names' is False
    Fixed! UE-64601 Composite Curve Tables do not properly update when undoing actions
    Fixed! UE-64631 Random crash adding array elements to Gameplay Tag editor
    Fixed! UE-64585 Adding/Removing a member variable to/from a struct removes the Parent Table from the Composite Data Table
    Fixed! UE-62857 Composite Data/Curve Table Properties not updated when parent table is reimported
    Fixed! UE-63602 You can set restricted tags that already have non-restricted children to not allow non-restricted children
    Fixed! UE-62585 Ensure when interacting with a blueprint in the level that has multiple audio components
    Fixed! UE-62498 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Kismet!SSCSEditor::AddTreeNode() [sscseditor.cpp:5781]
    Fixed! UE-65482 Crash when aborting rename of a component when a component when the same name has been added to its archetype
    Fixed! UE-62686 One-off crash setting name of duplicate in-world component to blank
    Fixed! UE-65407 Linux: crash when running QAGameEditor in -game mode
    Fixed! UE-63459 Linux to Linux Launch-On fails with Errors - VulkanRHI:vkDeviceWaitIdle(Device) failed, VkResult=-4
    Fixed! UE-63092 Crash Alt-Tabbing out of -game on Linux with -vulkan
    Fixed! UE-64142 Volumetric Fog causing Black Artifacting on Particle and Rect Lights
    Fixed! UE-64138 Movable Volumetric Fog causing Flickering Lighting when Navigating in the Viewport
    Fixed! UE-65290 SceneCapture2D Crashes When Changing to a Mobile Preview
    Fixed! UE-65273 Remote Building for iOS Fails During Build Step: "GetBuildPlatform: No BuildPlatform found for IOS"
    Fixed! UE-65268 Software Occlusion Culling setting is missing in UI
    Fixed! UE-65131 TM-Decals Crashes on Open on tvOS with Metal Desktop-Forward Renderer Enabled
    Fixed! UE-65178 bDisableExposure Exposure bias on Mobile
    Fixed! UE-65143 GitHub 5166 : Exposure bias does not work on mobile anymore.
    Fixed! UE-64891 tvOS crash on launch "Failed to generate a render pipeline state object: Target OS incompatible "
    Fixed! UE-64591 New Mobile PIE doesn't remember size setting from previous session
    Fixed! UE-64588 Make new mobile PIE always aware of high-DPI when in 1x mode
    Fixed! UE-63286 Some HUD elements don't scale with new mobile PIE
    Fixed! UE-63269 New Mobile PIE drop-down covers bezel
    Fixed! UE-63102 Metallic Materials Get Darker When Directional Light Is Set to Movable
    Fixed! UE-64518 New Mobile PIE is a very small size on 4K monitor
    Fixed! UE-64464 HTML5 WebGL1 crash in GLSL1 shader compiler
    Fixed! UE-64383 MSAA depthbuffer never be released on Android
    Fixed! UE-65439 Editor viewport does not grab mouse control during PIE
    Fixed! UE-65321 Android crash: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: android.view.Display.getPresentationDeadlineNanos
    Fixed! UE-65324 Mac: Editor Crashes When Applying Several Material Changes at Once
    Fixed! UE-65384 GitHub 5178 : Fixed issue that array size for termination character is not enough.
    Fixed! UE-65374 Windows has a couple UnknownRHI's
    Fixed! UE-65218 GitHub 5173 : Fix for GetAndOrCreateGraphicsPipelineState errors reported every 10 seconds
    Fixed! UE-64952 Dx12 Content Examples Crash when exiting the editor
    Fixed! UE-65455 Remove DirectX 11 Mobile Emulation RHIs
    Fixed! UE-65454 Packaged projects do not open with DirectX11 Mobile Emulation
    Fixed! UE-64580 Web Browser UMG Widget Does Not Work in DX12
    Fixed! UE-61675 DX12 KiteDemo editor crashes on launch, Device->CreatePipelineState(Desc, IID_PPV_ARGS(&PSO)) failed
    Fixed! UE-63134 Particle Effects Stop Animating in PIE in -vulkan
    Fixed! UE-63749 TangentCalc_Anim does not animate in PIE on Linux with Vulkan
    Fixed! UE-64419 Crash closing packaged InfiltratorDemo while running with -dx12
    Fixed! UE-65474 Packaged Builds with DX12 Crash on 2nd Start
    Fixed! UE-65457 Crash launching project with Compat.MAX_GPUSKIN_BONES=75 and Preview Rendering set to Shader Model 5
    Fixed! UE-64989 ShooterGame UI is missing components on Mac
    Fixed! UE-65053 HUD not appearing for VehicleAdvGameMode on Mac
    Fixed! UE-63107 AMD Linux Vulkan encounters handled ensure: CmdBuffer -> IsOutsideRenderPass, and then the editor closes
    Fixed! UE-63754 Recompute Tangents causes MorphDown example to render incorrect on Linux
    Fixed! UE-65166 Ensures when sculpting landscape in -vulkan, UpdateRegion.SrcY == 0 in VulkanTexture.cpp
    Fixed! UE-44076 Crash When Opening Static Mesh After Enabling Forward Shading And Disabling "Support Stationary Skylight"
    Fixed! UE-65301 Default asset names for new Material Layers and Material Layer Blends should not contain "MaterialFunction"
    Fixed! UE-64838 Reset Layout option does not reset layout to default in Subeditor Windows
    Fixed! UE-64961 Slow Task windows pop up even when they are set to invisible
    Fixed! UE-64273 Ensure jumping to a cleared bookmark
    Fixed! UE-62477 Cascade Beam Emitter Lifetime Module Is Broken
    Fixed! UE-65305 Editor crashed using MRU Content Browser filter
    Fixed! UE-65293 New Material Layers and Material Layer Blends have compilation errors for their material attribute input and output counts on open
    Fixed! UE-65238 Missing icon on Media Player timeline scrubber when hovered on
    Fixed! UE-64874 Cannot add an emitter asset to a system by double clicking in the New System Wizard
    Fixed! UE-64869 Double Click templates in the New Emitter Wizard does not create the Emitter/System
    Fixed! UE-65001 Crash when using Skeletal Mesh DataInterface's RandomVertex in conjunction with Sampling Regions
    Fixed! UE-64705 Emitters added to the New System Wizard cannot be removed
    Fixed! UE-65475 Huge CPU stall when using GPU particles.
    Fixed! UE-65420 Crash when sampling a pseudo volume texture CPU
    Fixed! UE-65418 Crash when saving an emitter in a debug build.
    Fixed! UE-59926 New Parameters added to the Stack from the Parameters Panel are not initialized
    Fixed! UE-65227 Crash when setting an emitter to GPU and hitting spacebar rapidly to restart it
    Fixed! UE-64987 Crash on compiling Emitter with Sample Skeletal Mesh Surface module where assigned Default Mesh already has CPU access
    Fixed! UE-65078 Anim Class dropdown menus for skeletal mesh assets glitch
    Fixed! UE-64214 Clicking on object causes EndInputTouch to fire on the press instead of the release
    Fixed! UE-65281 Unable to move items added to the Canvas of a Widget Blueprint with Mouse Click and Drag
    Fixed! UE-65337 Windows Mixed Reality - WMR fixes are missing from release 4.21
    Fixed! UE-65373 Autosave packages is including map built data

    Preview 2 Now Available

    Fixed in Preview 2
    Fixed! UE-62048 GitHub 4892 : HLOD System: Fix crash when static mesh has no valid material
    Fixed! UE-60607 Crash when trying to "Update Mesh Section" on any procedural mesh just after "Clear Mesh Section" and "Create Mesh Section" for different vertices and triangles.
    Fixed! UE-64870 Animation State Preview Window Jitters with certain states
    Fixed! UE-65109 Odd scrollbar under the Notifies timeline in the Animation Editor
    Fixed! UE-63634 Crash When Substance Material Is Applied to a Mesh In HLOD System
    Fixed! UE-63843 New Audio Engine Crashes on Game Start
    Fixed! UE-64871 CLion is not able to open code projects Content is not allowed in prolog for misc xml file
    Fixed! UE-65050 The InsertFeaturePacksIntoINIFile() function creates an invalid entry in the DefaultGame.ini file
    Fixed! UE-64466 FTransform(ENoInit) ensures in Debug on mobile platforms
    Fixed! UE-64616 Cook On the fly crashes when deleted Asset is being referenced
    Fixed! UE-64960 Validating Data background task happens on Cook
    Fixed! UE-65103 RunUAT.bat StreamCopyDescription triggered spurious swarm review
    Fixed! UE-65250 Console Files being generated in Intermediates after opening Binary Editor
    Fixed! UE-64996 Opening Visual Studio Solution gives Incomplete Configuration warning
    Fixed! UE-65159 Empty Invalid folders are placed in the root UE4 folder
    Fixed! UE-65024 Packaging for Mac in shipping configuration fails
    Fixed! UE-64148 Remote standalone build of a project fails due to incorrect path to project's Info.plist file
    Fixed! UE-65219 Remote compile for iOS from Windows fails: Unable to load XML config cache
    Fixed! UE-65163 Fails to Generate Project files
    Fixed! UE-59288 Building a Client solution configuration does not work for projects without a client target
    Fixed! UE-65118 Multiple Engine Applications are using Default Windows Icons
    Fixed! UE-64022 ActionRPG fails to package - UMeshDescription about to be deprecated
    Fixed! UE-64949 Warning opening QAGame maps, Linear color curves now accurately handle RGB values > 1. If you were relying on HSV clamping, please update CurveLinearColor_0
    Fixed! UE-64799 Mesh Proxy LOD can't be called from Blueprint because MeshProxySettings in not exposed
    Fixed! UE-64526 Accuracy issues with Jacketing mesh
    Fixed! UE-64522 Crash in Jacketing mesh
    Fixed! UE-64990 Set the Variant Manager plugin as beta in 4.21
    Fixed! UE-64948 Variant Manager switch has no effect from UMG widget
    Fixed! UE-64812 Rectangle selection in Static Mesh Edit Mode is offset
    Fixed! UE-56714 EXR and HDR set to Auto Gamma are Gamma corrected
    Fixed! UE-64366 [Rhino Import]-[Rhino Blocks]-Incorrect Rhino Blocks position on import
    Fixed! UE-65114 Datasmith importer - Wrong indice assigned to material slots
    Fixed! UE-65149 Datasmith import - linear texture is read as sRGB
    Fixed! UE-64982 VRed - Crash importing a scene - Assertion failed: Pair != nullptr
    Fixed! UE-65191 Update Virtual studio sample for 4.21
    Fixed! UE-65113 Can't package project with Aja and/or Blackmagic
    Fixed! UE-65148 vrCluster fails to start
    Fixed! UE-65069 nDisplay plugin must stay in beta
    Fixed! UE-64371 PixelStreaming - Cirrus SignallingWebServer Example start stream as white
    Fixed! UE-64216 PixelStreaming - Second streaming connection is difficult
    Fixed! UE-64607 Cannot save level after using BP_SunPosition
    Fixed! UE-65008 Editor may crash during PIE when watching variables in blueprint debugger after a breakpoint is hit
    Fixed! UE-65005 Crash when selecting object hyperlink in Blueprint Debugger after hitting a breakpoint in PIE
    Fixed! UE-64770 AssetManager does not correctly call delegates if bShouldUseSynchronousLoad is true
    Fixed! UE-63705 Deleting actor referenced by foliage/landscape causes warning
    Fixed! UE-63825 GitHub 5073 : Implement LoadGameFromMemory function.
    Fixed! UE-63786 Crash When Trying to Set Default Values to a Structure That Includes a Transform Variable
    Fixed! UE-65038 Navmesh generation of landscape is broken for large agents
    Fixed! UE-60987 NavModifierComponent can't correctly expand NavArea depending on the rotation value of Actor
    Fixed! UE-62991 NavigationSystemConfig doesn't respect GEngine->NavigationSystemClassName
    Fixed! UE-65011 (Regression) Nativizing a Blueprint results in data loss
    Fixed! UE-64893 Crash when clicking Step Out after triggering a break point
    Fixed! UE-64816 Removing a parameter from a blueprint function in a library can cause actor classes calling it to lose their parent or instance data
    Fixed! UE-65098 Crash when debugging a blueprint and then stepping out into an anim blueprint
    Fixed! UE-65000 Assign Event On Destroyed no longer creates Custom Event Node
    Fixed! UE-64895 Hitting Stop after Blueprint Debugging Break Point in Level Blueprint's Event Begin Play crashes the Editor
    Fixed! UE-62134 Crash reloading a blueprint after undoing the deletion of a function containing a math expression node
    Fixed! UE-64959 Calling LoadLevel within OnLevelShown delegates causes an array modification during range-for iteration assertion
    Fixed! UE-63879 The new createsocket code should remove the bForceUDP before 4.21 goes out
    Fixed! UE-63543 Find Session times out when run while in a Steam Session
    Fixed! UE-63791 HTML5 cannot connect to local Windows server
    Fixed! UE-64999 Editor crashes when attempting to play a recorded demo - Assertion failed: IsGameWorld() && GetCurrentLevel()
    Fixed! UE-64156 Online Auth resends can trigger overflows
    Fixed! UE-62951 Cloth simulation doesn't work correctly if Compute Skin Cache is ON.
    Fixed! UE-61879 Crash opening the editor while Target Manager is open
    Fixed! UE-64785 Renaming Texture Asset crashes editor with invalid attempt to write memory
    Fixed! UE-64506 UE4Editor does not start when there are no audio devices available
    Fixed! UE-52313 iOS: Refraction causes rendering artifacts when MSAA is enabled
    Fixed! UE-65041 Cannot deploy to iOS when your editor source code preference is set to anything other than Xcode
    Fixed! UE-65057 Launch.cpp and AndroidMoviePlayer.cpp fail to compile for Android Intel 64-bit
    Fixed! UE-64937 IphonePackager cannot verify UDID on new devices (XS or newer)
    Fixed! UE-65054 Android intel x86 option is still available for compiling
    Fixed! UE-64603 Android Devices do not show up in device list for Device Output Log
    Fixed! UE-65047 iOS: Build Step Contains Commandline Argument of "--minimum-deployment-target 9.0" Despite iOS 9 Being Deprecated
    Fixed! UE-64318 Projects packaged with ES3 crash on the Sheild Tablet
    Fixed! UE-64326 Projects packaged with Vulkan crash on the Sheild Tablet
    Fixed! UE-65015 HTML5: Project Crashes During Launching Engine due to "Texture format 'R8G8B8A8_UINT' not supported"
    Fixed! UE-64245 SceneDepth failed with MSAA on PC Mobile Preview
    Fixed! UE-64018 iOS 9 Deprecation is not complete
    Fixed! UE-63963 Fix FSystemTextures.InitializeTextures initialization ordering
    Fixed! UE-64860 Remote building is failing with rsync errors due to permission being denied
    Fixed! UE-60733 IPP is unusable with the latest Windows Store version of iTunes
    Fixed! UE-61698 Android + Bluetooth Mouse: Hover events and Get Mouse Position on Viewport not working
    Fixed! UE-64624 App fails to open when packaged for Distribution - Android
    Fixed! UE-65075 Binary iOS/TVOS remote build fails with rsync errors
    Fixed! UE-58528 GitHub 4708 : Update APK maximum size tooltip
    Fixed! UE-53944 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FHierarchicalStaticMeshSceneProxy::GetDynamicMeshElements() hierarchicalinstancedstaticmesh.cpp:1431
    Fixed! UE-47446 Linux UE4Editor crash when opening the second convert project window with Vulkan
    Fixed! UE-65096 Crash zooming out in Top Down Wireframe mode
    Fixed! UE-65220 Handled Ensure opening Project Launcher FinalLayout == ImageLayout
    Fixed! UE-65221 FVulkanPipelineStateCacheManager Error opening Project Launcher with Vulkan
    Fixed! UE-64930 DBuffer Decals Don't Render Emissive Color if GBuffer Decals Are Also Rendering
    Fixed! UE-64374 Lighting can disappear during Intro_Sequence_P when viewing the yellow vehicle from different angles.
    Fixed! UE-64707 Foliage Lightmaps Are Incorrect When Using a Precomputed Lighting Scenario
    Fixed! UE-64866 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Renderer!FRenderingCompositePassContext::IsViewFamilyRenderTarget() [renderingcompositiongraph.cpp:185]
    Fixed! UE-62426 Flickering Meshes after removing HISM instances
    Fixed! UE-60169 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Renderer!FMaterialShader::SetParametersInner<FRHIVertexShader * __ptr64>() [shaderbaseclasses.cpp:181]
    Fixed! UE-48040 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Renderer!FUniformMeshConverter::Convert()
    Fixed! UE-57889 Package Build Fails with RenderDoc plugin enabled. Unable to initialize the plugin because no RenderDoc libray
    Fixed! UE-64571 Volume Textures with LOD Bias displays random colors in packaged game
    Fixed! UE-63014 Android Vulkan - First Person template package from Mac crashes on device - LogAndroid: Error: Fatal error: VulkanUtil.cpp [Line: 614]
    Fixed! UE-51746 HISM’s culling distance is affected by the ScreenSize of LOD.
    Fixed! UE-64123 Building Lighting hangs and eventually fails
    Fixed! UE-64155 Setting r.ScreenPercentage to very low values crashes the editor
    Fixed! UE-60376 InfiltratorDemo crashes when launched with -vulkan - Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
    Fixed! UE-59372 Target RHI list is outdated in the project settings
    Fixed! UE-64680 Entire level is over-saturated with lights and shadows.
    Fixed! UE-64994 Unable to find Brush for sequencer scrub handles warning appears when opening debug editor
    Fixed! UE-65020 When converting matinee tracks, tangents are not copied properly
    Fixed! UE-65055 Actor to Track in LookAt Tracking Settings of Cinematic Camera missing key icon
    Fixed! UE-65013 UE4Editor ControlRig multicast delegate crash when closing
    Fixed! UE-64991 ImageWriteQueue - Crash when recording a Media Player - Assertion failed: ~TPromiseBase<bool>()
    Fixed! UE-64945 Cannot add a Live Link Track to a sequence
    Fixed! UE-64813 Nested actors trajectories in the wrong location
    Fixed! UE-65088 Asset names are not properly exported from Sequencer
    Fixed! UE-65039 Unable to select Level Sequences to trigger in Sequence Recorder due to "LogProperty: Warning: Illegal TEXT reference to a private object in external package"
    Fixed! UE-65184 SequencerScripting sample '' missing module 'sequencer_key_samples' - fails to execute
    Fixed! UE-65123 Unable to create new keyframes using Alt + Drag
    Fixed! UE-65112 Crash occurs when attempting to undo multiple duplicated keyframes
    Fixed! UE-64635 Validating Data messages spam when launching on Linux
    Fixed! UE-64931 Unable to Create assets via Create new Asset in asset picker
    Fixed! UE-64458 Crash adding a point to Color Over Life after using the Reset to Default arrow
    Fixed! UE-64499 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_CoreUObject!UObjectBaseUtility::GetOutermost() [uobjectbaseutility.cpp:121]
    Fixed! UE-61474 GitHub 4854 : UE-61432: Add FScopedTransaction to SetEditConditionState
    Fixed! UE-65160 Broken Visibility when Copy-Pasting Actors From Hidden Layers
    Fixed! UE-64421 Material editor: Static switch parameters can no longer share the same name
    Fixed! UE-64525 Crash when duplicating an asset before renaming it in the Content Browser
    Fixed! UE-61432 Inline edit conditions don't support undo
    Fixed! UE-64704 Print String not printing to screen when simulating
    Fixed! UE-63637 Instance Static Mesh instance doubles when upgrading from 4.18 to 4.19 or higher
    Fixed! UE-63123 Static HISM gets corrupted lightmap after building lighting if using Lighting Scenario
    Fixed! UE-63242 Update Instance Transform Rotation for HISM isn't working in a packaged game
    Fixed! UE-63631 Switching FOV caused NaN(divide by 0) in landscape LOD computation(Mobile)
    Fixed! UE-63831 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Landscape!FLandscapeStaticLightingMesh::GetHeightmapData() [landscapelight.cpp:416]
    Fixed! UE-64287 Editor crashes when creating a Material Function Instance
    Fixed! UE-65242 The Material Editor Details Panel is not marked as closed when closed by the user
    Fixed! UE-64422 Auto renaming duplicated parameters within the material editor slows down production
    Fixed! UE-61129 imageStore no matching overloaded function found error when packaging ContentExamples
    Fixed! UE-64735 Skeletal mesh sampling doesn't work correctly on meshes without vertex colors
    Fixed! UE-65089 Niagara: Add a texture sample example
    Fixed! UE-64868 Template thumbnails do not load in the New Emitter Wizard until a template is selected
    Fixed! UE-60278 Hide Emitter Pin / Toggle options from the Niagara Emitter Editor
    Fixed! UE-63969 Drag and drop from Parameters panel to create new Set Variable block
    Fixed! UE-65199 Widget blueprint details continuously shift when moving objects in the widget designer
    Fixed! UE-65002 Lumin binary install size has increased on Mac
    Fixed! UE-64944 Move the AR samples to a more visible location Samples/AR
    Fixed! UE-65056 OculusFunctionLibrary.cpp fails to compile for Android Intel 64-bit
    Fixed! UE-64957 Resolve the Samples/FaceARsample and Samples/Sandbox/AR/FaceARSample discrepancy
    Fixed! UE-64942 Material Switching in MRMesh
    Fixed! UE-54503 Transparency for textures applied to the spectator screen for VR
    Fixed! UE-64730 SteamVRInput: The editor should create empty default bindings files for common controller types when none are found
    Fixed! UE-65026 ARVideoSettings - Get the video format that the application is running and display this information in the debug menu
    Fixed! UE-65161 Left side of spectator screen renders completely white when mode set to Undistorted
    Fixed! UE-65162 Spectator screen does not render camera view when mode is set to TexturePlusEye
    Fixed! UE-65107 Orientations are inverted on GoogleAR
    Fixed! UE-65165 Editor crash enabling ShowFlag.StereoRendering
    Fixed! UE-64932 Change AREnvProbe metal settings to fix the z-fighting on iPads
    Fixed! UE-64446 ARPG Crash With Garbage Collection Inbox
    Fixed! UE-65240 Fix SDropTarget not using horizontal and vertical brush slate args

    REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find by following the How To Report a Bug Guide.
    If you experience a crash, please make sure to always submit the crash report along with a description of your actions at the time.
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    Awesome! The new Round Robin occlusion for VR will help me a lot in a project with several objects. And I can't wait to try the new Lighting Units on all lights
    Thanks Epic!
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      Quite upset that u shifted this bug to 4.22 instead of 4.21 when I submitted . I'm still unable to let microphone works all the time on android platform, but anyway, you guys are awesome <3 .


        Any news on Dynamic Resolution Scaling on Windows?


          Originally posted by BesuBaru View Post
          Any news on Dynamic Resolution Scaling on Windows?
          It should be available on Intel GPUs for D3D11. Search for INTEL_METRICSDISCOVERY in code.
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            Support for IPv4 and IPv6 has been merged into a single socket subsystem, where previously support for each protocol was isolated to a specific subsystem.
            Hell, it's about time! I hope this will resolve magic issues of IPv6 on IOS. Good job!


              Can we get anymore info on the virtual texturing? Is it functional in this release? The notes say in "upcoming versions" but being included in this pre release note implies it is functional to some extent and can be used.
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                Maybe a launcher for linux?




                    Yayyy 4.21

                    Are there any news for texture array support in the main branch?
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                      Originally posted by Luummii View Post

                      Maybe a launcher for linux?
                      Yes, I am also waiting for this!


                        • Oculus Avatars. The Oculus Avatar SDK includes an Unreal package to assist developers in implementing first-person hand presence for the Rift and Touch controllers.
                        Where can I find this new package for Unreal?
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                          are you not going to merge those massive performance improvements for UHT into 4.21?


                            Originally posted by Amanda.Bott View Post
                            Windows Mixed Reality Support. Unreal Engine 4 now natively supports the Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) platform and headsets, including the HP Mixed Reality headset and the Samsung Odyssey.
                            How feature complete is this? Can we place spatial anchors? Can we package to a UWP app? Is there documentation for what we can do?


                              Waiting for Fixed Foveated Rendering for the VIVE, any news on this regard?

                              This will give us a lot more performance in VR in general, specially in the VIVE Pro with it´s massive resolution...