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4.20.1 Hotfix Released

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    [HOTFIX] 4.20.1 Hotfix Released

    The 4.20.1 Hotfix is now live! This Hotfix includes important fixes for importing FBXs and crashes with forward shading.

    Feel free to discuss this release on the 4.20 forum thread.

    If you experience a bug with the 4.20.1 Hotfix, please follow the How to Report a Bug guide to report it.

    Fixed in 4.20.1
    Fixed! UE-59351 Installed Build Code First Person template fails to Launch with System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException for AudioMixerAudioOut\AudioMixerAudioOut.precompiled during Build step
    Fixed! UE-62017 Cannot debug projects in the Editor if it uses a unique target build environment
    Fixed! UE-61955 SwarmCoordinator.exe is missing from binary build
    Fixed! UE-62001 BuildGraph cannot create installed build for Windows
    Fixed! UE-61937 nDisplay monoscopic broken on GL3/4
    Fixed! UE-62007 Blueprint nodes can have false error labels when loaded
    Fixed! UE-62144 Unable to use Steam Sessions with a source built editor from Github
    Fixed! UE-62079 FInBunch.bClose flag is not copied in FInBunch(FInBunch &InBunch, bool CopyBuffer)
    Fixed! UE-61946 Arrays on multicast events called from the server are not passed to clients
    Fixed! UE-62033 Linux: callstack unwinding is broken on ARM
    Fixed! UE-61530 Need an option to suppress "Register Unreal Engine file types?" in
    Fixed! UE-50281 Arch64 and ARM servers fail to open on the Linux machines
    Fixed! UE-61951 Undersampling bug in Diaphragm DOF on non HLSL compiler
    Fixed! UE-61795 Diaphragm DOF crashes with forward shading and MSAA
    Fixed! UE-62096 Crash when using StepToNextShot / PreviousShot with sequencer
    Fixed! UE-61728 Burnin for ShotFrame and CurrentShotLocalTime is incorrect
    Fixed! UE-61707 Geometry cache track doesn't always update
    Fixed! UE-61706 Animations don't update on the first frame of shots
    Fixed! UE-62067 Can't import FBX animations
    Fixed! UE-62064 Generate Lightmap UVS Doesn't Update the Lightmap Coordinate Index
    Fixed! UE-61841 Access Violation referencing a Material Function containing a CurveAtlasRowParameter
    Fixed! UE-62099 Namespaces are not removed when importing Skeletal Meshes from FBX, and breaks the importing of referenced Animations
    Fixed! UE-61762 Virtual Camera Global Boom influenced by motion scale when moving forward with device at an angle