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    Originally posted by ExtraLifeMatt View Post

    As someone who is just lurking in this thread, it felt a bit to me like you were enabling a very experimental feature through round-about means but then complaining that it wasn't polished (UI, buggy, etc). So I can see why other Matt was a bit defensive.
    I'm happy to confirm that is not the case and to correct Matt, and anyone else.

    Reading between the lines is a perilous path to pace and pontificate on.


      Sequencer > Start Playing on Next Tick
      Is this deprecated or replaced?


        Originally posted by Mitch Mitchell View Post

        I'm happy to confirm that is not the case and to correct Matt, and anyone else.

        Reading between the lines is a perilous path to pace and pontificate on.
        Yeah, by reading between the lines it is clear that you are blaming very experimental feature. Why should it be shame that such experimental feature has bad UI? I understood your post the same way as everybody else.

        Sorry for OT.
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          I'm getting this error when trying to build my project in 4.20. This is Google Daydream VR project.
          Answerhub question:
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            I was just wondering if convex hull collision was on the roadmap for use in clothing... I saw the new tapered capsule and it really helps alot... great work guys!!


              [QUOTE="andrlet;n1485732"]Could someone please point me to the "list of supported webcams & HDMI capture devices" mentioned under VR/AR Updates? Thanks so much!

              I too would like to know as well. In the past there was a calibration folder, with a calibration map. This is no longer available and even though a mixed reality camera pawn is now available, the blueprints for masking and despilling have errors.


                Originally posted by Skylonxe View Post

                Why should it be a shame that such an experimental feature has bad UI? I understood your post the same way as everybody else.
                It is a shame because, it is an unfortunate situation. In action, it is a shame Epic Games have not (currently) allowed feedback to mould and shape this important feature further than they have.

                So, my figurative comment stands, as you have misunderstood the intent of my original post and the subsequent follow up to clarify the post.

                I, too, apologise for the off-topic rebuttal. We are all adults here and hope this topic is now fully clarified/understood in the manner for which it was intended originally, without the need for further demarcation.


                  Please update Stand alone VR solutions.


                    Originally posted by shejan0 View Post
                    Amazing stuff, but is this build going to include the DXR/RTX implementation that you guys showed off at GDC 2018
                    This is the only feature I am interested in, even though the hardware is far off I would like to start using it 2 months ago.

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                      Originally posted by andrlet View Post
                      Could someone please point me to the "list of supported webcams & HDMI capture devices" mentioned under VR/AR Updates? Thanks so much!
                      I'd love to have such a list too. It would be really helpful.


                        I am to understand that it will not run on OSX 10.12 anymore?

                        Click image for larger version

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                          I still have the same issue. Well, let's just wait till more people will face it...

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	screenshot.1529335188.png Views:	2 Size:	42.2 KB ID:	1490666
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                            Epic, are you aware of this?

                            Easy to use UMG Mini Map on the UE4 Marketplace.
                            Forum thread:


                              Originally posted by S-ed View Post
                              I still have the same issue. Well, let's just wait till more people will face it...
                              Not even starting the Launcher as Admin?
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                                We have just released Preview 3 for 4.20! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.20 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

                                For a list of known issues affecting this latest preview, please follow the links provided on the first post in this thread.

                                Fixed in Preview 3
                                Fixed! UE-59914 Editor freezes after reimporting alembic asset
                                Fixed! UE-59473 Handled ensure occurs in Orion -game - CurrentTime >= 0.f && CurrentTime <= SequenceLength
                                Fixed! UE-53444 If the entry of State Machine of AnimBP directly connect a state which has another state machine, a crash will occur when changing parameters of AnimBP
                                Fixed! UE-60412 Editor freeze with cyclical recursion with Set Master Pose Component
                                Fixed! UE-59957 MasterPoseComponent can be chained, breaking assumptions about master pose. Bad poses or crashes resulting.
                                Fixed! UE-60546 Crash calling Set Sound Wave on Synth Sample Player component in blueprint
                                Fixed! UE-60471 Synth Sample Player's Set Seek Time is broken.
                                Fixed! UE-60448 Crash occurs when switch from Effects map to Lighting map in content examples with Audio.h
                                Fixed! UE-60297 Unable to GenerateProjectFiles with Visual Studio 2015
                                Fixed! UE-60326 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Core!FArchive::SerializeCompressed() [archive.cpp:696]
                                Fixed! UE-53522 GitHub 4344 : Remove .version file
                                Fixed! UE-60442 Editor Toolbar Button plugin with 'Is Engine Plugin' enabled fails to compile, '-module' argument could not be found
                                Fixed! UE-60415 Third Party Library plugin creation fails, 'ExampleLibrary.h' file not found
                                Fixed! UE-59713 Mac: iOS Fails Build Step for Clang Error: "framework not found AccountKit"
                                Fixed! UE-56325 Packaging copy of QAGame for Android fails with clang error
                                Fixed! UE-60619 nDisplay template is missing from the promoted build
                                Fixed! UE-60078 Cannot successfully create a local binary build of the Engine that includes iOS
                                Fixed! UE-60190 Generate Project Files fails with Visual Studio 15.7.3 if NuGet package manager is not installed
                                Fixed! UE-60447 UHT is being rebuilt with VS2017 despite passing -2015 to UBT
                                Fixed! UE-59750 UnrealMatch3 fails to build for iOS with error about modifying value of bCompileForSize
                                Fixed! UE-60256 Reduce size of VirtualCameraSample project
                                Fixed! UE-59993 Match 3 display is slightly off screen on some android devices
                                Fixed! UE-59939 ElementalDemo Landscape map is failing to load as sublevel
                                Fixed! UE-59907 ARPG - Detail lights too bright on sphere reflection captures
                                Fixed! UE-60453 ARPG - Fix initial camera rotation on delayed player restart
                                Fixed! UE-60340 ElementalDemo is a now a Code project for Release-4.20
                                Fixed! UE-59445 Product Viewer Template
                                Fixed! UE-59042 VRed importer
                                Fixed! UE-59748 Intermittent failures when trying to import Datasmith files in Unreal Studio Projects - Entitlement check failure
                                Fixed! UE-60571 Datasmith plugins are causing certain XR projects to crash on launch
                                Fixed! UE-60400 Crash occurs Launching C++ project onto Lumin with Unreal Studio plugins enabled
                                Fixed! UE-58920 nDisplay template
                                Fixed! UE-56573 [CrashReport] Reimport crash - Objects have the same fully qualified name but different paths
                                Fixed! UE-59412 Many faces flipped after IGES files import
                                Fixed! UE-58742 Mesh not found after CAD import of 3dm file
                                Fixed! UE-58387 Datasmith CAD cannot reimport mesh if it has LODs
                                Fixed! UE-59064 Crash importing Datasmith file through python using garbage content destination
                                Fixed! UE-59752 Mouse hover performances in mesh editing
                                Fixed! UE-60270 Datasmith importer - Material not compiling and Textures corrupted after first material with normal map
                                Fixed! UE-60173 Cooked game crash with asset imported from datasmith - Serial size mismatch
                                Fixed! UE-60452 Importing object with multi-material from datasmith is broken
                                Fixed! UE-59189 SketchUp Installer list SketchUp 2017 and 2016 but we compile only 2018
                                Fixed! UE-59683 Overlapping UV on Sketchup datasmith Import
                                Fixed! UE-60318 Light baking produces splotchy results with highly tessellated SKP models
                                Fixed! UE-60174 Light baking produces incorrect results with SKP models
                                Fixed! UE-59975 Textures with png alpha loses its transparency
                                Fixed! UE-60564 Missing latest improvements from Sketchup plugin
                                Fixed! UE-60413 Can't launch a game with DatasmithFBXImport plugin (VRed/Deltagen) enable
                                Fixed! UE-60024 Cannot load asset created by Sketchup in Python
                                Fixed! UE-48433 [CrashReport] UObjectBaseUtility::IsA | UObjectProperty::SerializeItem
                                Fixed! UE-60359 FLevelCollection::RemoveLevel crash after reverting a change to a sublevel
                                Fixed! UE-58366 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FLevelCollection::RemoveLevel() [world.cpp:249]
                                Fixed! UE-60544 User has option to rename imported Gameplay Tags, causes crash
                                Fixed! UE-60598 Incorrect toast response when trying to delete gameplay tag with children
                                Fixed! UE-59182 Build failure after nativizing any child Blueprint class (regression).
                                Fixed! UE-60119 Build failure after nativizing any child Blueprint class with function override (regression).
                                Fixed! UE-60337 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Kismet!FBlueprintInterfaceLayout::OnClassPicked() [blueprintdetailscustomization.cpp:5102]
                                Fixed! UE-60656 Users are not warned that compilation manager will be mandatory in 4.21
                                Fixed! UE-58244 Editor crash when reparenting blueprints: FInitBodiesHelper<1>::FInitBodiesHelper<1>()
                                Fixed! UE-60455 Comment Box Font Size Does not update until compiled or saved
                                Fixed! UE-60456 Comment bubble does not appear with "Show Bubble" enabled
                                Fixed! UE-60570 Watch windows will not list any watched values from before being opened
                                Fixed! UE-59393 Fix unreal console connection to Lumin platform
                                Fixed! UE-58595 Crash when saving a UEDPIE level
                                Fixed! UE-58594 Rename crash when performing ServerTravel in PIE
                                Fixed! UE-58601 Crash when traveling to a ShooterGame match after failing to spawn in a previous match
                                Fixed! UE-29969 Crash when Removing and adding players on client
                                Fixed! UE-55838 Crash playing in viewport with more than one player
                                Fixed! UE-57173 Server RPC with struct param containing class reference does not pass parameter
                                Fixed! UE-59511 Warnings when entering lobby: "StaticMeshComponent0 has physics bodies outside of MBP bounds "
                                Fixed! UE-58813 Destructibles are not rendered correctly when fractured if Support Compute Skincache is enabled
                                Fixed! UE-60062 UnrealFrontend Quick Launch fails
                                Fixed! UE-60032 Log<Platform>: Warning: Attempted to use GamePersistentDownloadDir(), but CacheDataSizeKB wasn't specified in <Platform> Project Settings
                                Fixed! UE-59303 Apex/Physx need to generate *.sym files for new crash symbolicator
                                Fixed! UE-59721 Windows to Linux Launch On fails from a binary build - clang++.exe: error: linker command failed with exit code 1
                                Fixed! UE-60045 Hot Reload/Compile button in Editor fails: UBT ERROR: Failed to produce item
                                Fixed! UE-60639 Unix platform does not set current working directory to the base
                                Fixed! UE-60668 Linux: Packaged Games and Launch-ons have no audio
                                Fixed! UE-60257 KeyUp triggers us hitting the disk
                                Fixed! UE-59252 Mobile Temporal AA is broken
                                Fixed! UE-59486 IOS crashing on open on iOS 9 devices - uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException'
                                Fixed! UE-59408 Enabling Preview Rendering Level Mobile GLES3.1 on Map With Vector Fields Results in Editor Crash
                                Fixed! UE-58811 Enabling RenderDoc under Android Project Settings breaks RenderDoc 1.0
                                Fixed! UE-58585 Modulated shadows in Mali device, ES3_1, movable object leads to shadow artifact when moving camera
                                Fixed! UE-59715 iOS fails to build in DebugGame configuration: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64
                                Fixed! UE-60044 Very large frame time increases on Android Adreno GPUs (SunTemple)
                                Fixed! UE-60308 Software occlusion and hardware occlusion queries should be mutually exclusive
                                Fixed! UE-59871 iOS: UE4 Apps are not Allowing Device to Auto-Lock While They are Open
                                Fixed! UE-59822 App icons and Launch images are displayed as standard iPad Retina icons and images on some iPad Pros
                                Fixed! UE-58014 Mobile tonemapper permutations need to be refactored
                                Fixed! UE-57252 GitHub 4631 : Fix one iOS Package Bug.
                                Fixed! UE-57136 Assertion failed: InWindow when starting Android app with phone awake but screen locked on Galaxy S9
                                Fixed! UE-60264 iOS Launch-On rebuilds every time
                                Fixed! UE-59139 Mobile Static Lighting isn't working properly
                                Fixed! UE-59231 Built Lighting for Rectangle lights does not match movable lighting
                                Fixed! UE-59334 Incorrect render target index assignment in GLSLBackend
                                Fixed! UE-59058 Windows OpenGL Launch on of TM-ShaderModels has excessively bright light Near Hair Model and Cloth samples
                                Fixed! UE-59720 Warning: Referenced Directory Engine/Source/ThirdParty/mtlpp/mtlpp-master-7efad47/interpose' does not exist does not exist
                                Fixed! UE-60255 Black artifacts over specular reflections on SkinNoHead material used in TM-ShaderModels
                                Fixed! UE-60201 Static Mesh with High Precision Tangent Basis enable gives bad lightmap
                                Fixed! UE-60184 Directional Light settings remain from previous level when creating new level when using forward rendering
                                Fixed! UE-59551 Content Examples Basic Decal does not render with color
                                Fixed! UE-59523 DX12 warning opening sample projects, Warning: NumQueriesInBatch is not used in FD3D12QueryHeap::StartQueryBatch()
                                Fixed! UE-60488 Ensure selecting an actor with a vector field
                                Fixed! UE-60380 Crash when running Editor with -vulkan - Error: Runnable thread RHIThread crashed.
                                Fixed! UE-60368 Crash after setting screen percentage when running Vulkan - Error: Runnable thread RHIThread crashed.
                                Fixed! UE-53617 Regression: "Play particle effect" anim notifies are not seen in the editor playing level sequence/matinee when Attached is set to false
                                Fixed! UE-60307 GCurrentNumDrawCallsRHI incremented twice per-drawcall in development
                                Fixed! UE-60663 The reflection examples in TM-ShaderModels are reflecting a black sky
                                Fixed! UE-60508 Enable HDR Display Output on Game User Settings Crash
                                Fixed! UE-60353 Auto Compute LOD Distance doesn't properly change screen sizes
                                Fixed! UE-60002 Save sequence with Geometry Cache causes GLEO
                                Fixed! UE-60351 Sequence Name does not update when duplicating group
                                Fixed! UE-60345 Sequence recorder group actors aren't always saved
                                Fixed! UE-60322 Crash Occurs When Light is Added to Sequencer and Light Component is Keyed
                                Fixed! UE-59861 Right click menu in tree view has paste button grayed out
                                Fixed! UE-59820 Crash garbage collecting after saving a sequence with a duplicated binding
                                Fixed! UE-60631 Missing Burn In Settings in Render Movie Settings
                                Fixed! UE-60568 Unable to call several functions in UMovieSceneParameterSection due to them not being exposed outside of the module
                                Fixed! UE-60472 Currently open level is not marked dirty upon adding a possessable actor to a level sequence
                                Fixed! UE-60511 Play reverse continues looping
                                Fixed! UE-60487 Convert a spawnable to a possessable should retain the name of the spawnable
                                Fixed! UE-60606 Crash in MovieSceneImpl::RestorePreAnimatedToken() due to null state token
                                Fixed! UE-56340 Animation sequence's ParticleNotify doesn't fire while playing it back in Sequencer editor
                                Fixed! UE-60213 Moving subscenes is not invalidating evaluation templates
                                Fixed! UE-60686 Tracks referencing the same sequencer don't work properly in package build
                                Fixed! UE-60269 Curve Editor help text is no longer present
                                Fixed! UE-60333 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_CoreUObject!StaticFindObject() [uobjectglobals.cpp:314]
                                Fixed! UE-60271 Curve Handle art assets are missing
                                Fixed! UE-60172 Warning: Unable to find Slate Widget Style 'GenericFilters.TextStyle' when opening visual logger
                                Fixed! UE-60646 UV Preview in Static Mesh Editor stretches to fill the entire Viewport on Mac
                                Fixed! UE-60588 Reimporting a mesh with a user-created Material Slot removes the option to delete the custom Material Slot
                                Fixed! UE-57837 GitHub 4664 : Set Password on EditableText
                                Fixed! UE-60500 Staticmesh LODs custom SectionInfoMap give a different material mapping, build versus load
                                Fixed! UE-60164 Crash os saving scene on the opening level
                                Fixed! UE-59132 Crash in UHierarchicalInstancedStaticMeshComponent::GetOverlappingSphereCount
                                Fixed! UE-59033 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Landscape!ALandscapeProxy::UpdateBakedTextures() [landscape.cpp:2537]
                                Fixed! UE-57571 Undo action gets Landscape Grass Types per platform controls into broken state
                                Fixed! UE-60155 Strings unlocalizable in 4.20 Preview 1
                                Fixed! UE-60550 Crash when using Find in Blueprints with String Table references
                                Fixed! UE-60642 Modifying Curve Atlas Texture Size changes the curve index used by Material Instances
                                Fixed! UE-59168 Capturing a particle system's current attributes can be a little awkward and confusing
                                Fixed! UE-60128 [CrashReport] VCRUNTIME140!MoveSmall() [memcpy.asm:306] - UE4Editor_Niagara!FNiagaraParameterStore::Tick
                                Fixed! UE-60281 Users can crash the editor when making unexpected edits to the emitter and system graphs.
                                Fixed! UE-60252 Niagara and Cascade systems not rendering in simulate.
                                Fixed! UE-60320 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_NiagaraEditor!UNiagaraStackFunctionInput::CanReset() [niagarastackfunctioninput.cpp:978]
                                Fixed! UE-60240 Cross talk between Niagara system sims
                                Fixed! UE-60245 Spawned particles on the surface of a static mesh in Niagara get offset if the actor is anywhere but the world origin
                                Fixed! UE-59566 Opening an asset performs undoable actions.
                                Fixed! UE-59613 Crash when swapping back and forth between CPU/GPU and editing parameters
                                Fixed! UE-59518 System/Emitters should call Spawn and Update on frame 0
                                Fixed! UE-60569 Attempting to import TMapImport_CSV locks the editor - Couldn't unpack vector found at character 38 in the first row
                                Fixed! UE-60473 Assert deleting Color module in a Niagara Emitter
                                Fixed! UE-60460 Crash when editing metadata on a module with an edit condition which was added in an open system.
                                Fixed! UE-60580 Crash when changing the color of after changing the particle sim target
                                Fixed! UE-60574 Importing a CSV asset with a TSet Material auto imports as a Houdini asset with no Data Table options window
                                Fixed! UE-60377 Crash when undoing a deactivation of a module in a System
                                Fixed! UE-60373 Undo the deactivation of a module does not re-enable the module
                                Fixed! UE-60374 Skeletal Mesh Log Spamming for Every Asset Unnecessarily
                                Fixed! UE-60369 Linux - EngineTest crashes with error: LogCore: Error: appError called: Assertion failed: InState >= ENiagaraExecutionState::Active && InState < ENiagaraExecutionState::Num
                                Fixed! UE-60366 Crash when deleting CurlNoiseForce Module from Emitter in Content Examples
                                Fixed! UE-60357 Crash when undoing deletion of Beam Emitter Setup module from DynamicBeam Emitter in Content Examples
                                Fixed! UE-60355 Crash when value for Emitter Life Cycle NextLoopDuration exceeds 36000
                                Fixed! UE-56008 Crash when deleting a Color for Curve parameter from a collection that is in use in a Emitter Stack
                                Fixed! UE-59996 SpawnBurstInstantaneous Random Int causes VM crash
                                Fixed! UE-60243 Error executing a script with white space in is name or path - invalid syntax
                                Fixed! UE-60316 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_UMGEditor!SWidgetDetailsView::GetNameIcon() [swidgetdetailsview.cpp:380]
                                Fixed! UE-60073 Performance UI Frames display does not update
                                Fixed! UE-59574 Set up AutoSDKs for Lumin/Mac
                                Fixed! UE-60399 QAAR fails to cook
                                Fixed! UE-58187 MR - All MR plugin content needs to be saved with a non-zero version number
                                Fixed! UE-55807 Packaging GoogleVR fails due to missing binaries
                                Fixed! UE-54250 Disable MR calibration debug cheats
                                Fixed! UE-58873 FaceARSample - Crashes on app launch
                                Fixed! UE-60520 GoogleVR projects are crashing on launch - Assertion failed: bMemorySizeReady
                                Fixed! UE-60177 Extremely low FPS while running a project with -game

                                REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find by following the How To Report a Bug Guide