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UE4 Wiki editing disabled beginning May 3rd

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    Does anybody know of an Alternative Wiki Site for Unreal? It was disabled May 2018, its been over a year.... thats a long time for information to go stagnant and be totally incorrect. I had various issues with the Linux documentation and it took me 5 times as long to get up and running because of it. I was going to update the wiki with new instructions on how to get up and running.

    I was thinking it might be time for the community to launch its own Fan based wiki... a few months or even half a year is one thing, but this seems kinda crazy to have the instruction people are trying to use be outdated and full of errors. At the very least I will likely be starting a Blog or wiki for the Linux side of things, although I am sure less people will find it because people expect to find correct and relevant information on the main wiki that Unreal is maintaining (or in this case not maintaining.)
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