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$12 Million Worth of Paragon Assets Released - Updated!

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    After downloading every single Paragon character I was able to automate the reduction in total size of the /Content directory from 72.8GB down to 49GB. This removed 6869 duplicate files.
    1. Make a backup of your project
    2. Enable the Python plugin
    3. save this gist to a file on your drive
    4. In the Output Log, type the full path (with file name) to your script to run it (please read the comments before doing so).
    The only downside is all the global MaterialFunction(s). Those are not processed by the script, trying to consolidate those results in a crash. The logs indicate that it always happens when compiling very specific shaders, which may have a bug. When the crash occurs, material references become broken. The next step to fix this (haven't tried yet) is to open the map for each character and wait for all the shaders to compile, then run the script just for the MaterialFunction class. One it seems to always crashe on is ParagonZinx/Characters/Global/MaterialFunctions/MaterialLayerConstructors/MLC_ScratchAndGrime. Anyway, you are safe to run the linked script as is. If you want to try the MaterialFunction class as well just make a backup of your project.