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$12 Million Worth of Paragon Assets Released - Updated!

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    Paragon - Stand Alone Version

    Amanda.Bott & [EPIC] Kalvothe

    I noticed suggestions on Reddit & on the Paragon forums mentioning leaving the PVE part of Paragon available and think this would be a great idea even for UE4 Developers.

    If Paragon is completely taken down after the 26th there will be no 'Point of Reference' for all the animations, attacks, gameplay, or Lore that the assets were designed for, leaving Unreal developers with nothing to learn from to some degree.

    I also believe that it would allow some disclosure for players, devs, and possibly even some Epic Employees that have spent years with Paragon.

    If nothing but to take any server dependencies out & create a bare-bone implementation, I believe it would help.
    And also that it would be an excellent showcase example for others to see & learn from and a monument to Paragon & what Epic is trying to do for the gaming community.

    & thanks Epic - Ayretek


      Originally posted by SE_JonF View Post

      Yeah, another thing to factor into it is licensing fees and the cost of goods produced such as the face scan data. Those can be rather expensive. But your overall sentiments unfortunately seem to be the vibe I'm getting from this. There has been no communication from them since making this announcement, specifically addressing the concerns that these asset's can't really be used in any meaningful way given the unnecessary restrictions that have been placed on it. The gaming publications that run the story don't delve into those details unfortunately, they see the headlines and run with it while the actual devs are left scratching their heads because they can't re-purpose the assets in any way for other UE4 projects. It's a glorified model/vfx viewer to be quite honest.
      That's true, and other miscellaneous things I may have left out, still not reaching 12m though. I was unaware of the restrictions though! I was under the impression that the assets were free to use in unreal engine based projects... If there is an issue with using them, then that is quite a shame, some assets look to be useful for a multitude of game types (the characters fit a few mixed genres).

      As for the guy talking about editing the models (iamjohngalt1975), really it is easier to create a model from scratch than edit a low poly model into something good looking. Modifying existing work is a waste of time for most people.
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        Now i can finally make a project that is a battle royale game but with dungeons and cool characters :3


          Will the assets be avaible after april 26?


            Is Epic planning on releasing the high-poly character models? It would be great if they did!


              I recorded a lot of the vfx from this awesome content as .gifs and shared them on twitter.
              If you like vfx, def check out


                Anyone else has problem with importing Grux into a project? The mesh is fails to load, or the folder re-adding fails after attempt to readd the character to existing install.

                After exporting, is it possible to import into 4.18?

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                  They are Made for 4.19 and above (they will not work with
                  4.18 ).


                    Here is a project I am working on using these assets. Thanks so much Epic Games!


                      First off, thanks Epic for all the great work you guys been doing for the community.

                      Currently I'm making a game(link in signature) using these assets. What I want is to keep the identity of the characters in my game. Meaning not changing the characters name and lore, basically keeping a connection to Paragon. If I keep the characters identity from Paragon is that infringement? Would I be violating any copyright laws? and if so would I be able to acquire license to do so?

                      I just want to keep the games origins alive at least and also maybe try not to get Paragon fans upset about it.
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                        Thanks for releasing these Epic! Are guys to show us how to hook up character skills. That would be super awesome!


                          I want to say thank you again for releasing this pack, i want to ask is there any plan to release technical details from this project ? such as animation programming that described in this live streaming video ?

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                            This is amazing. Thank you Epic. Is there a thread somewhere where people have posted all the projects they are using the assets for? I'd love to help out where I can.


                              thank you Kalvothe for the reply
                              I am probably going to render in UE4 anyway

                              I have actually since posting here been rendering my Daz and iClone characters in Unreal by packaging temporary games and using Nvidia shadowplay and am probably going to do the same using the Paragon assets as it looks very impressive and renders much faster than Octane or iClone, still slowly getting my head around retargeting animations sadly I am not geeky gifted so creating Blueprints a bit beyond me, I can at least set up animated scenes though and use the first person as my realtime camera.


                                link YouTube of how to separate Paragon mesh from the weapon