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Unreal Engine 4.19 Preview

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    Originally posted by amoser View Post

    If I understand correctly, you might be better off comparing TemporalAA+Upsampling at 50% to TemporalAA enabled but with no upsampling at 100%. Disabling TemporalAA altogether will certainly make the scene render more quickly, but that's probably mostly due to the overhead of the TemporalAA itself rather than the upsampling.

    So far I've had pretty good luck with the performance of upsampling vs. rendering at full resolution.
    TemporalAA+Upsampling at 50% to TemporalAA enabled but with no upsampling at 100% <-- this is exactly what I have done and the frame rate is actually lower with upsampling enabled at 50%. I have not disabled temporal AA in any of my tests, sorry for the confusion, I should have written temporal AA upsampling in my original post rather than just temporal AA...

    Out of interest sake which platform have you tried it on and what were the rough FPS results? I'm wondering if it's maybe functional but not well implemented on the Mac platform. Would be nice getting a list of official results of performance boosts on different hardware configurations.


      Who supports Image-based tracking now? ArKit or ArCore?

      I found it's been released with Arkit 1.5
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        Found 2 things that might be an issue.

        1: Can't set map from class defaults, it worked perfectly in 4.18

        2: Assertion failed error occurs randomly in one of my VR projects, can't firgure out what causes it.

        Anyone help?


          Originally posted by Rama View Post
          I am facing a critical issue with scene capture components + GPU Particle collision that I"ve tracked form 4.17 thru 4.18 and 4.19 preview 6
          I really hope this can make it in before the official release, because it is forcing me back to 4.16
          According to this report, the issue appeared in 4.14 and has been fixed... in 4.20


            My body is ready, gimmie that 4.19 goodness.

            But seriously, is a release before GDC still likely?



              4.19.0 is now available:

              I'd like to thank everyone once again who helped us test during this preview, we were able to catch and address a number of issues thanks to you.

              I am now closing this post, please continue any 4.19 discussions on the new thread. And remember, please report any new issues you find to the bug submission form.

              Stephen Ellis | Enterprise Program Coordinator