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    Looks like people are posting bugs here because when you post on answerhub you get a link to here instead of the actual new bug reporting place...
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      I don’t bother reporting bugs anymore. The last one I tried to report, I was just directed here by staff. This form is a joke. I used to put in countless hours to produce detailed repo steps and sample projects. I have a lot of confirmed bugs reported (or ones I’ve contributed to) over the years. I’ve since found two more bugs that I haven’t bothered reporting because I can’t be bothered spending my time on it any more now with this new method. Would rather work on my project.


        new feature I can call as "shout in the emptiness", enjoy)
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          I recently started playing around with UE 4.19 and added one of the Paragon Crunch characters to the file to try him out; I set up his blueprint for animation and for Player Character without any trouble but I added a skeletal mesh to change his head and when I play his punch animation his replacement head jumps off his body after the animation reverts back to my blueprint animation. I have spent at least 5 house try to figure this out with no solution doing everything from tweaking and removing physics capsule to tweaking how the animation is played. Please can you give me a working salution for this. Please see
          for more details...Thanks Volume is loud on video sorry.


            Hello, Epic =) I need your help =(
            I got big (really big) bug with lamps. Pointlight have problem with axis. It is real big problem for our project, because we use a lot of pointlights, and we cant change our style.
            I create couple of bug reports, but I cant see my tickets. I use 4.19.1, and your big fix update not fixed problem with lamps.

            And I need to know, how long you will be fix it, because, we need to do something with that - rollback to 4.18 or wait update.

            I add photo about that bug.
            1. Rotate by X.
            2. Rotate by Y.
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              LOL with people reporting bugs in this thread now

              Why not have the new bug reporting form automatically create an answerhub topic eh. Start title with bug tracker id, and have a link to it and the description

              Best of Both worlds !

              Seriously that must be possible to do, not sure if answerhub has an api for that. You do have webdev staff at epic right?

              Where the public bug tracker has an answerhub thread, with the big button on top, it works great.
              So why not have this for all of them, and use that to report back to submitter, ask further info (in addition to emailing) etc.
              You can then disable new manual posts in answer hub section, and show big graphic link to bugtracker here and everywhere else.

              Additional bug reporting community tips:

              - Make all bugs submitted public immediately and automatically (see above), add a verifying category in the tracker or something.

              - Maybe a 'submitted by' field with the answerhub epic acount profile, automatically filled in when logged in, optional checkbox to exclude this.
              Gameify submissions ! See Wilberolive's comment above...

              - Especially for the 'by design' resolution, put some feedback about the reasoning in the linked answerhub thread.
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                DenKuzn not sure if it has anything to do with your light issues but lights changed in 4.19 somewhat, I noticed while glancing over the 4.19 release notes.

                might be your problem if you updated from 4.18


                  @FrederickD: yes, yes, and yes - all of this sounds great to me too. The new form is a disaster - I'm sure it was built to fix one problem, but the cost vs benefits tradeoff is way off, at least from the perspective of the community. As just one example, here's an experience I had with it not too long ago:

                  - found a bug, submitted it, then was totally confused because I had no way to look at the submission, no email confirmation, etc.
                  - After a day or two I had just about convinced myself that maybe the bug submission had silently failed to record the bug, when I happened to notice it had been filed on Of course the bug title and description were different, but it was enough of the same bug that I could confirm it was the issue I filed.
                  - But wait! The bug wasn't written up quite right and an important (IMO) detail in the ticket was wrong. But there was nothing I could do about it, because I can't comment on the bug entry.
                  - I finally went and opened a new conversation on answerhub, trying to raise my concern with how the bug was written up. Nobody responded for a couple of weeks.
                  - Finally someone from Epic responded, but not to address my question. Instead, they were writing to tell me that I should use the new bug submission form. Argh!
                  - I replied and pointed out that I had done that, and that my answerhub post included that as well as the bug number, and that the bug submission form actually tells people to start a new conversation on answerhub about tickets if there needs to be discussion.
                  - That was over a month ago, and neither the Epic person nor anybody else has responded.

                  To add one more bit of comedy/frustration, somewhere along the line I implemented a fix and submitted a pull request. While I was able to put the bug number in the pull request, there is no way to make the reverse cross reference - no way to mention in the bug writeup that there is a pull request available. I won't bother starting yet another thread on answerhub for this of course. Lucky for me, the fix was accepted and included in 4.19. That's great, but the bug is still marked as unresolved (and marked as won't be fixed until 4.20, haha), and there's no way for me to tell anyone that the problem is now gone (the only way I confirmed that the bug was fixed by pulling the latest source and seeing my change in there).

                  The whole experience was frustrating and definitely impacted my interest in trying to track down and fix bugs going forward. But like you pointed out, just a few minor changes to their process and bug tracker and it could be a whole difference experience.


                    Glad you like my proposals.

                    I have like two pages of little bugs, and yeah some are more mini features, but make sense or are expected behaviour done elsewhere not implemented consistently.. will be a day or two work to mention them properly, make pics/videos etc.

                    But i'll wait until they improve this situation.


                      Are you listening Epic? That's already at least 3 people mentioning that wait with bug reporting.

                      This is valuable information from your community to improve the product !


                        I see some bugs like this one


                        Have an UDN link button. Not sure what it is, some internal / private discussion forum. Why not have both this and anwerhub? Automate !


                          I'm just catching up on this thread this evening. Let me go through the recent responses and I'll get back to you guys.


                            can yall fix the problem, please


                              Originally posted by John Alcatraz View Post
                              Honestly, this is horrible.

                              We can no longer talk to Epic about bugs? Why did you do this change? The answerhub was a pretty perfect place for bug reports.

                              With this method, there is no way to see what bugs other people reported. Many bug reports on the answerhub need comments from many different people that help each other finding the cause of some bug, often without too much intervention from epic. You want to kill all of that collaboration and make people fill out some form and wait? And cause 10 people to fill out the form with the exact same data, because they can't know about anyone else who already submitted the same thing? That's a huge waste of time for many people now. And what will that lead to? No one will report bugs any more. Very bad!

                              I have reported hundreds of bugs on the answerhub in the last 3 years. I very much liked all the discussion I had with many people that had the same issues I had. I often googled for bugs and found bug reports on the answerhub. Often also before anyone from Epic commented on there and could have entered them into the issue tracker. You really want to prevent all of that from happening?

                              Thats a really, really bad thing. For collaboration in the community, and in the end for UE4 as a whole
                              I agree with him.


                                Originally posted by Kalvothe View Post
                                II'll get back to you guys.
                                Nothing from Epic here yet ?