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    Ah, so the bent normal has to be precomputed as a texture? Sad, I was hoping for something dynamic


      pretty excellent updates, might upgrade from 4.15 depending on the other features you'll present in full release of 4.17


        Hi i am testing Unreal Engine for real time rendering . when i import a 24 fps animation in to unreal 4.16.2 and 4.17.1 preview it import as 30 fps.. i have already posted this issue in answerhub . i tried it in 4.15.3 it work fine i think its a bug if so can u guys plz fix this in the 4.17.# .. if there is any different in import setting in (4.15.3 and 4.16.2 or above)can any one plz post the setting ? . I use Animation Length = Exported Time and Use Default Sample Rate = disable when i import in all 3 version


          Very excited to see plugin dependencies & shader support coming in 4.17

          Also the BP Orphan Pins feature is AWESOME!
          Benjamin D. Smith

          Founder & CEO | Binary Sword Pty Ltd
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            Wow, simply creating an empty directory Shaders in the project directory immediately crashes the editor upon launch. Was this even tested once?

            Just to make sure, there was nothing unusual with our project, tried creating an empty Shaders directory inside a clean copy of PhotorealisticCharacter project. Bam. Not even a log.

            will try other tests before resorting to symbols and tracing the engine source code.
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              Originally posted by ShiftyAxel View Post
              I've been seeing this on entire scenes when running VR preview PIE in 4.16. It only happens on our GTX 1070 machine, and appears to be caused by the presence of a sky light in the scene. Doesn't happen in the editor viewport or VR editor.

              Hopefully the cause is the same and Epic can track it down.
              On Answerhub Chris said it's gonna be fixed for the next preview


                Originally posted by Joure View Post
                It sometimes feel like the engine itself is starting to show signs of feature creep...

                but that's my humble opinion, I love UE4 so much and Epic but I sometimes just wished they would prioritize fixing issues over new features with certain releases...
                Exactly my point.


                  Originally posted by Chris.Bunner View Post
                  Was there a message in the log? There was a fairly hefty refactor to how shader includes are handled as part of the plugin support that will likely be in the release notes, possibly there's a new assert that should instead be a compile error.
                  If in doubt please open a ticket on AnswerHub and it will be assigned to someone to take a look.
                  Thank you for your attention to the matter Mr. Bunner. Evidently, there is a very unstable, non-standard preprocessor. Here is the full analysis:

                  #include "" crash no relevant log
                  #include "C:/Test.ush" crash
                  #include "C:\Test.ush" crash
                  #include "/Engine/beyond/Test" crash 
                  #include "/Engine/beyond/Test.ush" works!
                  #include "/Engine/beyond/Test.usf" works
                  #include "/Engine/beyond/NonExistent.ush" silently ignored
                  #include "/Game/Public/Test.usf" crashes, even if the file does not and cannot exist, see below
                  #include (empty) the only relevant log error without a crash
                  from inside Test.ush:
                  #include "Test2.ush" works
                  #include "Test2.usf" works
                  #include "Test2" crash
                  #include "NonExistent.ush" silently ignored
                  Creating an empty Shaders directory under the Project, immediately crashes the Editor upon launch. This also happens with a clean copy of PhotorealisticCharacter. It also happens even Shaders has basic Public content with a Test.ush. What is impressive however is, Generate Visual Studio files command, picks up the Shaders structure for Visual Studio, even though everything about Shaders crashes the editor upon launch.

                  I will update the details onto AnswerHub, however I am afraid none of my 6 bug reports have gotten any response in 2 months.

                  here is the link:

                  Thank you.


                    Originally posted by Gomo View Post
                    My project crashes constantly, also in 4.17 preview ( (...) So - is there a chance for some solution or should I start to plan recreating this project?
                    Are you able to provide your project? Probably not, that's understandable.
                    But it could be very difficult to find a repro, fix issue and test it without "real" project. It's just one of those cases where everything works for 99.999% of users and nobody knows what is the root of problem. Impossible to guess.
                    Maybe you could create copy of project, remove most of it, just leave a few scripts causing a problem. Pack all of it, with your Saved folder, let people download it.

                    Originally posted by Joure View Post
                    I personally am of the opinion that Epic should focus on fixing issues that have been persisting over a number of engine updates.
                    It sometimes feel like the engine itself is starting to show signs of feature creep...
                    It depends on which part of engine we're talking about

                    For instance there's no new fancy features in blueprints. This release is all about stabilization and little improvement in quality of life.
                    There's refactored compilation, so-called Compilation Manager. I'm not sure about details here, but it supposed to make compilation faster, probably fixing some issues too?
                    New feature of Orphan pins is meant to prevent "mysterious" bugs, improve process of refactoring your blueprints.
                    Hopefully lot of issues with resetting values (affecting some of the users) have been resolved. If not, editor prints more warning and errors.

                    Many annoying issues finally fixed.

                    Of course blueprints still needs lot of love, making it less cumbersome, more intuitive for people used to the "text programming".


                      Originally posted by Nick Darnell View Post
                      It is in preview 1.
                      My apologies! It didn't initially appear fixed in our testing, but it ended up being user error. Thanks!


                        Originally posted by kjustynski View Post
                        Maybe you could create copy of project, remove most of it, just leave a few scripts causing a problem. Pack all of it, with your Saved folder, let people download it.
                        Sending project - I've actually done that
                        Removing parts until somethings start to work - multiple times, but problem is on top of that all there are random crashes (I've got one blueprint that always worked fine but after crashes it has few random nodes with errors).
                        Wasted many days on such iterations.
                        I'm just saying - it should be other way.
                        Most of my reports on answerhub are left without any answer (like rather ThereAreNoAnswerHub).
                        Out of the box - in many cases there are to many paths I can take to try to debug - deleting assets of different kinds, I know for sure that deleting Intermediate, autosaves and Cache sometimes helps. In many cases everything works and the next day not anymore.
                        Maybe I'm an idiot but shouldn't UE4 be idiot-prof? Or my Idiot level is to high ?
                        To summarize - probably for lot of us - we are left for to long in the dark, and instead new features every few months we need more answers and updates in documentation.


                          There is still crackling audio with some sounds on Android and 4.17P1


                          While much better than 4.16 still not releasable Are there any workarounds or ETAs to have it fixed?
                          Headgear - VR/AR solutions


                            Btw the UMG Blur Canvas is not working yet for Android


                              Originally posted by DonFrag View Post
                              Btw the UMG Blur Canvas is not working yet for Android
                              We have no plans to support it on ES2 devices.


                                Hey guys I hate to post about it again, but I'm really excited for (translation: in dire need of) this feature which was added in 4.17, but it doesn't seem to be working. Repro provided too!