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Potential issue loading UE4 with the new Windows 10 Creators update (build 1703)

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  • Potential issue loading UE4 with the new Windows 10 Creators update (build 1703)

    Hi everyone.

    Over the past two days Epic Support staff have received a limited number of reports from our users experiencing issues loading UE4 (or our related products like the Epic Games Launcher) after updating to the latest Windows 10 Creators release (build 1703).

    This issue does not appear to be widespread, and Epic's QA tests on this same Windows version have turned up no issues. One user has reported that he was able to load the Launcher after performing a reinstall. However, if you are experiencing this issue after having recently updated to this Windows version, please let us know! We may have additional questions for you.

    Thank you.
    Stephen Ellis | @TheEpicStephen
    Enterprise Program Coordinator

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    I updated a couple of days ago. No issues with running 4.13.2, nor 4.14.3 from the prebuilt engine, nor 4.15.1 from source code.


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      I have this issue, in my case I have no problem with the Launcher, but the blueprint menu is pop up extremely slow.
      By the way I'm using 4.13.2


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        I try Unreal 4.15.2, and it work just fine.


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          Can't click on anything like this:

          This fix won't work which was for a older windows version:

          I need to use version 4.12.5 please make a hotfix if you can find the source of the issue. Might have something to do with the "WindowExStyle |= WS_EX_COMPOSITED;" options.


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            I have said win 10 build. 4.15 packaged game reports errors of missing plugin files which are disabled and should not include in the packaged game. Paper2d and physx vehicle plugin.
            4.11 and 4.12 editor content browser acts weird for me. I cannot interact with it. Right clicking doesnt bring up the menu nor I cannot interact with the content browser. This issue does not appear in 4.15.
            I also cannot change if I want to include starter content or switch quality settings when starting a new project in 4.11, 4.12 or 4.13. Most recent version, 4.15, doesnt have this.
            Overall very weird behaviour


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              Having the same issue after the latest windows update. Left Click and right click does not work on menus, drop down tabs and item selecting.


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                A bit more information on this problem (I am running 4.13.2 with the latest Windows 10 update):
                If I have the editor set to full screen on my 1920 x 1080 monitor, none of the menus show up at all.
                If I resize the editor window smaller a bit at a time, I can eventually get some of the menus (all but the File menu, typically) to show up, although not every time. If they do show, there is generally a bit of a delay.
                If I resize the window down to about 2/3 height and width, they all show up just fine, without having changed any other windows settings.

                EDIT: Alas, this does not appear to be consistent behavior, either. Today, nothing is working to recover the menus. I do notice that when I try to open a menu and fail, I am getting a strange highlight on the title bar of the editor window, however. Odd.
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                  I had an issue with UE4 not launching on W10CU.
                  Was caused by the conflict between built in Security Center and Comodo Firewall.
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