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    So how about it whats the progress since you all got that new stuff from NVidia talked about here

    I noticed the target fix is moved to 4.17, are we really going to have to wait that long, this has been an issue since 4.14 preview.

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      Originally posted by Nigkdo View Post
      What does "UE-44486 Enable physx libs GPU" hooks mean? Can we enable physx GRB?
      No - this just adds the relevant hooks in the UE4 version of PhysX, so it is more possible to get GPU PhysX libs from NVIDIA. You'd still need to talk to them though, GRB is not something that we support at the moment.
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        When can we expect a release for 4.16? Can't wait <3


          I have been getting a problem with right vector dot product with hit normal of capsule component.

          In 4.15 I was getting 1 as result but the same code in 4.16 is giving 0.


            what is the procedure to use NvCloth?

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              Originally posted by TriNityGER View Post
              When can we expect a release for 4.16? Can't wait <3
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                How about MIXED REALITY VR?


                  Any chances of having Fixed Particle Bounding Boxes fixed for 4.16? This is quite a major issue as it prevents you from using GPU Particles in 4.15 at all.

                  Surprised this has gone mostly unnoticed



                    Originally posted by Exelcior View Post
                    Hey SyberBlade, glad you're giving the new clothing tools a try.

                    They're in an experimental state right now but I'm still looking for feedback so thanks for your post! As for your points:

                    1) I'm not sure what you mean here. You can use unreal physics assets to create clothing assets now with the tools enabled. There's no way unfortunately to update them after creation but I'm working on fixing that for the final release. Unsure what you'd like with regard to channels though.

                    2) As far as I'm aware we should now allow 8 influences, but only when creating assets completely in-editor. If you import an .apx or .apb we can only allow 4 unfortunately due to the APEX limitations.

                    3) We don't have a solution yet for solid objects attached to clothing. So for the time being any hard surface will act like clothing. But we're looking for improvements and future ideas so it's good to hear these things.

                    Super stoked to see this tool evolve, thanks your efforts!

                    I have a potentially blender-specific quirk, where when I enter cloth paint mode from a blender-exported skeletal mesh, the cloth section moves off the rest of the skeletal mesh, as if the up vector changes from +Z to -Y. I can't seem to find any export settings that changes this behaviour, so I was curious if you might have any thoughts. It's not too big of a deal as I can still do my painting and then it snaps back into place and behaves as expected when I'm done, but I thought I'd check in case there's a better practice that I can adopt!


                      I have an issue with the UMG buttons behavior in vr.



                        I've found an issue where UMG combo boxes loose all entries in a packaged build.

                        I've raised it here:
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                          Reporting back with some adjustment fixes to the cloth painting tool - the following should be addressed in the next update.

                          1. Symmetry cloth paint tool , with custom X,Y, Z options for mirroring influences.
                          2. smooth influences option, for smoother influence blending.
                          3. Sample influence option, to trace old influence settings and re-adjust them.

                          Thank you!!


                            I love 4.16 so much. Can't wait !

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                              Originally posted by SRombauts View Post
                              For everyone using the Git Source Control Provider Plugin (and for those asking if I am still working on it here are the Pull Requests merged in this Preview version :

                              - Fix Submit to Source Control Window for Git plugin : use CanCheckIn() to filter out unmodified assets files #3136
                              - Git plugin: fix revision number for blueprint diff menu #3278
                              - Git Plugin: use asynchronous "MarkForAdd" and "CheckIn" operations for the initial commit #3108
                              - Git plugin: fix git autodetection and add error message #3224
                              - UE-34539: (Bugfix) Allow binary files in git stored via git-fat, git-lfs, etc to be diffed (take 2) #3253
                              - Git plugin: fix update status on directories broken since UE4.12 #3292
                              - Git plugin: fix update status on directories hotfix (still) slightly broken in master (UE4.16) #3372
                              - Git Plugin: fix RunDumpToFile() to check git ReturnCode #3327
                              - Git Plugin: hotfix for regression off Visual Diffs with older version of Git in master (UE4.16) #3373
                              - Git Plugin: trivial hotfix for the new UE4.16 warning about LoadModule() (UE4.16) #3455

                              Originally posted by John Alcatraz View Post
                              - UE-34539: (Bugfix) Allow binary files in git stored via git-fat, git-lfs, etc to be diffed (take 2) #3253

                              Does that only affect your plugin, or is that a general fix so that anyone using UE4 with git lfs benefits from that, without having to use your plugin?
                              Sorry for not seeing this question before; to diff an asset you need to activate Source Control in Editor, so to get diff working with Git LFS you need to use the UE Git Plugin. But the good news is this plugin is integrated by default in the Engine, so easy to use!
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                                I've found another UMG related bug and have reported it here:
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