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Unreal Engine 4.15 Preview

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    Rock on! You lads and lassies are blasting away those bugs. Keep it up!

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    We have just released Preview 3 for 4.15! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.15 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

    For a list of known issues affecting this latest preview, please follow the links provided on the first post in this thread.


    Fixed in Preview 3 - CL 3278667

    Fixed! UE-40753 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_LevelEditor!FLevelEditorActionCallbacks::Paste_CanExecute() [leveleditoractions.cpp:1602]
    Fixed! UE-41130 User Defined Enums may lose their display names on upgrade to 4.15
    Fixed! UE-41073 Crash when opening blueprint with collapsed nodes with structure output, split pin
    Fixed! UE-41072 Implemented Interfaces are not added to nativization list
    Fixed! UE-41070 Data only blueprints are not not nativized when flagged to do so
    Fixed! UE-41071 Parent blueprint not added to nativization array if only child saved
    Fixed! UE-41190 Ensure failure !bStaticCall nativizing blueprint calling blueprint function library function
    Fixed! UE-37815 BulkData Async loading remains in memory
    Fixed! UE-38767 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Core!FArchive::SerializeCompressed() [archive.cpp:447]
    Fixed! UE-41125 Static mesh LODs other than LOD0 cannot be set to screen sizes greater than 1
    Fixed! UE-41220 Crash when adding multiple collision types to a mesh
    Fixed! UE-40791 The Play button on the ForceFeedback effect icons is missing
    Fixed! UE-41294 Reimporting skeletal mesh clears material references from material slots
    Fixed! UE-41126 HISMC UpdateInstanceTransform blueprint function does not update bounds correctly
    Fixed! UE-40525 CommitMapChange doesn't fully deal with sub-levels
    Fixed! UE-40939 Inconsistent line ending prompts occur in Visual Studio after adding Vehicle C++ feature pack
    Fixed! UE-41163 Material curves keeps resetting to 0.f
    Fixed! UE-41216 Additive Pose Asset arms become over exteneded when blended with reference pose
    Fixed! UE-41082 Fix crash on cache bone with sub instance
    Fixed! UE-40945 Crash trying to import facial animations
    Fixed! UE-41143 Crash when launching engine without a windows audio device enabled.
    Fixed! UE-41112 Crash when Dragging Skeletal Mesh with Apex Clothing into Level
    Fixed! UE-37270 Changing transform of simulated component during physics freezes motion
    Fixed! UE-39884 Foliage LODs are do not appear to use the base LODs lightmap any longer
    Fixed! UE-40480 Ensure encountered when using the Copy/Paste sub-tool in sculpt mode
    Fixed! UE-41271 Localization broken in cooked builds due to missing meta-data during cook
    Fixed! UE-41253 Mobile / Use Full Precision not working on Metal
    Fixed! UE-41023 Scene capture produces black texture on encoding devices with mobileHDR == false
    Fixed! UE-39451 Web browser widget causes app to crash when packaging for Distribution on Android
    Fixed! UE-40927 Projects crash on Android when trying to load mips
    Fixed! UE-39911 Failed checkSlow(IsInGameThread()); in UWorld::GetWorldSettings
    Fixed! UE-40524 Issues with PrepareMapChange/CommitMapChange and Level Collections
    Fixed! UE-40810 Crash opening Infiltrator packaged on Windows for Linux
    Fixed! UE-41198 Spinbox value decimal point is moved one place to the right when edited on Android
    Fixed! UE-36984 TestPAL fails to compile
    Fixed! UE-41146 Crash in editor when audio is playing
    Fixed! UE-40451 Blueprint - User configured tvOS Bundle ID is not set properly during packaging
    Fixed! UE-40392 GitHub 3111 : Fix environment variable name to the correct legacy LINUX_ROOT.
    Fixed! UE-40023 UFE Deploying and launching a packaged build on Linux fails due to invalid directory
    Fixed! UE-40761 Various audio clips are not playing in Elemental Demo on PS4
    Fixed! UE-41209 PS4SharePlay errors are produced when launching onto PS4 with UnrealFrontEnd
    Fixed! UE-41183 Crash Occurs when changing the 'Max Metal Shader Standard To Target' option within iOS Project Settings
    Fixed! UE-38691 Launch On from Windows to Linux fails with missing GLSL_430 shaders
    Fixed! UE-37016 GitHub 2842 : [Linux] Fix bootstrap script so it is independent on working dir
    Fixed! UE-40956 Rare crash occurs in CoreAudio in Vehicle Game on Mac when quitting.
    Fixed! UE-41042 GitHub 3160 : Fixed `ADB` being incorrectly set to `ANDROID_HOME`.
    Fixed! UE-41079 NpToolkit2 fails to initialize in 6CPU mode on PS4
    Fixed! UE-41167 Shader complexity is broken in the forward renderer
    Fixed! UE-39754 Crash: Changing Material Property Overrides of Material Instance
    Fixed! UE-40736 "Too many texture coordinate sets" warnings in KiteDemo
    Fixed! UE-40873 Shadows of small movable components popping out
    Fixed! UE-41193 Update material node tooltips based on 4.15 preview feedback.
    Fixed! UE-40482 Ensure occurs when turning on Constraints in Advanced Show Flags
    Fixed! UE-40980 Fix mem corruption on particles on PS4
    Fixed! UE-40724 Large round stone in ZenGarden is no longer reflective
    Fixed! UE-41138 Flickering in Elemental Demo when TemporalAA and bloom is enabled
    Fixed! UE-41099 SpeedTree Material No Longer Compiles With Texture Coordinate Node In BaseColor
    Fixed! UE-41008 LogApexClothingUtils Warning when opening QAGame
    Fixed! UE-41311 Time snapping interval is not updating the timeline in UMG Sequencer
    Fixed! UE-40682 Animations that overlap and blend together break when undoing
    Fixed! UE-40758 Events on frame 0 fire twice
    Fixed! UE-41019 Sequencer does not refresh on creating a new camera if Default Property Tracks is empty
    Fixed! UE-41010 Fix up actors remove actor from sequencer folder.
    Fixed! UE-41148 Logstreaming warning when opening the editor: "LogStreaming:Warning: Failed to read file 'Common/RoundedSelection_16x.png' error."
    Fixed! UE-40070 VREditor: Laser not hidden on MotionControllers with docked Menu/UI Panels

    REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find by following the How To Report a Bug Guide

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    I feel like i'm missing something. Probably a noobish question but, i grabbed the source on github, i can compile and make it work without any issue.

    Now i would like to add a thirdparty, i put it in Engine/Source/Thirdparty, it has a sweet XXX.Build.cs in it that works in 4.14.3, but it seems that it never gets read in my 4.15 build, and the lib isn't added.
    I must be missing something obvious.

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    Originally posted by Gwenn View Post
    Default tonemapping was changed to the film-looking one, with higher contrast. See the talk about emissive color, it's the same thing.
    Thanks for the information!

    I found a bug:

    When providing a Material Slot name that does not exist on the Mesh, the Engine crashes.

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    Default tonemapping was changed to the film-looking one, with higher contrast. See the talk about emissive color, it's the same thing.

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    Have you guys done anything in the Post Process? The colours are a bit darker (or the contrast higher, I dunno) than in 4.14. I haven't changed anything in my project.

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    Downloading now to take a look! Good work, as always guys!

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    Thank you very much Dev team

    Looking forward to upgrading to 4.15!

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    4.15 p2.

    There is a problem with MSAA and using masked materials. I made a post on Answerhub.

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    Can anyone explain why is marked will not fix?

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    Originally posted by Marc Audy View Post
    Thanks for trying it out. I would not expect to see the values popping back to 0 so quickly. It might be interesting to see what the output from "showdebug rawinput" is as that is the plugins direct representation of the buttons and axes instead of the engine's once the data has filtered up to it. When testing with the G920 that we have in the office the numbers for both showdebug input and rawinput do not pop back to 0 or any such thing but rather hold their value until the axis/button is released.
    Thanks for the reply.

    So, the problem with resetting was because I had a virtual joystick and a g29 connected at the same time. So, it seems like the plugin can't handle multiple joysticks/steering wheels at the same time. When disabling vJoy, the g29 works as expected.

    If I understand RawInputSettings.h correctly though, you're supposed to be able to set an "Offset" config option, that doesn't seem to work.

    Inverts the axis, but doesn't offset it.

    I think I saw what might become a bug in RawInputWindows.h, the FAnalogData constructor that takes arguments doesn't propagate InOffset to Offset.
    I can't see that constructor being used anywhere though, so I guess that isn't the cause of the issue here.

    I need the Offset option since the pedals goes from 1 in default to 0 in pressed down (-1 to 0 in inverted) and the steering wheel's range is [0, 1] instead of [-1, 1]

    I guess this should go to the answerhub instead though. Will create a post later.
    Last edited by danjo133; 01-31-2017, 08:49 AM.

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    I realy hope 4.15 has the promised Datatable variables when it comes out of preview phase! Compiler time increase makes me too happy allready!

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    What is the reasoning behind ?
    It requires a whole bulk of changes to adapt to and limits artistic freedom in achieving required look.

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    Originally posted by Gwenn View Post
    Why is UE-41065 marked as "by design" ? If that's true, it's going to be the first time I can't upgrade to a new UE version. Breaking all emissive colors in existing projects isn't cool
    Yeah, that can't just be "by design" since it breaks all current content. If it is by design, then at least every material needs a checkbox where you can check if you want this new behavior where an emissive blue is getting purple and later white, but that checkbox should be disabled by default for every material that was created before 4.15.

    Originally posted by Gwenn View Post
    For the record, the new glow behaviour isn't an issue for me because of how it works. What bugs me is having to re-tweak all glow values everywhere in the game, while other UE versions usually didn't break content.
    But it is an issue because of how it works, you can no longer get the look you had before. It is impossible now to get any saturated color that's causing a lot of bloom. For that it has to be multiplied by ~20, but once you do that with any color its just something like white. So you can't have a strong glowing blue or red material now, they will no longer be blue or red.

    So the issue is not only that you would have to redo all your materials, but also that its impossible to get the look you got before.

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    For the record, the new glow behaviour isn't an issue for me because of how it works. What bugs me is having to re-tweak all glow values everywhere in the game, while other UE versions usually didn't break content.

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