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    Colors seem to be wrong in 4.15P1:
    Easy to use UMG Mini Map on the UE4 Marketplace.
    Forum thread:


      Originally posted by Stephen Ellis View Post
      The documentation for Gameplay Tags will not yet be available by the time of the 4.15 release. They will be in progress and ready some time afterwards.

      Thank you for the info!


        The UE4 Trello road map page has mixed reality capability set to release in January or February. Any update on that? Also, any chance that Paper2D Sprites will become stereoscopic capable in the near future? Thanks!


          Originally posted by liquidpza View Post
          The UE4 Trello road map page has mixed reality capability set to release in January or February.
          The roadmap tells us about the development period, not a release date. So here you should not expect a release before UE4.16, but it could even slip further to 4.17, depending on the time it takes to integrate it into master.
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            SetKeyboardFocus doesn't work


              Originally posted by aussieburger View Post
              4.15 is still using the old unreleasable googlevr (daydream) plugin

              Google requirements now require some features that are only in the newer versions of their plugin:
              publishing requirements:
              changelog: now up to version 1.10!

              Does that mean daydream devs are stuck on 4.13 and the official UE4 builds stay without publishable daydream support? Or can we please get it in 4.15?!?
              Any news on this? I can't package Google VR projects for distribution and that's THE dealbreaker for mobile VR
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                We have just released Preview 2 for 4.15! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.15 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

                For a list of known issues affecting this latest preview, please follow the links provided on the first post in this thread.


                Fixed in Preview 2 - CL 3269047

                Fixed! UE-40739 FSupportedAreaData Not Being Exported
                Fixed! UE-40428 Cannot add set/map variables to user defined structs
                Fixed! UE-40131 BP child not overriding parent's mesh in Nativized builds
                Fixed! UE-40616 Unable to load XMPP module warning upon opening the editor
                Fixed! UE-40751 Selecting the Clean or Rebuild options for a project in Visual Studio does not complete successfully
                Fixed! UE-39968 Shaders are compiled for Engine on first launch after fresh download
                Fixed! UE-37873 Crash: Corrupt asset/map data is no longer correctly detected and handled
                Fixed! UE-39677 SpeedTree Billboards rendering with Incorrect Material
                Fixed! UE-40943 'Wait for Movies to Complete' flag is Reversed in Packaged and Standalone Game
                Fixed! UE-40293 Dropdown selection box jitters when mouse is moved over top of it on Mac
                Fixed! UE-40276 Unable to go fullscreen in Standalone Game
                Fixed! UE-40492 Crash after ejecting from PIE session and selecting a component in the details panel
                Fixed! UE-40313 Window Switcher does not open and focus on Message Log
                Fixed! UE-40640 Importing skeletal mesh with LODs and no animations generates additional skeleton and physics assets
                Fixed! UE-40851 Post-Process "Dirt Mask Intensity" is nested within Bloom instead of Dirt Mask
                Fixed! UE-40538 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Core!FText::FText() [text.cpp:165]
                Fixed! UE-40814 "Combine Meshes" Breaks Material Slot Assignment
                Fixed! UE-40612 GitHub 3131 : UE-40567: Added nullcheck to FSplinePointDetails
                Fixed! UE-40567 Editor crashes when BP spline component is selected
                Fixed! UE-40855 Custom font reverts to default font in a packaged game
                Fixed! UE-38930 HISMC always shows lowest LOD
                Fixed! UE-40730 Compiling vehicle feature pack generates compile warnings
                Fixed! UE-40647 Map load errors after adding C++ Vehicle or VehicleAdvanced pack to a project
                Fixed! UE-40960 Child Actor does not get BeginPlay if SetClass used inside Parent's BeginPlay
                Fixed! UE-40505 Child Actor component is duplicated in Standalone Game
                Fixed! UE-40939 Inconsistent line ending prompts occur in Visual Studio after adding Vehicle C++ feature pack
                Fixed! UE-40768 SubwaySequencer crashes when launched in Standalone Game
                Fixed! UE-40654 Render Movie using separate process crashes capture process
                Fixed! UE-40852 ModifyCurve node does not call init/update on SourcePose nodes
                Fixed! UE-40850 Packaged VehicleGame loses in game music and other audio elements after selecting restart track via pause menu
                Fixed! UE-40614 "Clothing" options do not appear after importing an apx made with the 3.4 plugin
                Fixed! UE-40716 Cloth environment collisions with APEX clothing is not thread safe.
                Fixed! UE-40911 Possible crash reimporting destructible assets
                Fixed! UE-40785 Controller vibration occurs when simulating in viewport if an actor has a force feedback component regardless of attenuation distance.
                Fixed! UE-40700 Raw Input debug info doesn't display axis properties until input is made
                Fixed! UE-40418 Procedural meshes spawned at runtime cause a crash
                Fixed! UE-39819 Line Trace Does Not Register Hit On Bottom Of Landscape
                Fixed! UE-40764 changing physics type to simulated causes bodies to simulate in phat
                Fixed! UE-39703 MediaFramework MultiTrack on Windows failing to play correct media
                Fixed! UE-40644 Editor locks up on Windows 7 when attempting to play media
                Fixed! UE-40709 PlatformMediaSources fail to load in the editor.
                Fixed! UE-39701 App crashes on launch on tvOS/iOS
                Fixed! UE-40840 Vulkan crashes on Adreno Galaxy S7
                Fixed! UE-40659 Sequencer fails to package during Build command for ASTC
                Fixed! UE-40934 StrategyGame Crash on iOS when launching on
                Fixed! UE-40658 Textures black when Vulkan packaged for ETC1
                Fixed! UE-40698 QAGame Crashes on launch on iphone 6 (iOS 8)
                Fixed! UE-39110 FOnlineSessionLive leaves inconsistent state when FindSessions or CreateSession fail.
                Fixed! UE-40649 XboxOne: Crash in ShooterGame when joining a Quick Match
                Fixed! UE-38790 Opening Persona causes editor to crash on Linux
                Fixed! UE-40798 UI_BUILD_SHIPPING_EDITOR not defined warning occurs when building for Android
                Fixed! UE-40472 Joystick is missing from projects on certain iOS devices
                Fixed! UE-36999 Warnings displayed when launching the editor in DX12
                Fixed! UE-40803 Crash after entering DebugCreatePlayer console command on Sierra Mac in -game
                Fixed! UE-40690 Integrate fix for potential crash
                Fixed! UE-40942 Editor crashed when opening TM-MeshPaint in QAGame
                Fixed! UE-40781 [CrashReport] Mac crash in FMinimalDummyForwardLightingResources
                Fixed! UE-39734 Error maximum ps_5_0 sampler register index (16) exceeded on some materials in InfiltratorForward
                Fixed! UE-40727 Certain materials are failing to compile in sample projects
                Fixed! UE-40467 LogRenderer errors produced when using the restore button in viewport
                Fixed! UE-40915 GPU Particles flicker when using 2 Nvidia GPUs in SLI
                Fixed! UE-40891 Add GPU stat for compute morph targets
                Fixed! UE-40847 Editor crashes on launch with Intel graphics on El Cap
                Fixed! UE-40863 Editor crashes on Mac when launching with the command -MacExplicitRenderer=0
                Fixed! UE-40842 ContentExamples crashes on Mac Metal when pressing the button for Example 2.3 in UMG.umap
                Fixed! UE-40900 Right side of viewport renders black in stereoscopic
                Fixed! UE-38615 Editor crashes when exporting emitters while in PIE
                Fixed! UE-37908 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_SlateCore!FReply::FReply() [reply.h:244]
                Fixed! UE-39658 Forward Shading: Scene Capture 2D crash when assigning a RGB Capture Source
                Fixed! UE-40830 Multiple Post Processing displays are not working in Content Examples - Post Processing
                Fixed! UE-40926 Shadow artifacts in Content Examples due to bad light maps
                Fixed! UE-40890 ContentExamples: Character_Rendering Misspelling of "of" on the intro stand
                Fixed! UE-40825 Misspellings in Material_Properties level of ContentExamples
                Fixed! UE-40819 Misspelling in Material Nodes level of ContentExamples
                Fixed! UE-40928 ContentExamples: UMG stand 1.2 mispelling of useful as "userful"
                Fixed! UE-40882 ContentExamples: Volumes Example 1.5 "This Volumes" is improper grammar
                Fixed! UE-40870 ContentExamples: Animation Stand 1.10 after unpossessing character the camera spawns too low causing a pop when moving again
                Fixed! UE-40887 Content Examples: Blueprints_Overview Stand 1.7 Spark particle system does not fire from coin
                Fixed! UE-40916 Able to see cut off landscape in SunTemple in VR
                Fixed! UE-40642 New Visibility Track creates an offset Visible(0) track in Sequencer
                Fixed! UE-40082 Level Visibilty track in Sequencer does not play in PIE
                Fixed! UE-40487 Tracks remain collapsed when adding audio/animations
                Fixed! UE-40570 GPU work performed between PostPresentHandoff and WaitGetPoses
                Fixed! UE-39654 Crash when launching Google VR project
                Fixed! UE-40683 GearVR projects rendering black
                Fixed! UE-39304 Crash in Forward Renderer DX11 RHI Impl when using VR PIE
                Fixed! UE-40790 COTF has issues with out-of-source projects

                REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find by following the How To Report a Bug Guide
                Stephen Ellis | Enterprise Program Coordinator


                  Thanks for all your hard work Guys, I had a feeling there would be the second preview. I cant wait to port my project over, when 4.15 is official. I have a feeling thats the last update before we release.



                    Originally posted by rasamaya View Post
                    I had a feeling there would be the second preview
                    Assuming nothing unforeseen causes delays, we plan to still have two more updated previews before release.

                    Stephen Ellis | Enterprise Program Coordinator


                      Originally posted by rasamaya View Post
                      Thanks for all your hard work Guys, I had a feeling there would be the second preview. I cant wait to port my project over, when 4.15 is official. I have a feeling thats the last update before we release.

                      Hehe. My guess is that get to Preview 6!


                        Originally posted by Stephen Ellis View Post
                        Fixed! UE-39654 Crash when launching Google VR project
                        Fixed! UE-40683 GearVR projects rendering black
                        Nice fixes for mobile VR
                        [Gamedev programmer at Darewise (Paris) - We are hiring]
                        UE4 Git LFS 2.x Source Control Plugin 2.14-beta for UE4.23 - (v1 integrated by default since UE4.7)
                        UE4 Plastic SCM Source Control Plugin 1.4.6 for UE4.23 - (integrated by default in Beta status since UE4.24)


                          Originally posted by danjo133 View Post
                          I had a brief look at using the Logitech G29 steering wheel (ps3/ps4/pc version, slider set to ps4/pc) with the Raw Input plugin.

                          I created a clean project with 4.15, enbled the plugin and restarted editor.

                          Then I started a PIE, opened console and ran: showdebug input

                          The numbers seem to indicate that it senses changes to (most) buttons and axis.
                          But when pressing and holding a button, I get like one frame where text shows a '1' for that button and then it goes back to '0'
                          Axis are also a bit finnicky in that the output changes when pressing pedals, but values are also only shown for a frame or so before returning to '0'

                          This was with and without drivers installed.

                          Is this intended behaviour?
                          Is there anything else I need to do?

                          When using the virtual joystick vJoy, the button is indicated as '1' until it is released and then it returns to '0'.

                          I have not put anything in DefaultInput.ini
                          Thanks for trying it out. I would not expect to see the values popping back to 0 so quickly. It might be interesting to see what the output from "showdebug rawinput" is as that is the plugins direct representation of the buttons and axes instead of the engine's once the data has filtered up to it. When testing with the G920 that we have in the office the numbers for both showdebug input and rawinput do not pop back to 0 or any such thing but rather hold their value until the axis/button is released.


                            Is there any chance for "Function inputs to automatically create Local Variables when added" in near future?
                            If you could do one small thing for Blueprints in this or next release - please do this one.
                            It's one of weirdest annoyance you encounter when you switch from "standard" programming language to fully visual Blueprints. I would save one bad word every time I need to use local variable in complex BP function...

                            Come on, it got 21 votes
                            Last edited by Doctor Ergot; 01-27-2017, 11:21 AM.


                              UE-10109 is finally fixed? That's so exciting! Will make seamless VR experiences so much easier to create.


                                Ive been crossing my fingers for last few days going:

                                Please cascade be stable, please cascade be stable, please cascade be stable.
                                because I havent moved from my comfy stable 4.11.. out of fear..