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Unreal Engine 4.15 Preview

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    I have found that the newly supported customStencil has broken on mobile:


      Great job Epic.


        I've 'supposedly' a Nvidia Flex/Hairwork/VXGI build of 4.15 but i'm spending way too much time fixing the header issues. Any tips ? I've a working 4.14.3 build that i'm using as reference but it gets tricky really.

        Is there any tricks to check current dependency of functions in Visual Studio? Some Nvidia files have some random dependency, it's quite painful to figure out.
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          please add copy&paste tracks in sequencer


            Originally posted by kjustynski View Post
            Is there any chance for "Function inputs to automatically create Local Variables when added" in near future?
            If you could do one small thing for Blueprints in this or next release - please do this one.
            It's one of weirdest annoyance you encounter when you switch from "standard" programming language to fully visual Blueprints. I would save one bad word every time I need to use local variable in complex BP function...

            Come on, it got 21 votes
            I would also really like this feature. The variables must exist behind the scenes or something because you aren't allowed to make one with the same name as the input parameter.


              Any feedback on this issue ? It looks like Blueprint assets can't be linked anymore.
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                Originally posted by CleanCut View Post
                unassigned - What is waking up my physics?[/B][/B][/B][/B]

                That looks like a problem since the PhysX 3.4 update too...
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                  Is there a way to get the "old" Blueprint-System back?

                  The "new" one is a total mess...

                  Everytime you Copy/Paste something within a BP (a Mesh for Example) it gets attached to whatever i have selected at that moment, while keeping its offset to the Part it was attached to before.

                  This is a total pain in the a** because everytime you copy/paste something, you have to detach, and re-attach the recently pasted item, and then you have to bring it back to the old location and/or rescale it, to properly use it for what you initially wanted to use it.

                  Also, if i Copy/paste multiple Meshes into a BP, they all get attached to one of them, and every location/scale is messed up. (before 4.15 i could just copy/paste stuff from one BP into another, without having to worry that everything gets weirdly attached without any sense, displaced and rescaled)

                  Regarding the new Tonemapper:

                  For everyone who still has problems with particles that turn Purple instead of blue, add a bit of green, that fixed it for me.

                  Before adding another color:

                  After adding Blue to Red and Green to Blue:

                  But this does not work for Materials - not that the new Tonemapper looks bad, but you have to get used to it - especially if it affects Gameplay-relevant stuff.
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                    4.15 is just released yes?


                      Originally posted by Dannington View Post
                      4.15 is just released yes?
                      In launcher here!
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                        Pretty Neat!



                          4.15.0 is now available:!

                          I'd like to thank everyone once again who helped us test during this preview, we were able to catch and address a number of issues thanks to you.

                          I am now closing this post, please continue any 4.15 discussions on the new thread. And remember as always, please report any new issues you find to the UE4 Answerhub.

                          Stephen Ellis | Senior Engine Coordinator