Zoning/Sharding/Level Streaming Inquiry

Hey guys,

Pretty new to UE4, but not new to high level networking and c++. I have spent a couple of weeks now learning the basics of UE4 and how the systems operate. I have no problem hosting dedicated back end servers to transfer data between servers and clients or spinning up new servers when necessary.

I have, however, run into a brick wall I suppose concerning finding information regarding server communication in UE4. In fact, I cant even figure out what the correct keywords for the solution I should be searching. As far as I can tell, level streaming works in multiplayer but it streams a level for every client if even one client steps into the streaming volume. Would editing the engine source to prevent or unload a streamed level for other clients and opening a second connection to the new server and requesting level streaming to load the data to memory and handing off the client to the new server be the way to go?

Can anyone point me in a direction? Mind you I am not asking for a handout just a jumping point. I have UE4 built from source and just wondering which area I should be looking to start implementing a solution.

I am not sure, but level streaming seems to be exactly what I want, however, I think I would need to stream between servers I am unsure. Any resources, document links, or tutorials would be amazingly helpful.

Basically the solution I require is anything that can point me in the direction of helping servers communicate actor information between servers without a loading screen.