ZOMBIE RAID | Top Down Multiplayer

Thanks for keeping us updated on your game “Zombie Raid” for all these years! It’s looking great, and I can tell your team has put a lot of effort into making this game the best it can be.

Fantastic work again, and I am looking forward to seeing the release of the finished project! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Zezkaii !!
We really hope that we will finish it soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, you could use gamepad joystick to conrol crosschair and character, but menu navigation is not done yet.

Soon, as in this year possibly? :eyes:

We will do our best to release this year :star_struck:


Hey @KirillT,

Sorry to bump in on this conversation but I adore the theme you’re going for with your game. It seems you guys have a clear direction you’re all aiming for and beyond that, the game itself looks spectacular. (Coming from someone with a phobia of all zombies, please take this as the highest of praise)

I’m stoked to see this as it develops and can’t wait to see what all you bring to the zombie genre!

Sending lots of support,

No pressure, of course! I was simply asking about the possibility of releasing this year. :laughing: Keep up the great work!