Zen Garden Project

Will we be getting the zen garden project to explore anytime soon? It will be great to see how epic created some of the content and interactivity for it


Hey NeoScrawl, we don’t currently have any plans to release the Epic Zen Garden project files. Will let you know if that changes! What in particular are you wanting to know about?

Hi Chance,
Basically i wanted to explore how the raking effect and the flower petal effects were achieved. Maybe you can give me some pointers on how they were done.
On a different note, i can’t seem to sucessfully deploy to IOS device with 4.6(windows). Even a blank template fails to deploy. I was able to deploy just fine in 4.5. Is the feature broken?

Would be really interested in the raking effect as well!

any example code?? no code how to study???:rolleyes:



I’d also love to see the project file :slight_smile:

In fact, in general, when Epic makes great content like this, it would be so useful to see how it’s been put together - that would just help all of us create even more cool stuff!

I realise the Marketplace might get crowded if you did this, maybe there’s some other way of distributing your projects? I just think it should be the standard practice to do this!

Old thread, I know, but I would be interested in a few things:

  • are you using some sort of AA, or just the device full resolution?
  • could you share some info on your post-processing and lighting setup?