Young 3D Artist - High Quality for a cheap price

Hello Guys,

I am a 18 year old student from germany. I ve been doing 3d work for the last 4 years mainly as a hobby but feel like my experience is enough to offer my service. I have already worked on a indie game as a side-piece.

You can view my Work over here: Note: I started artstation just recently. Hopefully that explains the lack of artwork.

Lets get to the point :):

  • I offer high quality assets ( mainly hard surface such as environment props ) for a cheap price. Reason for that is simply because I still live with my parents and dont have to cover alot of bills etc. For me, collecting experience is the main focus.

  • Cooperative: I understand that especially indie studios have a tight budget. I am always open for negotiations but that does not mean I work for free, especially if the project is not even far into development.

  • I dont charge hourly but only per asset.

If you are interested, shoot me an email: