YES! I tried effects cave on my S5 mobile! Jump in to see what happened

Well, I exported effects cave template on my mobile for too many reasons, of them to see the POTENTIAL on the mobile devices, especially the upcoming ones with large rams and huge processing capabilities.

I will summarize what I have noticed and I am ready to answer any more (if I know what is your question is about because I am a starter).

1 - I checked the shader complexity and according to UE4 documentation the green areas are OK with mobile device, red, pink are not. In the game the green areas were totally OK, the red and pink are ranging from a heavy scene (you feel like you are moving heavily to stuttering in some areas.

2 - Surface water were there but with poor pixels (not sure if it is normally like this even in PC or not).

3 - NO WATERFALL. (dont know why).

4 - NO SNOW PARTICLES (dont know why).

5 - Some surfaces have nothing applied to them.

6 - The wind are OK in the bridge scene.

7 - All sounds are OK.

8 - The bridge was shaking perfectly.

9 - The particles around the fire ball were not there.

10 - It was very dim inside the cave, it seems some lighting were not working.

Well, this is what I have, if I can get helpful comments from you which elaborate even further will really appreciated.

All best and thanks…

soooo show us a video of your S5 running this UE4?

A few of these I can explain.

  • Number 3 & 4 and 9 are because they are GPU Particles. If you look closer you’ll probably find there are other things missing from the level as well, like vector field particles. GPU Particles aren’t supported on Mobile platforms from what I gather and probably never will be.
  • 10 is likely because mobile doesn’t support Particle Lights, Dynamic lights (unless it’s directional) and has very low-quality reflections if any.
  • 2 is also likely due to the reflections system and lower quality normal maps.

Also, I highly doubt that green areas are okay on mobile. I have a material that’s approx 350 instructions right now and it’s still green on my machine simply because it hasn’t got any complex lighting, it’s just maths. I would go by instruction count rather than the colouring for development.