Yay Const Correctness updates! Good job, Epic!

In my work over the weekend, I ended up having to do a deep dive into the animation system. I was pretty shocked to see that PlayAnimationSegment, PlayMontage, etc all took Non-Const versions of their various assets - despite instantiating an Instance version of the asset which did all the heavy lifting. I took a couple hours to fix all the signatures, alter parameters, made as much as the system const correct as possible and began preparing a bug report/integration request - only to find out this is already done in 4.13 (I was on 4.12.5) :slight_smile:

Despite losing an hour or so, I was just happy to see that Epic is committed to things like const correctness even in older systems. It’s not the most glamorous of changes, but as the Epic Coding Standard says:

Please continue to do things like this!