Y Axis 360 degree rotation jumping

Hey guys ! So Trying to grab rotational Y Axis data from an actor and pass that threw to control a parameter in a material instance. however there seems to be a huge issue very apparent even inside the game viewport,

For example to help visualise… lets grab and rotate the Y axis on the positive rotation within the editor viewport, I get some funky results first starting at hitting around every 90 degrees.

Here’s a break down of what i see happening as i spin a mesh 360 degrees:

At 0 to 90 degrees: that works ok ( X: 0) (Y:0 to 90 as we spin) (Z= 0)
At: 90 to 180 degrees: (X= -180) (Y getting: 90 to and back to 0 as we spin) (Z= -180)
At 180 to 270 degrees: (X= -180,) (Y is getting 0 to -90 as we spin) (Z= -180)
At 270 to 360 degrees: (X= 0) (Y is getting -90 to 0 as we spin) (Z = 0)

The thing is that i need to have a consecutive numbers feed back from Y axis 0 up to 360.

I can’t use X or Z because they are feeding other paramiters (For exampole i can spin 0 to 360 on each X and Z and they are not jumping around),

So my question: Is there a way to cheat around the Y axis issue or some kind of solution i can use to translate above outlined issue into consecutive degrees digits for Y axis ?

Wow, No one even replied?! Had the whole team trying to figure out whats going on for the past days now. It’s holding the project back because our animation system seriously depends on consecutive data feed back from X Y and Z rotations. To me it feels like someone in Epic had forgot to finish up the Y Axis data feedback or something. really need this fixed or some kind of workaround.