XCode code completition bugged ?

Hi i’m new to programming with c++ in unreal with xcode but i’ve encountered an issue:

I’m trying to do a simple ray cast and according with the official documentation the function UWorld::LineTraceSingleByObjectType(…) should have 5 parameters:

bool LineTraceSingleByObjectType
    struct FHitResult & OutHit,
    const FVector & Start,
    const FVector & End,
    const FCollisionObjectQueryParams & ObjectQueryParams,
    const FCollisionQueryParams & Params

if I type on xcode GetWorld->LineTraceSingl and I autocomplete with the suggested from xcode i get that:

GetWorld()->LineTraceSingleByObjectType(struct FHitResult &OutHit, const FVector &Start, const FVector &End, const FCollisionObjectQueryParams &ObjectQueryParams);

those are 4 parameters and is missing the lastone. The same thing happens with a lot of other function like DrawDebugLine() from 8 parameters down to 4.

Anyone can help me out fixing this issue (if it’s eventually an issue) or explain me why is that happening ?

Edit: it’s seems like xcode is not showing all possible overrides for the methods.