Xcode and Unreal set up.


I have previously been developing with Unity 3d and MonoDevelop and am moving to Unreal and Xcode, some questions-
I have looked through Unreal and apple forums as well as general google searches, I have yet to find a definitive guide for setting up and using Xcode with the Unreal engine. If anyone can provide any recent or updated and relevant links or guides it would be appreciated, Thanks.

I develop for all platforms and while Visual studio is considered best for use with Unreal I develop on a Mac and and I find emulator and bootcamp options for running Visual Studio not worth the performance hit and inconvenience for me. I much prefer to stay with Apple development tools.

Current tools are-

Osx- El Capitan 10.11.4 (15E65)
Xcode- 7 up to date.
Unreal Engine- 4.6.7 last build and 4.11 latest build.

Thank you.