Xbox One Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo.

This topic is more aimed at Epic Games or any Xbox One Developer using Unreal Engine 4. I was just wondering if there are any Xbox One Tech Demo’s in the works, because I would like to convert my game to the Xbox One when it’s completed when the console releases in my country so I was just wondering how far the Xbox One can be pushed to portray the power of Unreal Engine 4 thanks.

All the UE4 sample games and templates work on Xbox One - we don’t supply any Xbox One specific demos.

Hi KeefJudge,

Thanks for the reply, what I was implementing here was for example we got to see the “Elemental Demo” run on the PS4 so I was just wondering why the Xbox One is getting no love?


I have no official information, though I wouldn’t be surprised if MS show demos of a new Gears of War game and/or Fable Legends running on Xbox One with UE4 at E3 next week.

Yeah! that would be really awesome games to see running on the Unreal Engine 4 Tech :D, Maybe one day my own project can be a Xbox One Tech Demo, I shall see as time fly’s by.