xbox controller controlling 2 packaged games at once.

I’ve hit an issue with packaged game for network play. When I launch 2 packaged games the xbox controller controls both at the same time.

Any fix for this?

just ran a test with a basic project with network. It’s the same thing on packaging.

route 1st gamepad to second client

Tried it. The same thing happens. I do not encounter this issue when testing in the engine. It only happens with multiple packaged games launched at once.

the mouse and keyboard works separately but not official or unofficial gamepads. The gamepads control all the launch packaged games at the same time.

the thing is I’m almost sure two seperate computers will work fine (and is preferred) however I’m don’t have a 2nd machine on had that is good enough.

testing a virtual machine.

the thing is the controller should not control both launched games. They are not joined by network.