Xbox 360 port INTO UE4

Hi guys,

As the title says, I want to bring an old game from the 360 (Armored Core For Answer) into UE4. Problem is that this is literally my first foray into anything software. I’ve done basic C language coding in school and currently learning again. Just need to know what’ll be needed to bring the entire game over from the console version to the UE4 engine (Original console physics, gameplay etc. too). What I’ll be using UE4 to so is make a new campaign, re-do the textures, lighting and particle effects, make new levels and so on. What I want to keep are the core mechanics, sounds, animations and music. Maybe add new camera angles too? Currently at square 0. Don’t even know where to look to get the source code and models etc.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


PS I’ve already seen this done on YouTube but I can’t get in contact with the youtuber who makes them.

That’s not really practical and also not legal.

It’s not for distribution. It’s for my own personal use. I really enjoyed this particular game on the 360 (Armored Core For Answer) and wanted to bring it to the PC for better visuals and less chances of crashing.

Even for your own personal use it is illegal, discussion of such topics is forbidden on these forums.
Leaving this thread up however so this fact can be seen.

This is not strictly true. If the project is never shared with anyone, it’s incredibly hard to argue the case for copyright infringement.

As an aside, why you’d want to invest so much time into the project and never distribute it is another question.