Wrong results from exporting landscape's heightmap to render target

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to render my landscape’s heightmap to a render texture while in editor (for a tool i’m working on) through the “Landscape export heightmap to render target node” but i’m obtaining wrong results.

Shouldn’t the pixel values go from 0-1 range ?
Why is there blank areas on the bottom and the right of the texture whereas my resolution seems appropriate (Render Target is 255x255 and the landscape is 255x255 verts) ?

The graph shown there is from a Editor Utility Widget if that can help (Maybe the node used is meant for runtime only ?)

Thank you!

EDIT : Solved! Simply messed up values for resolution, (255 instead of 225) - It’s fine now.

  • Checking the “Export height into RGChannel” bool seems to solve the issue (R channel seems to be rendered correctly) but I wonder what the green channel is supposed to represent then ? (See last screenshot).

One of the reasons it resulted in 225, I think, is because the components share border vertices. SqRt of 1024 is 32 components per side, and 64 vertices per component, but some of those vertices are shared at adjacent component borders. What change in it resulted in resolution 255x255?