Wrong lights and shadows when loading the level ,depends on where the camera looks

hi it’s my first post here, thanks everyone for the help i find looking on the forum!

sorry if it’s the wrong section,
this time I did not find answers so I ask directly, I am attaching a video that clearly shows the problem.

in the video I show only with the level streaming, but the same thing happened to me in the past with other maps, when I pressed play from the position of the camera, it seems in a totally random way these light bleeds appear on the walls.

I have tried to position the walls in any way possible and what seems to work best is to have them overlap half as shown by the top view.
in this case they are modular pieces of 100 units but the same thing happened with larger walls and different placements, (it is necessary that the pieces are modular)

i also adjusted the light bias and tried whatever else was said about the bleeding of the lights,

everything works fine afterwards, but initially when I hit play from a camera position (then the level loads) or like in the video with level streaming, this thing happens randomly and is driving me crazy.
but if it doesn’t happen when the level loads, it will never happen again, but it happens every now and then and it seems to be random.

also always in the video you can see that always in a random way, the level starts that everything is ok but after the sequence that problem appears again.

i also tried delays, turn off lumen and i’m not 100% sure but maybe it was also happening in ue4 this thing,
I don’t think it’s an engine bug because I’ve been looking for answers about it for a long time and nobody seems to have talked about it, so for sure I did something wrong,

I guess I am missing something, can anyone tell me what is happening here and how to fix it in order not to blow my head? thanks and sorry for the english i am using the translator.

thank you!

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Has this ever happened to anyone?
in this case I needed a larger radius, however reducing the radius seems to work.
until now the only way that seems to work is to reduce the radius…