Writing a C++ Plugin, Now Nothing Saves.

I was writing a c++ plugin, and now I have it working very well. However, nothing in my project will save except my custom Data Asset. Materials, Character Blueprints, Maps, and Static Meshes will not save. Can anyone help me narrow down the cause of this?

Essentially, the plugin is a custom component, some static meshes, and a custom data asset. The custom component automatically adds the meshes to the actor with the component based on the data asset profile. The destructor of the custom component destroys the components it spawns first before destroying itself. I had that in place before I started getting the no saving bug.

You are better off posting this on the AnswerHUB in the BugReport section. (:
Epic will help you way faster there.

The fact that only your custom asset from your plugin is getting saved and nothing else would make me think something is wrong with my custom asset saving code. So this may sound drastic but have you tried commenting this asset saving code to see whether this will make all other stuff save again? If that’s indeed what’s causing your problems, start simple and only save a string or other simple value and work your way up to your actual goal.

Epic isn’t responsible for the things you’ve written so don’t be so quick blaming them.

Of course if you’re absolutely certain that you have done nothing wrong feel free to report this as a bug.

No, its definitely something I have done. I’ve had this type of thing happen before, but never figured out what causes it. Everything was working fine the day before, but when I put the finishing touches on yesterday, now nothing saves. There also isn’t any “custom asset saving” code per-say, its just a child of UDataAsset. I’ll have to try commenting out my most recent changes.

Weird. It’s not my code, or at least not directly. Copying my plugin to a new project doesn’t cause this. It must have something to do with autosaves or asset backups being incompatible or something as I changed the plugin.