Wrirting bug USkeletalMeshComponent

I spent some time analyzing this record, trying to understand how they can interact Transforms:

in USkeletalMeshComponent.cpp:

FTransform USkeletalMeshComponent::ConvertLocalRootMotionToWorld(const FTransform& InTransform)
  const FTransform ComponentToActor = ActorToWorld.GetRelativeTransform(ComponentToWorld);
  const FTransform NewComponentToWorld = InTransform * ComponentToWorld;
  const FTransform NewActorTransform = ComponentToActor * NewComponentToWorld;

This is not ComponentToActor , It is ActorToComponent ! =) Pls fix this =)
Because it slowed me down for half an hour trying to understand what’s wrong here

Hey anadre-

Can you explain what your issue is here? How did this code break for you? There does not appear to be an ActorToComponent variable in the SkeletalMeshComponent.cpp file, can you elaborate on what you mean by this being wrong?

This does not affect the final result, just a typo for Variable name

 FTransform ComponentToActor = ActorToWorld.GetRelativeTransform(ComponentToWorld);

Right Version

FTransform ActorToComponent =  ActorToWorld.GetRelativeTransform(ComponentToWorld)