Wouldnt wobulated rendering for mobile dramatically increase performance?

The idea is simple.
Current mobile phone have a lot of pixels, a simple down-scaling rendering option would be to group 2 pixels within same lane into 1.
Up to here we compute half of the pixels so we are good in performance but the image quality however is down and bad artifact might appear.

Now in the wobulated rendering, the idea is for the next frame instead of keeping the same group pixel we shift the group of 1 pixel.
So within 2 wobulated frames, the amount of details is similar as the amount of detail in 1 frame computed at full resolution. Yet only half rendering cost.

Frame 1 :
(Pixel 1) (Pixel 2)] (Pixel 3) (Pixel 4)]
(Pixel 1) (Pixel 2)] (Pixel 3) (Pixel 4)]

Frame 2 where we shifted the group:
(Pixel 1)] (Pixel 2)(Pixel 3)] (Pixel 4)]
(Pixel 1)] (Pixel 2)(Pixel 3)] (Pixel 4)]

Expectation is at 60fps, distributing the details in 2 frame instead of 1 shouldn’t be too noticeable for the brain. Just like wobulated display can 2x resolution.