Would the Unreal engine work for me and a space type game?

I’m thinking of a 3D space type game where areas of space and space objects are dynamically created and updated from a database. Maybe multiplayer, maybe just simple persistence, but lots of database interaction. Fly through space by clicking around and/or WASD, and long distance travel using map overlay. Lot’s of overlays for trading, charts and other time consuming activities. Something like a good old “Space Empires”.

I’ve been goofing around with all kinds of different things, from html5 to SDL/OpenGL. I’ve have some concepts fleshed out, but I need something a little more solid than a web based architecture so-to-speak.

I look at the unreal engine, and unity to a lessor extent, and I see stages, drag and drop concepts, static maps, and a workflow that doesn’t fit what I’m trying to accomplish. From the information I’ve gathered, I’m afraid I’ll spend as much time twisting unreal to something I can use as if I just started from scratch.

Would Unreal benefit me here? Can I build a 3D Space Empires concept and connect to my database of choice, and see any time savings over media libraries and opengl? I prefer to code as opposed to drag and drop, but I’d like to get something accomplished this decade. C++ would be my language choice.

Any input from those in the know would be appreciated!

Ok, I think I found that it is possible to an extent, but what I’m finding is still a stage and levels. What I’m thinking of in my head is a large blank space or many blank spaces, that upon entry grabs the xyz coordinates of whatever objects are assigned to the particular area, renders the objects based on (distance clipping?). Right now I don’t care about textures or beauty, I just something to click on (get picking working) and start porting the interactivity I had in the javascript version of my project. Oh, and the mini-map; that is important as well.

So I guess I’m reformatting my question to include if the engine can build things on the fly from database queries and allow me to begin programing interaction. And can I get rid of that stage surface?

I actually started something similar, but its more like the spore space stage.

Yep, that is probably really similar to what I have in mind. lol. Everyone says that game ideas are pretty much a dime a dozen.

How long have you been working on it, and how is it going?

I was working on the solar system but realized that I shouldn’t work on two projects at once so I put it on hold.