Would like to reverse text gotten via 'Get Display Name'

I have a BP that pulls the name from a photo file and displays it over the photo. The photo is in an array of 100s of photos of people that are named ‘lastName firstName.jpg’. Like, ‘Baker Jessica.jpg’ .

UE4 assets add an ‘_’ in the space between the names.

What displays over the photo of each person, for example, is ‘Baker_Jessica’. I’d like to reverse the name and hide the ‘_’. I’d like for it to display ‘Jessica Baker’ over the photo.

Is this possible? I’ve attached something that shows how it looks in runtime on the left and what I’d like to see on the right. I’ve attached my BP also.

Yes, absolutely! Look into split string, you can enter “_” as the character and it will split the string into 2. Then you can Append the strings together in the correct order.

Hope this helps!

Awesome feedback. I’ll try it. Thank you…

Update: Worked perfectly.

Thanks again!