Would like some help on tools and creating a terrain/Landscape

Hello The tutorials on youtube are good for some parts of unreal engine but many of the terrain tutorials are all just the same. I was wondering if their are any more available or if anybody could possibly help me.

What are your specific questions?

it was very simply to understand. I would like to know if their are any more tutorials on terrain and landscape creation as most on youtube are just the same.

The only tutorials that are available are the ones on youtube and in the documentation: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Search/index.html?x=0&y=0&q=landscape

But as Hyperloop said, what kind of information do you want about creating a terrain?

the information would be a more detailed tutorial on the basic tools of what to use and what can be done. as well as a tutorial on how to create a landscape but with different sizes ( e.g. being able to alter in size dimension etc) I hope this kind of helps.

I can make one recommendation for sourcing height maps and it’s to get this: ://www.world-machine/

Easily the best terrain generator out there short of things like Vue and I probably prefer World Machine.

Well reading into the question I think the OP would like to see more of what I like to see.

There are a lot of good video tutorials out there and getting better but from a artist perspective most are like here is the hammer, there is the nail, take the hammer and hit the nail.

What I would like to see is what Zak did over at 3d Buzz with modeling-on-the-fly by starting with a project idea and then show the process from start to end based on a personal work flow.

What I would like to see, in this case, is a work flow project of how to set up the hammer and nail and then spend the next hour building up a terrain from start to end as to individual work flow.

Personally this is something that I plan on doing by first assuming that the fundamentals are known and cover how one thing can connect to another based on inspired design and leave it up to others to figure out best practice. I even have a name for it. “Unreal 4: working with power tools” :wink:

Personally I learn a lot more from just watching someone work.

Agreed, the doing a whole project (or aspects of the project) is what I would like to see as well. For those of us just getting started there is so much to learn, and it is easy to get lost in the weeds.

For example, I thought the Unreal engine was going to be enough on its own, but really that’s not true. You need to learn how all these other pieces plug in together.

Therefore I would recommend turning to websites who have are specialized in their respective field. In the case of content creation on websites like polycount or game-artist or game-artisan