would it be possible to create a Telltale-like game using only blueprint and no code?

I asked the same question related to kismet in the udk forum; than I saw some tutorials about U4 and blueprint and looked very impressive; so I’m asking the same here.
For instance a game like the “walking dead” could be developed only by using blueprint?
I mean all the features: interactions, multiple choices dialogues, choices affecting the following chapters, quick time events, and even carrying an inventory?

Shouldn’t be much of a problem implementing that without any C++ coding, at least when the new Unreal Motion Graphics (Blueprint based GUI system) is released.

Watch these two videos to see how much is possible with Blueprints:The Solus Project: Level & Content | 01 | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine - YouTube

The creator also has 12 hours of detailed tutorials for sale on his website:

I’ll watch the tutorials, thank you very much. Didn’t find much about Unreal Motion Graphics apart for a couple of threads on this same forum. Can you expand on that if you know more? It looks like an even simpler way to use blueprints or is it much more? I mean: would it have extrafuncionality then blueprints or just an easier interface