Would anyone be interested in a detailed PIN based lock?

Like a door or chest that requires a PIN to open, as well as being able to change the PIN once unlocked. Would use UMG. I don’t know if anyone would want it, so not making a video on it unless its useful.

One of our tools programmers showed how to do this on a twitch stream recently. I’m sure a full blown tutorial could cover it in more detail though,

EDIT: Bah, the embedded view wont skip to time points, the demo starts at 18m 13s.

Well hey, I didn’t know that existed. Its quite a bit different than the one I came up with, but I think for the most part they get to similar results. I was just tutoring someone and a lesson I came up with was to make a PIN based lock that could be set while the chest or door was unlocked. It wasn’t too hard for me, but is alot more complicated than I originally had thought, so I wondered if its something anyone might want.