Worth? One administration BP+instances VS spawning more BPs that take care of its own

Hello again people reading this.

I always find it difficult to nail the topic description, my apologies. So here an example:
-Storage box

Each time the player spawns a new box I could do either:
1)Spawn the simple storage-box-blueprint that contains a instanced static mesh and all the storage-box code that it needs to work independently.

2)Or I spawn one storage-box-admin-blueprint that only spawns additional instance static meshes (so no additional bps) but contains more code and data to handle all instances - or at least a bunch of instances before I spawn another admin to keep it fast)

Since there are gonna be a lot of such buildings and its 3D I thought I want to go with 2. But of course its more difficult to code and the admin-bp would need to run through a lot of data.

What do you guys think about that?
Is it worth to have one bp take care of many instance with more complex code and more data vs spawning just more bps?

Love to read your opinion!

I think that in most of these cases the developer (you) overcomlicates things to save performance which isn’t needed at all.

In most cases it is ok to not use instanced meshes with the exception that you REALLY need MANY.

When you are building a minecraft game with 100s of cubes instance them. Foliage? Instance it.
5 chests, don’t do it.

What you should do is having a logic in your GameMode whivh handles when what is spawned.

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