Worried about using to much blueprint scripts in my game.

I have been working on a project for 2 days now, and all of a sudden my editor kept crashing to desktop.
I was able to investigate and I found a blueprint in my project is corrupted.
This blueprint had the main bulk of the scripts for my game, and so now I have to effectively restart the project from scratch.

With all that said, unless there is a way to salvage corrupted blueprint, what is the point of using them if they can one day crash and become unusable and basically ruin your project.

What happened that caused the blueprint to get corrupted? Did the editor crash while saving it? Or something?

I wish I knew, I was working on the blueprint, I modified somethings hit play and bam the editor crashed and I was left with a corrupted blueprint and now my game is dead. :frowning:

well I would first contact support and tell them your issue. They may ask to see your blueprint and see if it is a bug. Also what were you doing with the blueprint? Just like a programmer try to make a blueprint for something specific work flow wise as making on that does everything would not be wise especially if you need to change one thing and then have to debug everything when it did not work right.

if you need more help or if you want to show what you were trying to do here I am sure someone may be able to show you some possible different approaches.

I already contacted support before making this thread. I simply edited, I dragged a wire from a for loop i believe in the blueprint and hit play and then the editor closed.

This is the thread.

I built my project with VStudio and tried to access the Blueprint from there and got this error.

D:\BuildFarm\buildmachine_++depot+UE4-Releases+4.0\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\UObjectGlobals.cpp(1742): Assertion failed: !Obj->HasAnyFlags(RF_NeedLoad|RF_NeedPostLoad|RF_ClassDefaultObject) Attempting to replace an object that hasn’t been fully loaded: EdGraphPin /Game/Blueprints/NewBlueprint.NewBlueprint:EventGraph.K2Node_CallFunction_13298.EdGraphPin_3758 UE4Editor.exe has triggered a breakpoint.strong text

Attempting to replace an object that hasn’t been fully loaded: EdGraphPin /Game/Blueprints

Anyway my questions is not to ask for help here.

My question STILL stands. I am Worried about using to much blueprint scripts in my game if one error can ruin the whole game. In fact I am scared to use them at all now.

How can we trust a scripting system that can have corrupted files.

If they were just plain text it would not be so bad as we could fix them, what do I do?

I never had that error, sounds like a bug/exception.

There is an actual limit, but I doubt you hit that after just two days. The limit that exists is hard to measure, but if you look at my Solus video, it is basically 1.5 times what you see in my sky BP. That is the rough limit.
However there are various ways of avoiding that limit. Parenting BP/Functions/Child actors and so on. That is advanced stuff I can’t easily cover in a quick forum post. I intend to get back at in future videos. In the mean time as said it sounds like you hit a bug, not a limit.

If you hit the limit it will manifest itself in the BP being unable to compile, but it will still open. If a BP does not open anymore it usually tends to be due to a bug.

There is an auto compile blueprint on load setting somewhere in the engine.ini I believe. Changing this to off may at times allow broken BPs to open after all. You might also find backup files in the Saved folder of your project if you are lucky.

I don’t think I hit the limit.
Thanks for the reply, I will check the backup files and try the .ini setting.

haha. THANKS Hourences. I found the backup. All working again.

Lucky there are backups !

Just to add a bit here, I would recommend everyone use some sort of version control or backup system for just these types of circumstances. That way you can roll back if something catostrophic happens.

I think the Blueprint-system isn’t really finished yet.

I also encountered Problems while using them, e.g I tried to copy all Controls from a Level-Blueprint to another one, but it keeps crashing. So we just need to wait for further updates

I would suggest to do a lot of backups, the blueprint system is still in development so things might not run as expected, thats why i try to do my main game logic in c++ and use blueprint for deriving classes with different properties