"Wormhole" VFX - how ?

I saw on Twitter someone made similar effect (not as complex as this video example, but functionally the same). I lost track of the post and the person who made the effect never revealed the dark secret behind it.

How can I make something similar in UE4 ? (preferably without post process and using forward rendering)


Its not an direct answer to your question, but i also stuck in VFX many times because i think that the community needs more VFX Tutorials.
We want more then Sparks and Beams. We want Black Holes, Energy Fields, Plasma Shots and so much more!
A pity Eat3Ds Course is for UDK :frowning:
We need something similar for Unreal Engine 4!

Might be worth looking at some Stargate / Portal projects floating around the forums…
Forward rendering needed for VR at a guess… But what if the VFX doesn’t support it?