WorldSpecular Texture Group always empty.

Build Type: Source Build

Build version: 4.0.1 - 0UE4


Specular textures set with a texture group of WorldSpecular, used in materials and applied to actors within the level may never be assigned to the WorldSpecular texture group.

Repro Steps:

  1. Import Specular texture and set texture group to WorldSpecular

  2. Created material with standard diffuse, normal, specular outputs sampled from textures.

  3. Apply material to an actor within the level.

  4. Build project.

  5. Play in editor → Open console → Stat TextureGroup

It lists that the WorldSpecular texture group is at 0.0mb

Constant occurrence

protip: specular is almost never needed in ue4, unlike roughness.

Yes, I am aware but the engine still support it, there is still a texture group for it and you still have the option to use specular, so I would assume this feature would still work or if it has been combined with another group, update the stat page to reflect this. One way or another, it was not clear and I believe it to be a bug.

Hey Retro11231,

Your repro steps are being reported with build version 4.0.1, but your report also mentions engine version 4.12. Would you mind clarifying which engine version you are reporting this issue under? I just tested the issue in version 4.12 but did not get the same result.

Would you mind testing your issue in the most recent version of the engine using the source or binary version to see if the issue persists?

Let me know if you have further questions.