WorldInfo - Rendering, missing options from previous build

There were nice little options in Rendering section of WorldInfo tab. They allowed you to set two diffrent ambient light, now they are gone.

I at least been using them (not often, but it was nice corrective option). Any chance they will be back, or replaced with more robust system ?

Sorry, the skylight settings were removed to simplify the base pass code and because the ambient cubemap is generally a superset of that functionality. Does the ambient cubemap work for your needs?

To some extend. I really liked skylight because it provided finer control over lighting, while ambient cubemap is more of all of nothing solution and require external editing to get different lighting from different angles.

I would honestly more like to use 6-directional skylight six independent light properties, up,down, left, right, front, back), that could be exposed to blueprint and edited at runtime. It would provide more lighting variation for dynamic tod.

Good to know, thanks.

Actually if there was a way to author simple Cubemap inside UE4 it would probably be enough solution.I don’t mean any complex cubemap, just simple grayscale one, where we could simply change intensity of each “side” of cubemap independently.
And then inside blueprint, just switch at runtime diffrent cubemaps in post process volume.