Worldgame entertainment is looking for a hobbyist/part time programmer

Hey there,

My name is Michael and I run a small game studio called Worldgame entertainment. We produced a stealth game called GAIN which is on Steam —

We are developing a survival game called ‘’ **Total seclusion **’’. The game is set in the 1950’s and you play as Roy, a fisherman who has to survive on the sea. The player has to look for items, maintain his boat, avoid sharks etc. The game works around a wave system. Each day is progressively gets difficult as more sharks spawn around the area and items are harder to find.

You can view our environment and some gameplay here — (skip to the middle)

We seek a part time hobbyist/ programmer who has a few hours to spare or someone who is just looking to get some experience in this industry. We mainly need someone for the UI and someone who knows a thing or two about optimisation.


  1. We have most of the mechanics working such as the AI, UI, item functionality, crafting etc.

  2. We will finish the project. We have released games before and we have invested our time and money into this project, so we take what we do seriously.

  3. THIS IS NOT AN MMO. We have 90% of the game done and it is capable of being finished. We have few very mechanics to implement so we aim to finish within a month.

If you’re interested please send me a PM or email me –
We will discuss details of the project and revenue share.

Thank you,
Michael Odetola