WorldAlignedTexture WorldPosition. Is it broken or am I doing something wrong ?


I, trying to make a mask for my terrain object using the WorldAlignedTexture Node. Basically it looks like this.
I´m nearly there. But there is that visible seam I want to get rid of.


According to the Docs. “WorldPosition (Vector3) Provides an offset for the start point of the texture in 3D world space.”
So it sounds to me like it ´s exactly what I´m looking for to shift the texture so the seems is out of the way.
I added a Constant3Vector to the WorldPosition Parameter. But as soon as it´s there the whole effect dissapears.
No matter what Values I type in. Any help is much appreciated. Also if someone knows a way to get that desired effect
with some other way.
Below two other screenshots of the Material when it´s not working.

Think you need Absolute World position node , look at ~4:30 can give you a hint Adding Wind to Grass in Unreal Engine 4 - World Position Offset Tutorial - YouTube

Plug actual normal and position to that node or result will be garbage.