WorldAlignedTexture distorts cube and plane

I seem to be having an issue with using WorldAlignedTexture. I have a video showing the issue here, but in a nutshell, the problem seems to be that when I apply the material to a cube or plane mesh, the mesh looks distorted. I’m not really sure what I could be doing wrong, especially when the UE Basic Cube and Plane have the same problems. Hopefully somebody can help me figure this out.

This seems really interesting bug. Basically there has to be bug deep down in material compiler that causes world position offset to be set to something other than zero. Do you see same bug with 4.20?

This issue has nothing to do WorldAlignedTexture. Its cause lies in point normal tessellation.

Thanks for the tip Deathrey!

Is it really as easy as setting the Tessellation Multiplier to 0? I tried it, and everything is straight now, but that just seems too easy. Are there any drawbacks to doing this?

Sorry for the noob questions.

No Kalle_H. This problem doesn’t exist in 4.20. Same material setup tested with a UE basic cube. I suppose I could just move my project to 4.20.

Even if he was using tessellation (which he didn’t) he didn’t provide any displacement data which mean that it wasn’t suppose to happen.

As Kalle_H said its probably bug with the material compiler, I just tested it on 4.20.2 with exactly the same material that u made and it’s working fine.

If u still got problems with it just make custom WorldAlignedTexture node.