World War 2 Tanks Vol. 1 - Saddle up, Boys.

We’re brought on another artist to help us develop a Tank pack for the Marketplace. No pricing is decided but this pack will consist of three German tanks and Three American tanks. First up is the Sherman M4A3. We’ll be splitting updates between this and our German tank in co-development. We’ll have more information for your throughout this week.

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Cool, what time frame are you looking at for these? I have most of the vehicles done that I need, but I’d like some more American ones.

I like this.

Will they be in separate parts (Turret, Treads, Main Hull, etc)

Just curious as I am following the tank tutorials by AlanNoon which is going to be released next month some time. :slight_smile:

It is worth a watch to see how it works.

Edit - Here you go.

when do you plan to release this?

Im also curious about this, it would be very handy to be able to move the turret separate to the body for obvious reasons, but also even for creating interesting scenes where a tank might have lost its turret in a battle or a factory that might be producing them may also not have turrets attached and the like.

Very nice work so far though, ill be watching this as it progresses with great interest.

We plan to create mid-late production wwii tanks. For now we aim for most used/popular ones.

Yes, for now we plan to split tanks into 3 objects with their own textures: turret, hull and treads

As we only use internet as our place for searching for references so just research takes quite a lot of time, tanks were produced with a lot of different versions and sometimes changes were really small. We want to create really detailed models, we even think about creating interiors too. But for this we would need to contact museums and private collectors for help as we can’t really take measurments on our own.

Sorry for taking this long to answer your questions, for now grab another render of our tiger

Those welds look fantastic. Its coming along really well.

Keep it up!

That is some super high detail on the Tiger, and I can vouch for that being very accurate! What kind of polycount are you aiming at for the in game model?

Thanks, we are going for one of the most detailed tanks in gaming industry. To give you an idea how much is that- one well known company with famous game about tanks show some of them models on sketchfab. They are about 50 000 faces, so i can say our tanks will have about 70 000-100 000 faces or even more, it depends also if we want to add additional equipment on tanks.

Current progress, turret is finished (see here, suspension is still wip.

Nice work there! I’m probably going to shelve my work on my DAK Tiger and work on other vehicles, I can see you’re going for some good accuracy there. I did a bit of research into the detail of other games when I was working on vehicles. I think some of the big ones use well over 100k because the vehicle will take up a lot of the screen, then just use aggressive LODs. The Tiger especially since it has all of those noticeable wing nuts on the latches to retain the tow cables, and the unique looking grates and detail on the rear deck and turret stowage.

One thing I’m excited to see is how you tackle the treads. I tried a few different things with opacity maps, POM, and tessellation… but didn’t get good results (Though I’m pretty bad with that stuff). And I know those top games don’t use sculpted treads as I have seen photos of their source material… There must but some interesting shaders going on or somesuch.

Keep it up!


Fantastic work as always. Cant wait to see these things with some paint on them :slight_smile:

Keep it up!

The detail is baffling. Keep up the great work.

These are awesome looking. What modeling software do you use?

Will these be fully rigged for animation? Will they come with animations?

Wow great pack looking forward to it will they be rigged and animated?