World partition: preloading?

It look like world partition doesn’t fix one of the biggest problem of world composition, even it now use only the persistent level: The engine load “the player” before everything, so the player is starting in the void, start falling, then the level content is loading and the landscape spawns while the character is falling below.
How do you load your world partition level without falling through the ground?

My solution is:

Would gladly to hear about alternatives.

Yes, that’s what I did after seeing that this is what Epic did in the Valley of the Ancient demo. (which mean they are totaly aware of the issue)
I don’t know why is not activated by default, especialy as world partition is on by default for every new map. What’s the point of loading every actor before loading the world? Nobody does this.
And I don’t know why it’s not exposed in project settings or world settings and you have to guess for this code. The function is not even available in blueprints.

the player will act like a streaming source(check it in the source code). You can add more WorldPartitionStreamingSourceComponent as your streaming source.

Yes, I saw this component in the player character of the demo scene but didn’t know what it is.
The code “GetWorld()->BlockTillLevelStreamingCompleted();” is in the c++ GameMode actor too so I don’t know if they do both the same thing.

I just made a debug button to reset my player position until they fix it, assuming they will