World Parition bug, how to get the fix cl?

Someone told me that there’s a fix for World Partition, cl 16981318 but for what it said it’s relate to Perforce changelist numbers from Epic’s Perforce, which licensees get access to. Unfortunately right now it’s not easy to get a GitHub commit from a CL# as everything is merged to the GitHub accessible branches. It’s there a way to get the source ?

This fix prevent or fix loading WP Level from a none WP level. Do you think this fix will be avaible in early 3 ?


May be pick this commit to your local branch for the time being

commit 9d9acb6ee807d98b20e01171edcb9150a458e639

Date: Wed Jul 28 2021
WorldPartition: support PIE WorldTravel to WP map destination (used by demoplay, open Map command)
[CL 16981318 by ___ in ue5-main branch]