World Outliner Improvements

I have a couple of suggestions for improvements to the World Outliner that, for me at least, would make working in the Editor easier.

  1. Remember which objects I’ve hidden.

This is a small thing really, but I do find it irritating that when I open the editor and everything I had hidden (i.e. set the little eye icon to closed) is now unhidden. I use this little feature to manage my work a lot. For example, at the moment, I’m building a ship with multiple decks and so I only have one deck visible at a time, which means hiding a large number of other objects.

  1. The solution to number 1 is to use groups, you might say, but grouping doesn’t work the way I’d expect it to and I don’t find it especially useful. The main problem is not being able to edit the common axis of multiple objects. This is to say, with multiple objects selected the position is ‘multiple values’ and the only way to reposition them as a whole is dragging the handles in the editor. I ought to be able to type ‘+100’ and move the whole lot by 100cm. My natural instinct is to put all the room’s objects in a group and for that group to act as a single object with its own axis. Currently, there’s no visual representation of groups.

  2. Remember the folded/unfolded state of folders. This goes for the hierarchy in the UMG editor as well.

PS I love Cinema 4D’s equivalent (hint hint, nudge nudge).